I’m Erin and I’ll Tell You Why I’m Here.

My mission is to change our communities through ripple effects of exchange in energy with mindfulness, self-accountability, and healing.

The History

Ive been questioning life with BIG questions for as long as I can remember. One time when I thought my dog was dying I took a piece of her dog food and taped it into my journal asking “Why does she have to go? Where will she be going? I really just wish peace for her because I love her.”

Yes, most of us are extremely connected to our animals and the ability to be vulnerable especially to ourselves about those feelings. This is one example of how incredibly important this ability is to understanding how we process; how we view the world as a reflection of how we view ourselves.

A few major waves had cycled through my life since then, obviously. I remember a huge catalyst being in the middle of my college experience. I was just opening my mind with the freedom of a freshman and began questioning things again. I remember this time period the most vividly because I was journaling- the occurrences were that important to me that I needed to write; to make it permanent.

Despite the bullshit I’d been through, you know- all those the ugly cries on the floor, anxiety so present it was difficult to eat- I began to remember how much love I truly had for life and my experiences. If I could use that love to heal my traumas, I know I can use that love in a world view perspective and help others heal, too. (Insert Heart and Crown Chakra openings).

However, the cycle of pain and confusion continued to circulate. They say if you don’t learn the lesson you’re intended then it will present itself to you over and over again until you do. One major lesson for me was paying attention to the people that I allowed into my life and how they impacted me, like people you live with who treat you negatively. (Insert unconscious installment of limiting beliefs, again- talk about suffocating).

So, I eventually had a gifted opportunity to come out to Colorado and sit in my own beauty and enjoyment without negative influences in my home environment. Visualizations in my meditations weren’t suppressed- they were discussed, practiced, challenged, and implemented. They were given space to grow. It all became real.

Moments of synchronicity were shared with vulnerability, things that made me cry//think//hurt//believe, all came to the surface while practicing yoga every damn day with a little kundalini twist. This was it, I was opening in ways that I had been smothered before. This is the space inside of myself where I knew I should be presently living forever. Working through all the trauma, digging my soul out of the hole I’ve been buried in from the time I entered this world.

Okay, Cool- Enough of the history….What’s the Mission Now?

To create a space to share, connect, and EMPOWER others. That’s why I’m here. So I left Colorado to finish college because knowledge is the one tool that no one can take away from you but you can always sharpen. It is important to me to be building beliefs and practices around acquired knowledge because it brings the power necessary to execute.

After graduation, I came back to Colorado and it’s taken a couple years to get my roots down. But boy, oh boy, are they in deep right now. I’m incredibly happy to be in a loving home, with loving and supportive people, and I still have my best mentors near and just a phone call away.

The biggest things to me now include challenging myself to improve every day and TRULY working to leave behind people and patterns of behavior that absolutely do not serve me any more. I am here to serve others, my environments, and the global community.

We are truly more capable and have more power inside these bodies than we could ever know- unless we try. I am here to help us clear the energy in those bodies, bring forth our deepest desires, and tap into mindfulness to help us be persistent. With this, we can overcome anything.

Motto: Change your mindset, change your life: but you have to feel it first. Allow yourself to feel, to be vulnerable and go with that because that’s your true nature, you can’t make that shit up. Live to Access.

Reiki is a story that is building which is why I started this website. (I’ve had one before but you know how it goes, fall down 9 times get up 10). I’ll be sharing all my goodies through this site for anyone to access, to connect, to feel heard. I will spread the power of Reiki to anyone that needs it- I cannot get over how incredible it truly is. If you really want to know more about it, get on my table.

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