Moringa Vinga Infusions

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Are you looking for a first line defense before medication or the doc?

What about a maintenance regiment that’s immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, with some belly balance?

Try a Colorado Local: Moringa Vinga ! The supplement is comprised of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, the Moringa Leaf (an adaptogen), and other herbs with beneficial properties for the body.

With @moringavingainfusions I kicked ass in beating a cold at the start of the new year with the #elderberry and #holybasil immune/breathe syrup.

The adaptogen regulates your glandular system in addition to the benefits of antioxidants and stress reducers of the additional herbs.

I’ve been taking the #lemongrass and #ginger for digestive support and pain relief after being in the ER for gas pains…it’s worked just as great as 3 #advil without the adverse effects on the gut.

The three flavors come in three different sizes. Plus there’s various yummy routes of consumption:

  • A 1 oz shot ❣️⚡️#myfav 
  • In hot water, like tea
  • To make salad dressing
  • For #mocktails
  • In a glass of water or sparkling
  • On your parfaits and açaí bowls

You can’t go wrong!!! I’m so extraordinarily satisfied with this honest, natural company and the vibrant people who are excited to get the word out about natural herbal care. I was gifted these by @pathtoclaire333 and have shared them with @orb.interiors and @madisontothemoon and we’ve all been amazed 👏🦋🌱 You will be too !

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