The Roller Coaster of Life

The Peaks and Valleys, The Ups and Downs, The Fácil and Difícil.

Everything is everywhere. You experience good in one fashion and downtrodden in another. 

So. F*cking. What. We’re all doing it.

I’m here to tell that the ups and downs aren’t going to stop. There will be positive improvements in one direction such as eating a salad and protein for one meal or accomplishing a task you feel positive about. In one of the next turns, there will be guilty pleasures like eating pizza and not completing any tasks…netflix til 1pm anyone? Feeling bloated, defeated, and wishing you didn’t ‘slip up’?

Realizing that you slipped up is the beginning of making the change so you don’t make a wrong turn again. Regardles, though, that doesn’t matter because are you really going to hold on to the guilt that weighs you down or are you going to just make a better conscious decision next time. We’ve got to understand that forward is forward!

On the topic of pizza, I’m from the east coast pizza capital of America. I’ve loved it and lived off it in many periods of my life. However, when I became conscious of how it ultimately began to make my body feel, I started finding alternatives like gluten-free pizza to still get a guilty pleasure taste but opt for something that doesn’t ruin my insides. Read more content on my food journey in the ‘Good Eats’ section of the blog.

You’ll get where you need to be one way or another. How you approach it and accept it is a whole vibe in and of itself. So vibe. And eat pizza when you want if it agrees with you because pizza rules when emotions don’t always seem to.
But when emotions rule, ride them hard and keep climbing to the peak. Eventually, you’ll look back and realize maybe pizza doesn’t make you feel good and maybe the feelings that didn’t rule weren’t meant to stick around any. So maybe you’ll begin to opt for better choices, like Gluten Free and finding better feelings! What DO you really feel good about?

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