Full Moon In Leo 2/8-2/9/2020

Photo by DreamLens Production on Pexels.com

11:33 pm PST//12:33 am MT//1:33 am CT//2:33 am EST

Moon at 20 degrees Leo Illuminated by Sun at 20 degrees Aquarius

Mercury Retrograde Block 2/16-3/9 Mantras to succede writings

We’re in the dead of winter right before the emergence of Spring. Folklore considers this moon “The Snow Moon”. Seemingly, Denver received about 20″ and counting this weekend. However, before we know it Spring will roll in with newness afoot.

The focus of this moon from Bird’s Third Eye View is a good ol’ Mercury Retrograde. We can feel the power of New and Full Moons +/- 4 days from full illumination. So we will be basking in the groove of the Leo Moon and roll right into the retrograde review period where we will be slowing down//taking second looks on 2019 and this start of 2020.

The year has just begun. (2+0+2+0= 4. A Four Year in Numerology: discipline, diligence, and growth. )

Let the full moon illuminate what it is time to put to bed. Prepare yourself to close out winter as you sit in review during Mercury Retrograde. Take one last look on 2019 vibrations: highlight them and see them for what they fully are.


Bow your head to them and say goodbye.

In this Full Moon, use the power of Leo to dance upon your stage, roar your roar, and thank the universe and yourself for being here and doing it. Because you are. You are doing it. Do you believe that?

Leos wear the crowns, they are the sign of luxury, they honor themselves. A fire sign ready to rumble and show presence. Come into that respect for yourself and freaking love on it and own it. What are you going to do with it? Aha, moon!

So if the moon is going to highlight these important self honing feelings for you, figure out what it is that is keeping you caged from feeling those center stage-crown wearing feelings. (See the journal prompts to figure out which direction of letting go you are feeling called to take).

Once Mercury Retrograde comes to an end we are going to open the door to spring. Yes, I know it snows frequently in March but the newness is still emerging. This door will be telling by the way we dress, decorate, listen to music, feel the sun, and move outside as the days get longer.

Of course don’t let Mercury Retrograde keep you from absolutely living life, but if you truly want to work with retrograde: manifest things around the time period and while you’re in the time period take time to reflect. Just keep in mind: it’s a time to slow down- don’t make long lasting effective purchases or get tied into a contract (cars, computers/electronics, business deals, home buying, deal making). Always remember that when you are vulnerable and ask for time to do so the right people will respond with respect. Otherwise, it’s a lesson to observe.

MysticMamma.com insights:

Each one of our Souls is moving toward a greater love and understanding, regardless of all the situations we have encountered in our past which may have warranted our desire to close our hearts.


Be faithful in your convictions, and you’ll know exactly what to do and when.


“You are the Sun, filled with your own light, golden and warming, spilling out around the edges when your guard is down.”

April Elliot Kent of Mooncircles.com, MysticMamma.com

Meditative or Journal Prompts:

  • What do I want to complete before Mercury Retrograde (2/16) ?
  • What has been bothering me?
  • Is it manifesting physically? Where?
  • When I bring my attention to that physical place how does it correlate to my thoughts?
  • Am I bothered by that?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What is ONE thing I can do to make that feeling happen?
  • Will I be bold? Or would I rather be passive? A Challenge.

Full Moon Mantra

“I will honor my choice as a building block to my growth. No matter what direction I choose.” –Erin Bird

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