Single on Valentine’s Day: Love is Coming in because I’m Putting it Out There

Spending Valentines Day “Single” was kind of weird, but also nothing new, yet incredibly eye opening.

I really took the time to treat myself all the while receiving treats from clients throughout the day. Some might laugh, but to me, vibrationally a lot of love was (and still is) coming in because I’m putting it out there for the world, in service as a human being on this “plant”-et. Get it?

Spending time to get my hands in the soil and repot our spider plant really helped me get centered and release stress after trying to comprehend my Valentine’s Day. If you need a way to relax, getting your hands in soil is scientifically proven to be beneficial! Check this Medical News Today article.

Getting my hands in the soil to reconnect before another busy week and the first of Mercury Retrograde

Plant your desires and believe in them. On Valentine’s Day I took the time to get my Akashic Records read by Maggie Draper out of California. My focus was on my love life and the love I share with my friends.

It’s funny because I didn’t connect the dots of my Akashic Records Reading until speaking with my Spiritual Advisor today (Sunday). Mercury Retrograde bringing up the past and helping me realize this weekend connects to a meditation I had back in April of 2017.

When I was getting my MRI for my ACL, I had this incredible meditation while all the magnets were pulling my body’s focus to my knee. I saw myself in a white coat working with and extracting plants- that’s how I knew I wanted to go into the medical field with a route in natural medicine. In the same meditation, I then asked why I was called to receive the power of Reiki and I was shown/visualized that it would be how I’d met my loved one and incredible partner. I’m still waiting for him but the Akashic Records reading proved to me that my MRI meditation is working in the background as I continue to do work on myself.

I’ve always wanted this and dreamed of it for myself. I love the medical field and my passionate connection to it. With the power of Reiki in service to others and to myself, I have been able to open my heart after digging out the past for healing.

This meditation was so powerful then and it’s just now coming back into play three years later….Spring I’m gearing up for you.

The things I visualize for myself have sometimes seemed silly or foolish but really I’m coming to understand that they’re far from it.

What we visualize for ourselves becomes a seed we plant and can truly become our reality. Maybe the day dreams are our deepest hidden desires. The thing is: we just have to believe in them in order for them to come into fruition.

It’s kinda like when we ask young children “What do you want to be when you grow up?” They give an answer about something they’re passionate about because it’s time when they’re less conditioned by their parents and society- they have less of a filter and speak innocently. Eventually, (really successful people) grow into what is they’re good at and what they love because they’re passionate about it.

I challenge you to ask yourself what you’ve always been passionate about. Continue to honor that passion in one way everyday that you can and watch yourself bloom. Even if that one thing is the visualization. Keep planting the seeds, keep re-potting your approaches, and never stop believing that you have the power to propagate and grow. Because whatever you’re working towards, if you do it with belief, it will come.

What are you visualizing for yourself whether you’re single or passionate?

The soil microbe mycobacterium vaccae has been found to mirror the effect on neurons in the brain that drugs like Prozac can provide, but without side effects. Article

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