MaryRuth’s Organics Night Time Mineral Supplement

Sleeping is a struggle sometimes. Stress throughout the day builds tension in our body and we go to bed with that as it lingers into our wake the next morning.

I’ve decided give Mary Ruth’s Organics a try when I was offered to check them out. I have honestly really begun to like the product. Sometimes supplement companies are unregulated but I truly believe in the product MaryRuth’s puts on the market. Quality!

I have been playing with the Pineapple Dream flavor and though it’s quite a thick liquid, the taste is reasonable. The effects of the product on my body?! That’s what I like so much about it!

The NightTime Multi-Mineral contains the following minerals and ingredients:

  • Vitamin C: supporting your immune system while you’re in your most rested state (sleep). This builds the immune system as your body uses less of it while you’re less active.
  • Manganese: an anti-inflammatory, regulating blood sugar levels (similar functions to the adrenal gland function. Manganese also supports blood cell growth in combinations.
  • Magnesium: Stress reliever and thyroid regulator. Relieves tight muscles, and prevents insomnia- regulating your bodies melatonin release.
  • Selenium: powerful antioxidant, reduces asthma symptoms, risk of cancer and heart disease, and prevent mental decline.
  • Calcium: the small amount of calcium is to activate and benefit the above elements and minerals.

Please do remember that an over consumption of any mineral or vitamin could lead to further health risks. Please follow instructions and guidelines on any bottle of a supplement you work with.

Begin with .25 oz to .50 oz and gradually increase your dose to 1 oz of liquid.

In my experience with the supplement, I feel better rested when I wake up. I’m am currently observing how it affects the grinding of my teeth at night which my dental hygienist pointed out to me noted by a receding gum line around a tooth.

The muscles of our mouth are tense from either chewing throughout the day or other related neck stress. Some also experience grinding at night, and that’s when we are over using though we’re supposed to be a rest.

Essentially it’s in our best interest to maximize our relaxation in our sleeping state when healing is most optimal. When the the body is in a state of rest it is when the army of our immune and glandular system works incredibly hard to re-up and repair to take on another day.

Consider trying MaryRuth’s Organics Nighttime Multi-Mineral if you’re working on a night time routine, need help sleeping deeper, repairing more, and seeking a more relaxed state for your body. I truly believe in the benefits of this product and feel great about my sleep when I do take this product.

Additional sleeping tip: try finding an alarm clock that calculates when to go to sleep and wake up for optimal performance based on sleeping cycles. One sleep cycles is typically about 90 minutes to go through stage one, two, three, and REM. It is easiest for our body wake in REM or stage one.

With the sleep calculator you can set an alarm to wake at one of those preferred stages (stage one or later end of REM sleep).

Best of luck to those tapping into the bio hacking for optimal performance. It feels like once you go optimal it’s hard to go back! Adulting? lol.

My instagram ad was a product partnership with @stackinfluence partners with @MaryRuthOrganics

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