New Moon in Aries March 24, 2020

2:28 am PST // 3:28 am MT // 4:28 am CST // 5:28 am EST // 9:28 am GMT

Moon in Aries at 4 degrees

| Mantras and Prompts to follow |

Aries is quite welcoming as the first sign of the zodiac. But don’t mistake Aries for they are headstrong and motivated with direct aim to overcome the challenge. Aries is a fire sign: full of life as they ignite their sparks to create their successes.

New Moons are a time for manifestation, planting seeds of thought, and beginning new adventures. With Aries as the first sign of the zodiac, rightfully so, this is a magnified time to begin something new. This newness could be of changes that either run positive OR negative. No matter which it might be, it is greatly needed to welcome new abundance in order to understand our worth OR to learn new lessons to understand what doesn’t serve our worth.

It’s been 100 years since something this large has taken over the entire globe in such a way and what a catalyst it is. Susan Miller, a renowned astrologist researches the phenomena:

I looked back at the Spanish Influenza of 1918, which was severe, infecting more than one-fourth of the world’s population. I almost fell of my chair to see that in that year, 1918, Pluto and Jupiter were also orbiting tightly together, just as they are now, in 2020.

Read More on Susan Miller’s Corona Virus Essay

Susan Miller, Astrology Zone 2020

Head first into Spring we go, this New Moon falls just after the Vernal Equinox, right after we “Spring Forward” for Daylights Savings. Things are moving quick and it’s best if we buckle in and get grounded to prepare for the shifts to come. This is also the time of year to sow seeds in our grounds and prepare our crops for a bountiful harvest. This can be the most challenging time as we nurture the seeds to surface and grow well enough to produce results.

We are preparing the crops of our energy as we face the troublesome news of the globe today in these surrounding weeks of the New Moon. We must get grounded like seeds and face the adversity of working through difficult times as if we are the sprout, fighting for the light, bursting through the soil.

Current changes in today’s society have knocked on the doorstep of the New Moon period of manifestation and invite us to redefine the ways of rearing the horns that keep us tough and resilient like those of the Aries Ram. This is a call to work for the beauty of the enjoyments in life that should come as simple human rights. Easily equal yet systematic.

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The imperative task is moving forward with how we will define our lifestyles after this shift. Many of us have begun to do it on the individual level before the chaos ensued, but now is the time to change it on the global scale and I’m talking government included.

More importantly, we cannot worry about what is going to play out because worrying about our future takes away from our present. We must simply do what we can now as grounded individuals.

Through the work of our grounding practice we will set ourselves up for the challenging times to come and be righteously ready. We do this by slowing down, growing our sprouts that flaunt our work, while our firmly rooted beliefs hold us down.

So you might ask how does this change from our previous behavior as a society? How do we make new change now?

We must invite new ways of being that make us feel good, well loved, and trust that humans will work together to take care of each other without any attachment or reliance. To be truly present in our center but aware of the peripherals.

We are slowing down and dealing with what is right in front of us in our very own homes, within our own souls. We are not to worry about what’s to come during that meeting three hours from now, what’s to come next week when we get paid, what’s to come in June, November, or 2021. We no longer can rely on what’s to come because we are being called to live in the now.

Now is the only thing that will keep coming.

Photo by Bob Ward on

During this New Moon in Aries today I encourage you to remain open to the possibilities to come. But be exactly where you are in each moment before you get to those possibilities.

I challenge you to navigate forthcoming conversations with intellectualism and progressive conversation that you learn in your “nows”. I challenge you to do this without haste or anger toward another opinion, background, or idea. I encourage you to get grounded but I challenge you to push yourself to respect others.

Use this time of manifestation in the New Moon with the fiery, adamant, and persistent Aries to keep pushing forward for the life you are looking to create from the inside of ourselves to the outward world.

Three Steps to be Encouraged and Face the Challenge:

  • Get grounded in a way that suits you: Imagine your sits bones and hands connecting to the Earth and administering great roots to the core. Send your worries and heart aches through these roots to burn at this core and allow yourself to rise from those ashes.
  • Practice Gratitude for how far you have come, how far humanity has come. Allow that peace to be your soldier, to be the Ram.
  • Accept your duties to carry forth your pride, your intelligence, and your rights; flaunt your horns. With Acceptance we can battle for peace, beauty, and harmony; the natural instinct of the male Ram’s fight for his beloved female.

Meditative or Journal Prompts:

  • What new energy would you like to call in? Is it peace, less judgement, less fear, more creativity, forgiveness, more boldness, an offer to others?
  • Where in your life can you apply a new space to welcome this in?
  • What’s one habit that supports your daily action to creating space and calling in?
  • Journaling? Meditating? Mindful observation? Mindful eating? Mindful games with children? Mindful repetitive movement? A sequence of yoga poses? A single podcast for a few days?
  • What is one habit you can break when it comes to judgement of others?
  • How will you keep yourself alert when you begin to judge? What does your judgement voice in your head sound like?
  • What’s one form of compassion you can have for another human in a conversation about the pandemic topic? How can you begin to understand their perspective?
  • What is one thing that unifies us all?
  • How do we remain unified with individual offerings? What is your offering?

New Moon Mantra

I fiercely accept my challenges by opening my heart to the possibilities. –Erin Bird

3 thoughts on “New Moon in Aries March 24, 2020

  1. I so so agree! No rain, no flowers. I’m excited for what’s to come into light out of this darkness. All we can do for now is continue to stay present.
    Thank you my fellow fire sign !
    With love and gratitude,


  2. Such a great post. It seems like I am in luck for starting my new blogging endeavor. I liked your reflection on staying grounded, being open to possibility, but also being truly in each moment of the present.

    As a Leo, I’m also a fire sign and I truly have felt that fire for growth and opportunity building over the past couple weeks. This is our time to grow and accomplish new things!


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