Full Moon in Libra April 7th 2020

7:34 pm PST//8:34 pm MT//9:34 pm CT//10:34 pm EST// 02:34 GMT

Moon at 18 degrees in Libra. Sun at 18 degrees Aries.

| Mantras and Prompts to follow |

Epilogue: Astrology & Corona Waves

Photo by Sunyu Kim on Pexels.com

An interesting ride on the rise of the Full Pink Super Moon in Libra. Balance steps right in to offer it’s well rounded self, shedding light, soft enough for our eyes and souls, to bask in yet another thing that’s bigger than ourselves in the search for hope and relief.

Libra is the sign of balance; an earth sign with great ability to lighten the mood and emit calm and grounding energy. The Pink Super Moon is displaying its raw, ripe budding beauty to shed light on areas in our lives that we need to make gentle new adjustments in order to grow. The moon is here to help you release and welcome in those new adjustments with balance and grace.

Rhetorically, how can you help yourself incorporate change if you’re in a state of chaos such that we are all experiencing in our world today? This loving Pink Libra Moon is here to comfort the chaos, support the plush release, permitting availability to really bring in peace.

The moon passes on the message of keeping balance and composure in relationships and all things contrasting yet, necessary to live in harmony.

In Folklore, this months full moon is considered the “Pink Moon” in relation to the perennial ( grows back annually) flowering moss known as Creeping Phlox that begins to bud and bloom at this time. Phlox is native to woodlands in the vicinity of the Appalachian Mountains from Pennsylvania to northern Georgia.

A gentle reminder, like a sweet 60 degree day, like these quaint yet vastly abundant flowers. This complimenting moon asks us to get raw like new buds and to find our centered roots from which we grow, displaying release in whatever form that comforts us most. The Libra Moon shines light on discovering that process in a new and intricate way.

It seems we are shedding old ways on how we used to thaw ourselves after a long winter. When spring weather is consistently joyful we feel the need to rush out into town for a social happy hour on the patio, into nature for hiking with a friend, and to make the best of what’s out there because the days are renewing from depths of winter as are we.

What this time is really teaching us to implement is that the gifts we seek to take advantage of on a beautiful day are actually inside of us reflected in our homes and relationships. The relationship with ourselves and our immediate environments makes up the foundation of consciousness from which we function. The Pink Moon graces us with comfort to find that part of ourselves that allows things to happen organically from within. When we do find that, we release in gratitude because we have found peace. We can then welcome in new ways because we released what’s no longer serving us even when we originally though it was.

It’s a fresh treat to spend time in ways we previously might be more apt to ignore; a gift to get more into ourselves. By this time, 85% of the world has come to understand what it’s like to slow down and alter our lives. This is contrary to the usual spring thaw. However, it seems we are thawing in a different way this year, all apart of the process to balance. It’s almost as if we are par-taking in a mass mindfulness movement and it feels like a breath of fresh air relieving societal pressures from people and Earth. This is the journey to the 5th dimension. In this time, as we spend more time inward and less time outward, we have a beautiful chance to serve ourselves from our roots and our bare bones foundations creating the joy we which so crave. Yes, there are worries (finances, education, and livelihoods) but we have to trust what will come for our survival, will come. We are being guided to adjust but at least the Libra Pink Super Moon will help us find comfort.

artwork by ahmed arfeen

Libra is here to remind us that there’s always balance on Earth and in energy. Place weight on one side of the balance scale and watch the other side react. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Just as we say, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It simply exists. When there is an impact on something, there is going to a reverb. That reverb is the next set up for another impact.

I relate this in two ways:

First, our Earth is scoring right now as she takes a break from the typical hustle and bustle. Humans are decreasing their grasps at constantly covering physical ground and taking Earth for granted. In this adjustment, we can learn to still enjoy the Earth but only as we retract the weight of our environmental impact.

Second, our economy, healthcare systems, and roles in society in regards to citizens of an established government, will come into balance. One side of the scale is getting hit hard and other side is changing because of it.

Ripple effects are a prime example of the impact that one action has on the rest of the life cycle. The Full Super Pink Moon is a concept that is bigger than us just as this virus is bigger than us. To grow, we must learn what these two occurrences have to offer. As we take on the virus on one side of our personal scales, we welcome the Full Moon in Libra to balance our other side. We are being called to continue to seek how to further release weight on our scales to bring chaos into a balance. As the moon wanes, recall the feeling of what that balance felt like in its full form. We can begin to implement more of that feeling through the actions and patterns in our lives as we move forward.

We see that our actions have a longer lasting impact than we really choose to comprehend. Our recent experiences give us a different perspective on our actions moving forward as we are currently taking time to slow down. The wonderful thing about lunar cycles is that the moon offers wisdom to create a larger impact on our continuing growth. That’s why the timing of the lunar force in the astrological sign of Libra gives us the sense that we can choose calmness and balance; we can choose less exposure to the chaotic world outside of the foundation in our lives. We may choose more exposure to ourselves, if we’re solo, or to our loved ones in which we cohabitate with. Furthermore, we will eventually have to go inward with a New Moon to better that foundation in our lives and free it to continue to expand. What you not only think, but act upon will have some outcome of balance necessary for your growth.

Meditative or Journal Prompts:

  • How do you feel like you’re adjusting to the Stay At Home orders put in place to balance the outbreak of the virus?
  • Is your environment comforting to your anxieties (even if these orders weren’t put in place)?
  • What do you have the power to change in your immediate environment to induce comfort?
  • How can you comfort the release of tension you feel inside of you?
  • What does comfort to that release look like?
  • Do you need to cry? Do you need to exercise? Do you need to walk everyday in the sun? Do you need to keep a gratitude journal? Do you need to read a relatable book? Do you need to meditate or a breath workshop to help you release so you can focus?
  • Are you capable of holding space for others to express their needs for a comfortable environment? How can you adjust to make that work?
  • What is one reminder you need to help you induce more comfort in this time?

Full Moon Mantra

I accept the release of tension and create in ease in my environment that comforts my day-to-day. -Erin Bird


Effects of the Full or New Moon occur within 4 days before or after the Moon. Within 24 hours of this moon in Libra, I discovered that Colorado has not seen a spike in more positive corona virus cases in a few days with potential to flatten the curve. New York City is still fighting but the intensive care need for patients is down below what they were expecting at this time. I am hopeful yet adjusting to the changes necessary for my own growth. However, I believe that with Pluto and Saturn, we will see another spike in the curve later on this year. This is why this Super Moon is so well timed so that we can incorporate the balance we form now into new ways of approaching life and society in the future.

Astrologically, the Sun in fiery Aries and the Full Moon in balanced Libra square Jupiter-planet of gifts and luck- and Pluto-planet of focus and lessons which are both in Capricorn right now. A square is an aspect where each planet involved receives direct beams from multiple others. We’ve been working with Pluto in Capricorn since December of 2019- learning hard lessons to pull back the reins of Saturn in freedom loving Sagittarius. We might seeing surprisingly beneficial outcomes for ourselves as Jupiter floats back and forth from Capricorn to airy and humanitarian based Aquarius. Regardless, we will continue to see reverb lessons from Pluto in Capricorn until 2023. To balance, Jupiter will eventually be bringing gifts in conjunction with the hard lessons of Saturn as they eventually will both hang around independent and philosophical Sagittarius through the end of 2020.

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