New Moon in Taurus April 23, 2020

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7:25 pm PST // 8:25 pm MT // 9:25 pm CST // 10:25 pm EST // 2:25 am GMT

Moon in Taurus at 3°25’, Sun in Taurus at 3°24’

| Mantras and Meditative Prompts to follow |

This wonderful New Moon arrives beautifully in alignment with Earth Day. A gracious time of year while the Sun and Moon bask in the earthly, feminine and nurturing traits of Taurus. This astrological sign is a very mothering archetype giving us the chance to ground and softly reset with grace and strength.

New Moons are a platform for manifestation and planting intentions. This is a chance to implement what has surfaced in the past month which is very important in nurturing our own spirits as we move forward into another unknown period of 2020.

Shifts are taking place globally for every individual’s consciousness and it’s a very rare occasion. It’s advised to soak it all in, with respect to our own ignorance, and explore every aspect of curiosity and inner opinion that should be expressed. For we are the movement when we band together. A movement can not be started unless each person nominates themselves to participate. So what is it that you want to participate in as we advance on our journey through 2020? What does that intuitive participation look like for you? What have you been intuitively driven to do during your quarantine?

The sign of Taurus is receptive, passive, female, yin energy. Though the animal resemblance of Taurus is a male bull, we must remember that there is masculine and feminine within all of us. Cows are some of the most sentient beings in the animal kingdom. Female cows are incredibly attached to and protective of their offspring. The female energy of the Sun and Moon in Taurus reminds us to be flexible and gently guided by our intuitions in caring for ourselves, our society, and our Earth. However, like your mother when she’s protective of her kin, the Taurus Bull will use its strong headed horns to fight.

There has been and will be grief, loss, sudden change, confusion, and confinement. But the female fighting aspect of Taurus keeps us flowing through the experience with compassion for ourselves and our loved ones.

“And yet, the New Moon is also in square aspect to Saturn, reminding us of that need to focus on inner stability as the waves of change continue to roll through our experience…

© Copyright 2020 PAM YOUNGHANS NorthPoint Journal

Saturn is in Aquarius; the planet of difficult lessons in the air sign of the water bearer teaching us to remain fluid through the changes we are experiencing. Activity in society as we know it will decrease yet we have been learning how to increase our inner drives in new, more nurturing, and protective ways. Aquarius is a community and volunteer oriented archetype. These lessons will teach us how we can better serve ourselves which ultimately better serves our community.

With this New Moon in earthly Taurus, square Saturn in Aquarius- Manifest the things you would like to see continue throughout your life after the storm of the pandemic passes. Truly absorb what it felt like to relax and not be obligated to go anywhere. Dig into something new that you’ve learned about yourself. Discover how you’ve readjusted to serving your needs. Going inward on the New Moon, we can understand the changes neccessary to bring forward as a reprogramming on our journey to maintain a better mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

On a global societal scale, how can your reprograming or new feelings be a contribution to impacting others in your community? Maybe our reprogramming ripple effect will vibrate out into the world through communities, the internet, and into countries across the world.

As we begin to rework life as we know it, the Earth has begun to rework her strengths in clearing out toxic gasses and pollution. Her animals are experiecing quieter and less impacted environments which will result in ecosystem relationship alterations we may not be aware of yet.

Essentially, many of us are fighting to protect each other and our globe. However, that fight doesn’t stem from anger or resentment. It is stemming from a place of love, care, and ambition to be humanely and consciously operable. These nurturing traits [of Taurus] start from within: our selves, our homes, our relationships. These recently explored traits will have an immense impact on the way we care for ourselves and others moving forward.

Meditative Action and Journal Prompts:

Get silent and review all the positive aspects of your current situation.

Feel what it has felt like to get more connected to your family or yourself at home.

Feel what it feels like to support small business if you’re able to contribute.

Appreciate the new ways you’ve learned to adapt.

Appreciate the hard work from yourself and others to protect our communities despite the nay-sayers.


  • What are three positive changes you’ve discovered or implemented during this time?
  • What are two things/habits/traits/practices you started with the extra down time that you would like to continue to practice/carry forward as society makes more adjustments?
  • What outcome or change do you wish would surface as a result for for the globe//your country?
  • How can you be apart of implementing that outcome? Does that involve the list of two or three things mentioned above?
  • Does it require you to look inward at your strongest beliefs?
  • Does it require you to enhance or reduce the strength you have in those beliefs in order to nurture the consciousness with others?
  • What is it that you feel but can’t explain?
  • Is that feeling something that should be further explored to nurture your own understanding of your friends//family//audience?
  • How will your manifestations now impact you and your community 6 months from now?

New Moon Mantra:

I allow myself to flow with ease, I am stable because I nurture my being.

~Erin Bird

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