Full Moon in Scorpio May 7, 2020

Photo by Elven Wings//@elvenwings

3:45 am PST//4:45 am MT//5:45 am CT//6:45 am EST// 10:45 GMT

Moon at 17° in Scorpio, Sun at 17° in Taurus

| Mantras and Prompts to follow |

Full illumination in shadow-loving Scorpio brings us to a place of releasing the arrest we hold on ourselves for being less than we think we truly are. How lovely it is to comfort our own needs in which we desire the most.

Scorpio is the archetype of the zodiac that shows us it’s okay to be living on the dark side some days, highlighting the Shadow. The Shadow or Id is the part of you that unconsciously acts in which the ego doesn’t consciously identify with (Carl Jung). We are less aware of our shadows.

Your shadow is here for you to understand you, to be there for your compulsive needs, to offer your spirit the glory of whatever it is you desire for comfort. However, when we merge our higher//understanding//conscious self with our shadow, we can recognize the darkness that the shadow began to comfort for you in the first place.

The Full Moon sheds light on how our shadows can benefit our growth in this way. Our growth in our lighter conscious selves can authentically meet the needs to bring us into our highest worthiness. It breaks the cycle for the feeling of lack we have stored in that darker unknown place.

Have you ever felt as if someone denied you when you were down, have you felt alone with no one there to embrace you? Unfortunately, that is such the case sometimes. When we are trying to cope with this feeling we tend to develop traits that provide us comfort or what we think is comfort.

Many times this shadow comfort is a replacement for what we truly know as comfort and sometimes it can be damaging or self-sabatogaing. We might begin to deny the higher path that spirit or the universe nudges for us. Ultimately, observing our shadow teaches us where in ourselves we are looking to form better connection so we can better connect with others. The tricky part is getting to know your own shadow.

[Hint: if it feels wrong but you want to keep doing it, that’s shadow. If you feel you deserve more but you settle for less, that’s shadow].

We develop shadow when we act out, many times due to feeling as if we are misunderstood. We engage in something that feels as if we are portraying that we understand ourselves and the comfort we think we need. This is what we think we’ve come to know as comfort. But what if what you’ve come to know is less than what you’re worth?

Scorpios are passionate, deep, and love their dark sides. They allow their light and shadow to live in harmony because they give themselves the compassion to be in the shadow while very well knowing they have the passion and the strength to play in the light, too. This is important for us to embody so we can understand where it is we lack light and therefore abolish the low self worth belief correlated to that. We can begin to shed light in that space so we that can come into our true worth.

The Full Moon, the Flowering Moon, is shedding light on our release of embellishment in our shadows. This allows us to bring forth the higher part of our self, with innate desire to succeed, to take part in the journey of true growth in light; it is the flowering of spirit within us.

For when we shed light on our dark passionate sides we come to fully embrace them with love. When we love ourselves for who we are and the mistakes we’ve made, we can discover that we are worth more than we thought. Furthermore, we begin to attract things in our life that are in greater alignment with our growth. We come to an understanding of the love we actually deserve and not what we limit our deservingness to. We are worth all the love in the world and it begins with unconditionally loving ourself. Knowing what helps us grow and what keeps us trapped in cycles supports our compassion for ourselves so we can continue to choose where we feel called to be on our path.

This moon is also correlated to the relationships we develop with others through our light and our shadow. Who is it that you want to surround your self with, and what areas do you wish to succeed, what is it really going to take for you to get there?

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

Five planets will enter or are already retrograde this month setting the stage for continued reflection and growth. The Full Moon of Scorpio allowing us to go deep in love and release the shadow we no longer wish to carry in present, prepares us to do more inner work in this slow down period.

  • Saturn (planet of hard lessons) from May 10-September 28 in Aquarius and Capricorn
  • Venus (planet of beauty and romance) May 13- June 25 in Gemini
  • Jupiter(planet of gifts and luck) from May 14- September 12 in Capricorn
  • Pluto (planet of finance and shadow) from April 25- October 4 in Capricorn
  • With Mercury (planet of communication, contracts, and electronics) Retrograde coming June 18- July 12 in Pisces and Aquarius

The stage is set to sit and reflect on how much you’ve learned about YOURSELF over the course of 2020. The world has seen so many obstacles that have really challenged our relationships in our homes and work. Please use this Full Moon to release the things you’ve learned about yourself that you no longer wish to carry forward with you. Yes, 2021 is looking to be a better year. Now we have the time to keep reflecting and preparing to hit the ground running with a better idea of our flaws, strengths, and future desires that are in alignment with our highest deservingness. To support that: make the decisions that are hard but worth your sanity. Make the routine that gets you prepared for your mission. The world is changing and we can no longer stand by and watch, we must be a part of the movement for the better. So, what does that ask of you?

Meditative or Journal Prompts:

  • What does your higher self look like? If you could imagine the most beautiful complete ideal version of who you want to be, what does that look like for you? Describe your facial features, hair, what you’re wearing, where you’re standing, who you’re interacting with.
  • What does your shadow self look like? Describe the traits.
  • What does engaging in your shadow look like for you? Is it a habit you can’t kick? A relationship you like to keep around?
  • What are you denying yourself of that you wish you were really successful at?
  • What phrase could you come up with that brings you into the power that makes you feel like you are no longer denying yourself of that concept?
  • What action steps would you need to take to come into that power?
  • Is there a part of yourself that you want to further embrace?
  • Where do you need more love in your life right now?

Full Moon Mantra

I am worthy of the beautiful things I desire and all that comes with them. I will provide that to myself and instill it in others. –Erin Bird

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