Gut Health and Reiki Energy

A look at the science behind a healthy gut and overall well-being. Insight on how Reiki and relaxation can improve your gut function and spark your healing journey.

There’s so much healing going on in our gut. Every moment, every bite, and every chemical release all impact the other systems of the beautiful vessel we live in on our walks through life.

The gut is so vital to our overall mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It is the structure identified as our stomach, large intestine, and small intestine. Though, most of main organs are in the same space all working together.

The statement: ‘you are what you eat,’ is literally true. A 2013 study mentions that In humans, the composition of the flora is influenced not only by age but also by diet and socioeconomic conditions.” The type of environment we choose to create for our gut will improve our bowel movements, immune systems, and overall mood; eventually effecting the longevity of our health. Our outer environments also deeply impact our gut from the sanitary aspect of our food, the chemical particles in the air, and the tidiness of our homes.

[Forgive me for being graphic but read on for a golden nugget of knowledge]

It’s obvious that some of the main functions of the gut include nutrient absorption and waste excretion. A good way to tell how well this process is going on in the gut is through, well…your poop!

An ideal vowel movement is smooth, long, and sinks to the bottom of the toilet. This notion tells us that the body and it’s gut are easily able to break down food, properly absorb nutrients and healthy show the waste out the back door. In a healthy way, you’re eating foods that are very beneficial and desired by the body.

On the contrary, when your poop floats it is an indication of high fat content or malabsorption. Sinking indicates that your gut is at its best and getting the most out of your food choices. Sinking occurs when the stool is heavier than the water because of the amount of bacteria that was ready to be carried out. Ultimately, permitting new growth of balancing bacteria in the gut.

Are you not sure if your waste is healthy? One way to know is to compare it to the Bristol Myer’s Stool Chart. This is a favorite, used by all Western medicine and some functional medicine approaches to tell if the patient is handling medications, supplements, and food appropriately.

Okay…moving along now.

So how is the gut beneficial to nutrient absorption? The intestinal wall is the main barrier that interacts with the rest of the body and blood. Our blood vessels in our gut pick up and carry nutrients, which are broken down through cellular metabolic processes, throughout the body to other systems that need their doses of beneficial properties. In example: carrots are good for the eyes, protein helps build muscle, walnuts are good for the brain, etc.

If our food nutrients contribute to the balance of our gut biome and those contents are absorbed and processed into the blood stream, they travel on and ultimately impact our central nervous system, our peripheral nervous system, and our glandular system. These functions are what determine the future affects on the following:

  • The immune system which is supported by the lymphoid system also known as lymph nodes
  • Chemical releases by neurological transmitters and the adrenal glands for mood regulation.

Proper gut function does way more than just digest and exit. Did you know that serotonin, the happy chemical, is also mainly excreted in the gut? This known neurotransmitter is considered a peripheral transmitter when it’s in the gut. One study from California Institute of Technology mentions, “Peripheral serotonin is produced in the digestive tract by enterochromaffin (EC) cells and also by particular types of immune cells and neurons.” About 90 percent of your serotonin is released in the gut in order to help your immune system! Furthermore, “Altered levels of this chemical can lead to irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.” (CalTech study). Balance is key is everything.

Good nutrition supported by a healthy standing gut biome literally affects every other system in our body and vice versa. The body is a symbiotic system that carries us for decades if balance appropriately.

As the body works together on subtle and not-so-subtle levels we find that our neurological thought patterns cause us to have physical impacts such as “butterflies” or “knots in our stomach”. In turn, we get those chemical releases [ahem, cortisol fight or flight anyone?!] contributing to our ability or inability to eat, digest, sleep, stay awake, and regulate mood.

Overall, food can literally shape the way we approach medicine and healing. Western medicine is incredible in saving lives in acute situations. However, eastern medicine is also super beneficial to our slower approach to chances. Reiki is literally the catalyst for change and the icing on the cake.

Reiki is used best in conjunction with other modalities of healing.

One of the reasons I choose to merge Reiki with other forms of healing and medicine is because many of us struggle with our diets, feeding and supporting our gut, and our thoughts around these concepts.

It comes down to how we choose to treat ourselves with the food we ingest and how we value of our own self-worth.

With Reiki and my intuitive ability, I am able to decipher the energy in the body of a client. This process, explained in the post session discussion, helps my clients understand if their gut and organ issues stem from thought processes or unhealthy habits that impact their body’s systems. This energy can be discovered and released in the session but it is up to the client to make the difference in their daily choices.

The trifecta of Reiki, my intuitive gift, and my western medical background allows me to dig upon my well of wisdom and guide the client. If necessary, I advise clients to seek out specific options or professionals to help aid them in the restoration of their body’s systems. This support will eventually improve their mood and overall well being.

As a specialty in my own work with clients, we work on the limiting beliefs they have about themselves, others, and past situations. When we address energy behind the pain and discomfort in the physical, mental, or emotional aspects, my clients are better able to understand the next steps they need to take in order to revolutionize their own healing.

Erin is not a medical doctor, scientist, or licensed therapist. Please heed advice as a general informative conversation. Erin is certified in Reiki healing touch. Any opinion or suggestion made through her services is to be taken as a personal informative conversation, results and outcomes are subject to action of the client and receiver of such information. Please consult a licensed professional such as a medical doctor, a board certified traditional holistic doctor, or therapist psychologist if you are seeking further assistance in any issues requiring further attention.

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