Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius June 5, 2020

12:26 pm PST // 1:26 pm MT // 3:26 pm CT // 4:26 pm EST // 7:26 GMT

Moon at 15° in Sagittarius Sun at 15° in Gemini

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|Mantra and Prompts to Follow|

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Eclipse season of 2020 has arrived and it’s here to stay until December 2020. However, we will see reverb of this series of eclipses until December 2021. This series involves the Sun in Gemini with Moon in Sagittarius along with the Sun in Cancer with Moon in Capricorn.

  • Gemini- Represented by Twins, known for mental and emotional dualities. Feeling defined in one way but also strongly in the opposite. Shadow and light characteristics.
  • Sagittarius- Represented by Centaur, half horse//half man, known for philosophical view points, freedom, optimism, and universal truth seeking.
  • Cancer- Represented by the Crab, in mythology Hera sent a giant crab to attack Hercules for killing her family, Cancers are known for strong emotions, familial protection, and developing sacred homes.
  • Capricorn- Represented by the Horned Goat with the tail of a fish, strong willed and emotionally intelligent able to navigate logistics and emotions well.

Full Moons bring illumination to an event, emotions, life occurrences, in order to recognize them to prepare ourselves in addressing them. This process is important to helping us develop changes within ourselves as we navigate the water rising in the seas and in our bodies; displaying the sensitivities humans and other mammals have to Full Moons.

Eclipses are important windows of alignment between the Earth, Sun, and Moon. Full Moons have Lunar Eclipses- the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon occurring at night time. Solar Eclipse- the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun occurring during the day time. In relation to the effects these phenomenons have on humans, Eclipses highlight the relationships in our life.

As the 2020 Strawberry Moon arrives as a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius- it seems as if the world is seeking the truth to the philosophies behind the occurrences in our current times.

We are seeking the truth in the relationships between government and it’s people, police to their community-specifically the black population, and the community’s relationship to itself.

With the Sun in Gemini we are experiencing the polarities among these relationships. On one hand we had an incredible reset of staying at home, honing in on focusing on our selves and our environments. Now, things are on the polarity as the United States begins to open back up. However, right now our communities are beginning to emit the truth to climb the ladder of justice; the polarity of the hush-hush that has been and is now in an uproar to bring ever more illumination to.

Four Major Planets are in Retrograde right now:

  • Saturn planet of hard lessons from May 10-September 28 in Aquarius the sign of community, society, and humanitarians.
  • Venus planet of cosmetics and romance May 13- June 25 in Gemini the sign of polarity and duality.
  • Jupiter planet of gifts and luck from May 14- September 12 in Capricorn the sign of diplomacy, money, community.
  • Pluto planet of finance, shadow, life and death, creation and destruction from April 25- October 4 in Capricorn.
  • With Mercury planet of communication, contracts, and electronics Retrograde coming June 18- July 12 in Pisces and Aquarius.

Saturn in retrograde, earth surpassing Saturn in the orbit around the sun, is teaching us the difficulty of how to handle humanity and society in order to reform it. Venus is showing us the polarity Gemini has to offer in the destruction of cosmetics of this country. Though society is at odds about it, Sagittarius Full Moon will teach us that destruction is not always necessary but the philosophy behind it is. Seeking truth to make the change- Jupiter is changing, in a difficult way with positive ending results (once direct), the way we distribute money, care for our communities (healthcare), and the way we approach our friends and family after the pandemic and upheaval of Civil Rights. Pluto emphasizes the rebirth that comes from the death as we all rise from these ashes.

Heed your words and emotional decisions as Mercury goes retrograde this month on June 18th. Senses are heightened as things quiet down.

Pluto and Saturn turn direct, in September and October, which is where we were when the Corona Virus hit. We will see a second wave as we enter cold and flu season. Yet, we will expect to see a vaccine at the end of this year as eclipse season closes on the 21st of December.

This Lunar Eclipse will illuminate the Retrograde cluster in this time. It is a culmination and pinnacle of our current events. Look forward to how you continue to bring truth to light in any situation in your life. Release the history of lies, deceit, and unworthiness of your limiting beliefs. Come into your own light and truth to bring that forward as a catalyst for change. Reflect on how you will carry forth yourself in developing relationships to people in your community and the energy of the world.

With all of the shifts going on in the world, this eclipse as the first of the series, take your time to really understand how you do feel. Use the archetype of Sagittarius to discover your truth, the honesty of the situation, and the balance you wish to bring forth honor to the changes that lie ahead. Just know this is a process, a marathon not a sprint, and an ultimate up level in consciousness for all of us.

Meditative Journal Prompts

  • How do you truly feel about the Pandemic looking back on it?
  • How do you truly feel about the continuation of the Civil Rights Movement? If you didn’t have to share these thoughts with anyone, what you would you believe?
  • Are you feeling pressure to believe one thing over the other? How can you dismiss the pressure and come into your own truth?
  • What is one thing you can do to actively change your behavior and approach to the Civil Rights of Black People or People of Color?
  • What is one thing you look forward to when all this passes?
  • Can you implement that feeling into sharing it with others during this time?


My individuality is powerful to changing the collective. I am firm in who I am but I am adaptable to change. -Erin Bird

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