Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 4/5, 2020

9:44pm PST // 10:44pm MT // 11:44 pm CT// 12:44am EST // 04:44 GMT

Moon at 13°37′ in Capricorn, Eclipse at 13°30′ in Capricorn, Sun at 13°37′ in Cancer

|Mantra and Prompts to Follow|

With the body of a goat and the tail of a fish, the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is here to end the trend of Eclipses that began in July of 2018. This is the fourth of six eclipses this year- each year averages about four. Luckily, we have the warm sun in the archetypal nurturing sign of Cancer which is ruled by the moon. Though the moon is present in Capricorn, we can still benefit from the all around challenge and comfort of our rewards.

Capricorn has been a large theme for some of our most influential planets which have been in and out of Retrograde this season: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. See my June Lunar Eclipse post for insight on Retrograde planets and their representations in each sign this Spring. Less we forget that Mercury is in Retrograde until July 12th. Whatever the theme is for you at this time, it may have shown up for you before, it is highlighted now.

Not only is this the end of the trend but this marks the end of the eclipse sandwich for the Summer. We will be able to bask in the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse in December of 2020 for the last hurrah of this tumultuous start to the “modern roaring twenties”.

|Background on Full Moons, Eclipses, and Capricorns|

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

Full Moons symbolize light cast upon the aspects of ourselves that we are thinking about releasing. For instance, if there is a pattern of behavior you’re seeking to change or a person in your life that you want to cut ties with, a Full Moon will stir up the emotions in you that may lead you to believe the release is necessary. We have about four days before and after the full moon to begin making this change within ourselves. (However, I personally feel the best work is done within two days before or after.)

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

Eclipses on the other hand- think about the polar alignment when this sequence occurs; the gravitational pull is heightened. As we know in general, our subconscious thought patterns and behaviors surface as we need to learn about them. During a lunar phase you might be noticing something coming through that needs more attention deep down. During an Eclipse it’s near impossible to brush drama under the rug. Whatever arises, your subconscious is begging you to address it. Mainly, you will be able to make the connections of a pattern within yourself that is present in a relationship of some sort.

Capricorn’s are representative of our relationships to business, money, and things coming to a head in which we are being called to be strong willed in to heal with compassion. They tap into their fortitude to overcome whatever stands between them and their long-term goals. The head of the horned goat proves the resilience in conflict and the tail of the fish grants the ability to swiftly move and navigate the route.

Photo by Michal Pech on Pexels.com

| All Tied Together |

As an earth sign, Caps are practical and geared toward efficiency in their determination. They remind me of people who work hard and get well rewarded for their quick witted effort. This Eclipse is supported by emotionally sensitive and nurturing Cancer.

So what comes up for you may be difficult to face but ultimately the best version of ourselves is aware that great reward will result from effort in awareness.

Whatever conflict might be rearing its head know that the tension has been building over the last few weeks in everyone due to the Lunar Eclipse on June 5th, the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 20th, and this Eclipse in Capricorn. You may be feeling called to oust a pattern in yourself to cater to what’s really wanting to come to the surface. This will be reflected in how that is triggered by relationships in friendships, romance, business, family, and your overall closest circle of being.

The themes over the recent Eclipse segment are:

  • June 5th Full Moon Sagittarius- freedom, release, understanding of how to move forward.
  • June 20th New Moon Cancer- exhaustion that invites comfort to retract and go deeper within ourselves.
  • July 4th Full Moon Capricorn- revitalizing, seeking a middle ground of solution between out spoken freedom and inner strength solidarity.

In retrospect, what are you really walking away with?

Our motives for our personal gain will be questioned at this time. You may be asked to confront what your part is in the situation you face. However, in a more evolved manner, this Eclipse calls us to drop the personal gain. The message is to focus on how you will benefit, not because you need to be rewarded, but because you too, are a part of the whole and the whole is actually what is healing right now. Each person of the relationships in focus will have their own personal gain, but the sum of the gains for the collective involved will be the light in which you seek to find comfort.

As Cancer season unfolds, you will be able to absorb the comfort in these transitions. It will be a much easier season than the past month we’ve experienced. Relaxation is in order as we wind down from one of the most stimulating evolving times of our century. Be wary though; we may be coming to the shore to nourish, sun bathe, and rebalance. However, we’re headed out for another deep swim requiring us to use the proper energy reserves and breathing techniques to hit the depths of the surf again. May you learn your souls heart during Corona Virus.

|Meditative and Journal Prompts|

What seems to be the highlighted pattern in your life that is on repeat?

What’s this pattern at the forefront of your attention? Is this pattern in the back of your mind while other things are at your forefront attention?

Is everything circulating around this pattern or is this pattern circulating around everything you observe?

Check in with you: how’s your relationship with yourself? Are you denying aspects that are screaming to come through?

Is there something changing that you’re uneasy about?

What about this change would feel better and less uneasy? Is there an approach you can take that IS in YOUR CONTROL?

How can you be compassionate with your self for releasing?


When I drop into my body, my ________ speaks most to me. I honor and comfort this area with mindfulness, protection, and utter change. –Erin Bird

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