New Moon in Cancer July 20, 2020

10:32 pm PST // 11:32 am MDT // 12:32 pm CST // 1:32 pm EST // 5:32 pm GMT // 7:32 pm CEST

Moon in Cancer at 28°26’, Sun in Cancer at 28°26’

| Mantras and Meditative Prompts to follow |

A resting period approaches as we come down from the height of the Summer Eclipse Season. You may sense the feeling of things calming down yet it also seems as if shifts are continuing to occur as a reverb of the weeks prior. Welcome the New Moon in the emotional sign of Cancer by letting things settle, take time and give space as we find our grounds to navigate what we’ve recently endured. Collective emotions have certainly been high but this Moon is here to bring us back to the emotions of ourselves and our personal journeys.

This is the second New Moon in Cancer in a month’s time. The previous occurrence was just one month ago on June 20th- yet it was part of Summer Eclipse series. [It was the third of four eclipses for the summer and the 3rd of six eclipses for the year]. At that time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in June, we might have been looking at manifesting new ways of approaching our journey in conjunction with the world’s journey through the rest of 2020.

Now, on July 20th we are simply focusing on observing new ways of approaching just our own personal and internal field of emotions as a result from the changes that have recently taken place in the world. It’s time to go inward.

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A great yet unsettling notion of drastic and pivotal times in the human experience is that we can feel the current tide of changes taking place underneath the surface but we may not know how to thoroughly express this right off the bat. As we intuitively feel the changes it can be difficult to have confidence that we are caught up or in alignment to live them out in our behaviors or match them with our actions.

The difference between this moon and the moon during the eclipse is that eclipses act as a super highway into change. The change seems drastic and pretty blatant which encourage quick action. The significant events that occur during that time are incredibly amplified. Each aspect is like an observation under the 100x microscope while during a typical moons like this one is observed through the 40x microscope. When things are so closely examined under 100x, more detailed information is highlighted and revealed for immediate action however, the ripple effect can continue a year or more into our future. This ripple effect is the intuitive feeling underneath the surface that continues to require more long term navigation. That’s where this New Moon in Cancer comes into play.

Lunar cycles impact the polar effects between the moon and our emotional and energetic tides. When subconscious information is revealed at the time of an Eclipse we need more time to process the information. With this New Moon and Mercury in the shadow period coming out of Retrograde (typically a reflective, slow-down period in communication, contracts, and electronics) we are being forced to take one last necessary look at the changes we are being called to make while the energy of these last two months soak through.

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The archetype of Cancer is all about feeling emotions. Ruled by the moon, the crab lies low in the sand remaining grounded with their hard shell that acts as the protective barrier for their deep inner emotions from the outside world. Cancers also become protective of the things they hold close to their soft inner world such as their families and home life. The crab movement in the lateral direction is a metaphor for humans who operate along time lines; making decisions and move after emotional observances when the time feels just right.

Sensations may arise that things are moving slower however, don’t be fooled. This is due to moving out of the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde. The week before and after Retrogrades things can still seems slow but with residual effect of the Eclipses, events are most certainly in motion under the surface.

Before we jump back into action, this is just the right New Moon to get us back in touch with our emotions and practice compassion in our relationships with ourselves and with those close to us. This is not a time to be so task oriented or forcing work to race and get something done. Instead, come into alignment with what feels and serves us as individuals best. This time may call us to reconnect with those close to us or to tune into the close relationship with our self.

This is not a physical shift, but an emotional one leading us to get in touch so we can act with our heart. We will begin to operate from a place that feels most aligned and comforting to our boundaries and needs that make us feel safe yet ready to move.

An insightful notion of the sign of Cancer is how they love to decorate their homes with material things that make them feel connected and stable. They also use well made materials, pieces of art, novelties and figures to surround themselves with in order to feel comfort in this space. This form of comfort makes them feel safe and sets the tone to keep themselves grounded which is important to navigating emotions. Cancers can be very emotional people and to avoid irrationality, they must tune into their highly emotional innate aspect of their character. This is in order to make the right choices in preparation to move forward with courage and assurance.

New Moons are a time of going inward and typically new manifestations. It is a time to feel the hidden aspects of ourselves which we don’t necessarily share or express with others as often. This New Moon in Cancer requires us to surrender to what our spirit is telling us through the emotions we feel and store in our bodies. In operating from this place of surrender to what feels right we automatically come into alignment with exactly where we are and where we’re headed.

Remind your self, take time, to get grounded and truly allow yourself to feel what’s causing the tide to change under your surf. Like the nature of the crab, remain low and connect with the earth to help you go inward. Like a Cancer, create new spaces that feel good to you in order to bring in or surface what it is that you desire. Use this time to put into words what it is you’re feeling or understanding about yourself at this time while the collective consciousness continues to gear up for the ladder half of this 2020 roller coaster.

| Meditative Action and Journal Prompts |

  1. When can I take time to get grounded this week?
  2. Pause for a few moments, take three deep breaths, and tune into what arises from your spirit.
  3. What is calling in my attention right now?
  4. Is this something that needs swift action or can I let this marinate until I feel ready?
  5. What does swift action for my needs look like? Is that something I truly feel called to do?
  6. Can I set a goal date for this action after it marinates?
  7. If I tune into my body where my emotions are most prominent, what does integration look like after marination of what is calling my attention?
  8. Does that feel like it is in alignment with what it is I truly want?
  9. What action can I take on a daily basis after this time to help me meet my goal of what it is I truly want?

| Mantra |

When I take time to permit my emotions and tune into my body I gain clarity in my path. -Erin Bird

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