Full Moon in Aquarius August 3, 2020

8:58 am PST // 9:58 am MDT // 10:58 am CST // 11:58 am EST // 3:58 pm GMT // 5:58 pm CEST

Moon in Aquarius at 11°45’, Sun in Leo at 11°45’

| Mantras and Meditative Prompts to follow |

The Aquarian Full Moon at the start of Lammas brings us contemplation in order to secure our confidence in our decisions. This Moon brings a unique energy that is nudging us in the direction to keep our sights on our personal mission with a drive to make an impact in society on a global scale. As individuals we may have been looking inward and asking ourselves “Where do I feel that I stand on this topic? What am I doing to support my stance? How can I make adjustments in my fixed ways in order to be more receptive to what this world truly needs?”

The Full Moon in Aquarius casts light on the areas in which we are seeking to shed with ease. We are backed by our firm boundaries so that we can function from a space that flows with our natural talents.

Aquarians as an archetype are humanitarians and visionaries with a hard drive to impact their communities relating heavily on a global concept. They are a fixed Air sign; loving their independence and less of a “go with the flow” type despite the water bearer they are portrayed as. The water they bring is meant to clear, flow, and be of service where fresh, crisp, airy energy is needed.

As the high of summer begins to wind down, this beautiful moon is here to wash away what we have found is weighing us down through energy drainage, questioning ourselves, and not feeling supported. These are things that are no longer necessary to the growth that we have decided to embark on through the trial and tribulations of recent years.

Full Moons are times that pull on our emotions, typically becoming heightened. They bring to the surface the subconscious thoughts within us that are emotionally supported by some of our deepest needs and desires, those of which we are not yet fully aware.

Relationships are in focus at this time as they play a large key role in how we identify with ourselves and our communities, those whom which we serve and help serve us. This moon is highlighting our role versus the role of humanity and the collective consciousness. We will find ourselves picking off the sticky cobwebs of these relationships so we can shine through and continue on our journey. We’ve recently been tossed into a year thats emotionally and erratically exhausting while continuing to define our own purpose, which is probably driving us to get through the year of 2020. We don’t have time to keep dealing with stressful insinuations from people in our closer circles because we’ve received enough from the collective global consciousness.

We may be confronted with situations around friendships, romantic relationships, personal relationships, and business relationships. These situations are highlighted as the moon shines its light on aspects of these relationships that feel as if they aren’t of highest service to what we’re growing into on our individual level.

We are called to make shifts in our friendships and relationships as we re-evaluate how conducive they are to our personal missions in our own service on the global or communal scale. We may be asking ourselves, “Does this relationships help me feel confident in the strength and confidence I feel about myself when I serve my community or approach my passions?”

If the relationships in focus do not provide a feeling of joy and abundance that you may feel when you serve others, is the relationship really serving you?

Beautifully in alignment with a Full Moon, bringing light to our hidden aspects, the Aquarian water bearer is here to wash away the mercurial feeling that of which we need to let go and let float down stream. She brings clarity to understanding our drive and independence as unique individuals. This force is what brings us to the table of service in attribution to the growth in the world.

As the Sun is in Leo, the crown wearing Lion, let your soul purpose take center stage and don’t look back at who or what could have been. Those who choose to be on stage with you as your supporting acts may come and go as scenes change. Be not afraid to live at the center of the scene for if your show wasn’t presented you would not have been casted into the very position you are in now.

| Meditative Action and Journal Prompts | 

  1. What relationships have been highlighted for me this week?
  2. Are they part of my inner or outer circle?
  3. Who is someone on my outer circle that has inspired me in the last week?
  4. What about their demeanor or personality inspires me?
  5. Do I already have someone like that in my inner circle? Should I invest time in them to connect and learn from them? How can I attract more people that inspire me?
  6. Who is someone in my inner circle that I feel I am growing out of?
  7. How have we supported each other in the past?
  8. If I let go of this relationships with ease will it be harmful to the relationship or myself?
  9. If I continue to invest in the relationship will it be harmful to the relationship or myself?
  10. If I ultimately know I might grow out of a relationship, is there something in this relationship that still needs to play out? How can I remember to be considerate of that with graciousness and compassion for the relationship and my growth?

| Mantra |

I foster relationships that are right for me at this time in my journey without attachment to outcome. -Erin Bird

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