New Moon in Leo August 18, 2020

7:41 pm PST // 8:41 pm MDT // 9:41 pm CST // 10:41 pm EST // 2:41 pm GMT // 04:41 pm CEST

Moon in Leo at 26°34’, Sun in Leo at 26°35’

|Mantras and Meditative Prompts to follow |

Congratulate yourself, right now- before you continue on reading. As a collective we have endured quite a year. We are currently living through a pandemic, living through a Civil Rights movement, and the United States is facing yet another election. As chaotic as it’s been, the ups and downs, we must remember that we learn something about ourselves in each of these instances.

Recently, I’ve heard many other express how grateful they are for quarantine (however, this does not bypass the negatives others may have experienced during this time). However, the time period was a much needed slow down time for a large part of our society, humanity, and Mother Earth. With jobs out, social distancing, and ultimately spending more time at home, the environment that reflects our inner environment, we might have been able to find what was a good fit for us in order to find peace in survival. If you are reading this and had a negative quarantine experience, please contact me here and share your story.

Ultimately, no matter what your experience was, we have to be aware of the dark and ugly in order to find our light.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on

New Moon in Leo

A civil rights movement that shook our collective, a quarantine that brought us closer to the understanding of ourselves and our needs, three Eclipses, five planets retrograde, and two back-to-back New Moons in the emotional sign of Cancer that had us really dig deep in order to challenge and test the inner self on which we’ve been working….

Con-grat-u-lations! It’s time to let your mother f*cking ROAR out! It’s Leo season and both male and female energies of the lions come to rest upon the New Moon for a hearty meal after a well won battle with our prey- the year of 2020.

The New Moon, a time for intention setting to free the shadow-self, insinuates for reflection on that which keeps calling us forward on our own individual journeys. It is time for us to put our individual spirit at center stage and honor what is most needed for our own next steps because that is what will continue to change the collective (see Aquarian Full Moon post on individual vs. collective). Just as a lion hunts for prey to feed the family, it is our own work that it will take for us to positively impact our humanity.

The archetype of Leo is boastful, warm-hearted, centered in male and female energies, explorative, and aggressive with fiery passions. The symbol of the Lion for the Leo reflects their mammalian traits, too, as they’re born to mate and nurture as well as hunt and provide. Leo energy is here to encourage us to take on these qualities, fully embracing what it is we really need yet, desire for our own successes. You and your journey are most important right now, at center stage.

Photo by Vladyslav Dushenkovskyi on

This space for manifestation during this Leo New Moon is less about others and how we relate to them, but more so about how we choose to nurture ourselves which will residually nurture others if they choose to involve themselves in our performance. We are called to foster what is most important to us in order for our growth to come front and center. Our individual growth, when highlighted and nurtured, will positively impact the growth of others and we become a more positive, engaging collective.

We can all take part in the play of life when we take part in our own role.

Our journey of 2020 is a massive clean out of things that no longer serve us in order to increase the nurturing energy for the things that mean most to us right now and in our futures. Give yourself the praise you need. Reward yourself as your harvest this upcoming Equinox will be bountiful no matter what results show.

After a reward, we also must continue to work. With the manifestation period of this Leo New Moon, begin to plan how you will continue to firm your boundaries, respect yourself and your needs (something you might have collected during quarantine), and continue to accomplish what is necessary for your survival in the desert of 2020.

| Meditative Action and Journal Prompts | 

  1. How are you feeling at this time? Do you feel like something New is emerging?
  2. Do you feel as if you are coming to fully understand what it is you released during the Full Moon in Aquarius?
  3. What is front and center for you between the release you had and the newness you feel coming?
  4. What are three ways you can intentionally grow into the newness you sense coming?
  5. If you’re the Leo and you’re center stage in this act of the play of life, do you have step-by-step lines for the next scene to fully take place? In other words do you have any action plans for what it is you might want to accomplish as fall approaches?
  6. How will you celebrate yourself on this New Moon in Leo before you begin those step by step actions?
  7. Are you aware that your kin/support team can only support you as far as you find yourself worthy of support? Go out and get ’em you cool cat.

| Mantra |

I am fully worthy of all the abundance I call for. I celebrate myself for a reward well earned. ~Erin Bird.

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