Full Moon in Pisces September 1, 2020

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10:21 pm PST // 11:21 pm MDT // 12:21 am CST // 1:21 am EST // 5:21 am GMT // 7:21 am CEST

Moon in Pisces at 10°11’, Sun in Virgo at 10°12’

Swimmingly the Pisces Full Moon glides into early Virgo Season with grace and playfulness. The feeling of summer is simmering as we wind down into our new routines that we’ve scaled for the fall time. Hard work will begin to pay off and inner trust and knowing are now in our back pocket. It will be up to you when you’ll use them as we, the collective, trickle into the next couple months for the culmination of 2020. 

Less we forget that just because a year is ending does not mean that the year becomes ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. Pisces and Virgo will teach us this and it’s vital that you document this time in your life to be able to look back and say “Wow, it’s all a work in progress no matter what day it is.”

As I received body work on this lovely evening, I popped the random question to my Body Worker, “Sarah, tomorrow’s Wednesday right?” and she responds with an ideal that her Zen mentor brought up to her “Does it really matter?”

Does it? Does it really matter what day tomorrow is if our spiritual jobs are to be persistently working to better ourselves, better humanity, and ultimately heal the collective? No. It doesn’t and that’s why we are invited to swim with Pisces in the realms consciousness tonight. Play, glide, because these moments of it “doesn’t matter” are rare when we have a mission to carry forth as a collective.

The archetype of Pisces is the two fish; A water sign, fluid, transforming, emotional. The Pisces character loves to feel limitlessness, adventure, and seek out the unknown, reach new territories. Unlike the other two water signs, Cancer who emotionally feels connected to their grounding states: home and loved ones, and Scorpio who seeks the depths of their own drives and fears, Pisces is the free-loving flower child of the bunch. 

Full Moons grant us the earthly and bodily alignment to cast light on the archetypal characteristics which highlight the things we need more of in our endeavors. This Full Moon in Pisces encourages us to let go of what does not serve our fluidity, creativity, and individuality. As we release ourselves from the things that sink our ships, we dive into the waters and begin to find space so we can incorporate movement for the dream-like state that Pisces encourages. Swimming beneath the surface of conscious reality in effortless ways. 

During the Leo New Moon you might have found something that really makes you tick, makes you cry your loudest roar, for you, for your kin. But to really harness that new or re-found love we must follow the current of the fish and play beneath the surface of your consciousness. The stuff you dream about but don’t think about actively. See what arises for you- incorporate more of that. If you truly want it to become a reality, gear up for the alignment.

The wonderful aspect of this moon is that we are at the start of Virgo season and there’s something to be said about playful swimming fish in Virgos Sun. Virgo archetype is to be scheduled, task oriented, a bit of a perfectionist saying “I really really really want it to go this way” as he or she lines their ducks in a row so they can function in their own bliss.  When it doesn’t go according to Virgo’s idea of action, there’s a little gruntling they go through before they can get over it.

But guess what? We need that structure in this reality to function appropriately. We can’t just say screw it to society and stick it the man thinking that what we want in our future will just come to us. The current generations are here to shake and rumble the old mundane in order to bring new awareness and change in mechanisms toward our approach in life. It is vital to function in Virgo energy by keeping the neat and orderly to be sure that we leave the following generations a torch to carry, too.

Though we all know, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” (King, The Shining). Pisces moon is the important reminder to staying fluid, fun, and swimmingly play in the realms of consciousness. This moon’s motivation is to keep us, the dreamers and believers, in our highest missions. We put them into action with the Virgo mentality, on a daily basis, in the realities of which we choose to operate.

| Meditative and Action Journal Prompts |

1. What did you discover during the New Moon in Leo (8/19)- what has made you really proud over the last 6 months?

2. Have you discovered something new about yourself that calls for increased creativity? A new talent, a new passion, a new love?

3. Where are you being too rigid and inhibiting the energy of this newness to come into you?

4. What aspect of your life is calling for you to swim, play, and flow? Do you trust the waters in which you swim? Do you trust the environment of which you surround yourself? Have you worked so hard to make this environment a reality for you?

5. If you could day dream all day long, about something that enhances this environment, what would it be? How would it feel?

6. Does it really seem impossible to make this dream-state a reality? Do you believe that if you can dream it you can do it?

7. What are you releasing during this Full Moon?

8. What playful aspect of Pisces is encouraging you? What block are you having that potentially dims the encouragement of fluidity? 

9. Don’t you think it’s time to release that and allow the flow to happen? 

10. Meditate on this feeling you have conjured after you finish question 9. 


I flow easily in and out of my day dreams to make them a reality. ~Erin Bird

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

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