Full Moon in Aries October 1, 2020


14:05 PST // 15:05 MDT // 16:05 CST // 17:05 EST // 21:05 GMT // 23:05 CEST

Moon in Aries at 9°08’, Sun in Libra at 9°08’

Welcome October – We begin and end with a full moon contributing to a charged month. It is the foundation for how we choose to finish out the rest of this year.

With two full moons in a month, we have what is called the Harvest Moon here on the first of October and we have the Blue Moon which falls on Hallow’s Eve- October 31st.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this moon is the time of year to finish harvesting summer crops. We started our final harvest at the Autumn Equinox and now we approach the tail end of the harvest window. The Harvest moon occurs closest to this equinox. How timely for a moon to be late, amongst a year of chaos and dance on the book ends of a Blue Moon which only occurs every two to three years.

I am low-key loving the subliminal messages 2020 brings. We all know the phrase ‘Hindsight is 2020’ and we top it off with things that just happen ‘Once in a Blue Moon’. It’s a time to really be reflecting on how things have been running and what changes we truly WANT to make for the betterment of our futures and that of the collective despite the hiccups along the way.

Full moons are a time to shed light on that which no longer serves us. We observe these things and release them to switch up the pattern of behaviors in order to make room to create new habits in our thoughts, bodies, and energy.

So what’s releasing for you now? How are you truly gearing up to finish out this year? The year of the global pandemic that forced you to adapt. A complete paradigm shift in the way we approach work, school, socializing, and respect for ourselves.

With the double opportunity to be consciously mindful, we can clear out anything and truly set ourselves up to go into winter, holiday season, and change of year with new mindsets that foster clarity, intentions, and your determination.

Aries, the archetype of the zodiac fire sign is strong willed, determined, and wants to have a clean start for the best traction of their creativity. This sign motivates us as a powerful means for breaking from the past and initiating new activities in our spiritual quest.

This full moon promotes the release of what doesn’t serve your determining mindset to better your path. When we clear out what’s been nagging us to, we further create room for new implementation of your 2020 hindsight.

Think back to a time where you might have been feeling defeated and then came right into your power. How did coming into your worth, your true identity, feel? Did it help you turn a corner? How can we still draw from that feeling for the long haul? That is our harvest in this harvest moon.

Reclaiming your power and riding out the rest of the year. That’s what brings abundance into your life and creating the life you desire. We take back this power after the incredible journey through the year. We release what we know isn’t serving us and get ready for the coming part of the year.

Aries can give us the spark and clear mind to move back into something we’ve been longing to complete or implement.

In the U.S. this could also be analyzed on a political scale.

We now patiently move into the reflective time period in perception before we move forward. We’re forced to do so on some level of consciousness as Mars retrogrades, Saturn turns direct, and Pluto turns direct this month. Mercury is approaching a retrograde period as well, just as a heads up that we will be looking back to recap over this Aries Full Moon.

Pluto went retrograde as soon as Quarantine hit. Countries started initiating government mandated stay-at-home orders while the virus infection was peaking. When Pluto moves direct on October 4th it is anticipated to see another rise in cases, especially as cold and flu season primes itself up. Will masks be our saving grace to the flu, too?

Come October 31st the vibe will be high again with a release through our selected costumes- on a conscious or subconscious level. We will have a chance to release through our dress-up and the energy of Hallow’s eve. Able to express freely while being in the observers mind seeking out other people’s masks and costume cover ups. As we express this energy, we release it. This full moon is supportive in that way.

The course setting starts now with Aries. Release, create a clean slate, and find your determination. Setting us up for a great manifestation period during the New Moon on October 16th.

| Meditative Journal Prompts |

  1. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about releasing a pattern of behavior, a thought process, or a relationship?
  2. What would it feel like if you did release this? What would it feel like if you didn’t? Would you have further inner work to do?
  3. Why would you release this thing? How will it create space for you in your life at this time?
  4. What clarinet do you need right now?
  5. What action steps will you take to find that?
  6. How will you reward yourself when you access what it is you’re seeking?


I feel my strength when I am in my worth, respecting my needs, and it empowers me to be strong. ~Erin Bird.

Photo by Johannes Havn on Pexels.com

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