New Moon in Libra October 16, 2020

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12:30 pm PST // 1:30 pm MDT // 2:30 pm CST // 3:30 pm EST // 7:30 pm GMT // 9:30 pm CEST

Moon in Libra at 23°52’, Sun in Libra at 23°53’

A New Moon in Libra brings a reminder of balance as we experience this reflective period between two Full Moons in the same month. As we march forward preparing for the second Full Moon on October 31st, this New Moon in Libra brings justification and instances to be revisited in order to realign our desires with our actions. There is much at play here and this moon is our notification to reel in the mind consuming grit and find a resting ground to make a decision.

We are still amidst Mars Retrograde in the fire sign Aries, the same sign in which our last full moon occurred on October 1st. What is Mars Retrograde? Mars gives us insight to how we assert ourselves, how we take action, and especially focuses on the severing of relationships in our lives. When a planet is in retrograde, we are urged to revisit and reexamine these concepts in order to better understand where more work is to be done to gain clarity of our higher selves. Mars in Aries is in opposition to the Sun and the Moon in Libra. This could bring about some tension while these aspects square some key players: Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in hard working, discipline Capricorn. Aries is quite the quick witted fire cracker- the archetype embodies the ability to foresee and devise a plan, likely to pull the trigger on their own time, but waiting for the right time among the pieces at play. So how might you find balance with the Libra New Moon at a time where you’re reviewing a relationship vs. your own needs? Might your own needs be taking precedent over the relationship that is experiencing tension at the table? The planet Mars is in retrograde in Aries until Friday the 13th of November. Spooky.

Mercury is also retrograde in it’s home sign Scorpio. The sign of the season that is quickly approaching on the 22nd of October. Mercury gives us insight to the details that need more attention. Many times during Mercury Retrograde we experience a mishap in communication, overlooking our calendar dates, over committing, or committing at the wrong time. Don’t take it heart, but heed the advice Mercury sends us- where might you need to be paying closer attention in order to best serve your self? Mercury in Scorpio brings another twist to the cocktail. Scorpio archetype portrays passion, depth, mystery, playfulness and emotion. Things might be triggering at this time but when we accept that these are the moments of our shadow walking the underworld in order to know what needs to be brought to light; all for the betterment of your success in your endeavors. Mercury is in Retrograde until November 3rd, election day. Don’t be surprised if a mishap occurs, this is a time full of tension surrounding this New Moon. However, Libra is on our side, bringing balance and order to chaos that occurs underneath the surface, in the details.

New Moons are typically a time for manifestation, however, there’s already a lot at play now. Manifesting or creating new endeavors now while the two closest planets to the sun are still in retrograde is a hint that maybe we should just take it easy and do some house keeping of the soul before exposure of our endeavors comes to light on October 31st.

This can mean a lot of things. But essentially this lunation carries a seed for us to reinvent our relationship with ourselves and others. But in order to do so we have to work through tension created by structural, emotional and societal imprints. Unhealthy power dynamics, feelings of helplessness or hopelessness, anger or frustration, or resistance to change.

The release? Find your way home. Seek to connect with your inner wisdom and feel into a sense of emotional and relational equilibrium.

This is a lovely opportunity to set your intention on how you wish your relationships would feel like and be expressed. But it demands of you to not opt out, out of fear of what you´ll have to face in the process. Perhaps your voice has to be a bit more loud? Or you might have to be more considerate of others? Maybe parts of yourself or your relationships are dead since long? Are you subconsciously operating from a wound that happened years ago, but which still impacts your relationships or sense of self-worth?

From Elin of @AstrologyCalling

Libra at this time may signify that the work you put in now will result later. Our actions of today, of last week, even of last year are building our tomorrows. Reflecting on what we’ve gained or lost this year is in indication for this moon. As a collective, so much has been done on a soul level through the year of 2020 (believe me when I say “hindsight is 2020” will be a mantra for many next year). All of the changes and adaptations you’ve made this year are part of the better foundation for the goggles in which we gaze our future. Many of us have had to made adjustments in more ways than one. This moon is bringing those changes to a culmination and it may show in the decisions we are now making about our future paths and those who are on the journey with us. How do these adjustments alter the things you desire for yourself, this life, and your soul’s journey? We are being called to keep coming into our higher selves and as time goes on, the calling feels and sounds better and better than we once knew. However, there’s cleaning up to do and it may come in the form of relationships.

Libra grants us this time to work through the small, yet important details, in our daily lives and relationships. We have an opportunity to create a balance in what we thought was going to be tumultuous. We can take this opportunity to communicate what’s been on our minds and find a resolution that either keeps us endeavoring together or supports us to take different paths at this time. Within the last year do you find that you’ve been able to get a better grip on your self worth, your future visions, and how you want to settle potential issues that arise in your life, especially in relationships- platonic or romantic?

We are discovering under this New Moon that there is a way out of what we’ve been pondering but there is also an opportunity to make amends and find space within our inner growth to make things work. The deciding factor is: What best serves you at this time? What do you truly want to keep working for?

There’s a sense of hope in this moon. A turning point to create expansion in our manifestations that occur due to the strength in our underlying self-worth, lessons learned from the past, and shifts that will take place in our future to come, especially in 2021. As we prepare to face winter, another period of solitude after an expansive summer from Spring Quarantine, we will be finishing out the Sagittarius-Capricorn December Eclipse series that we saw this summer back in June of 2020. I find that this time may be a celebration for our efforts as we begin to set the tone with this Solar Eclipse New Moon for the year to come.

Cheers to all your hard work in discovering more about yourself this year. Cheers to seeing your own needs, your own values, and working hard to exercise them. This is a time period where those things might be a bit more bold at this time. If you’re facing challenges, have the courage to take the challenge on…just know that the options on the other side of the challenge will be a victory regardless of the sense of loss or uncertainty. This is necessary for YOUR growth and that is what will support the growth of the collective. How do you want to show up for your collective?

|Meditative Action and Journal Prompts|

  1. Make a list of the values that you now hold closest as a result of the year we have endured.
  2. Is there currently an issue in a friendship or a relationship in your life at this time?
  3. How do your values differ from theirs? Do you hold the same or similar values?
  4. If your values are similar, are you willing to make the effort to find resolution? What resolution serves your higher-self? How does this concept increase your understanding of your self worth?
  5. If there isn’t a relationship in focus with someone else, what about the relationship with yourself? How is your relationship with your self?
  6. Are you seeking to increase how you think of yourself or your situation?
  7. Do you think you need to reach out for help at this time? What holds you back from seeking help?
  8. Is your communication with yourself healthy? Can it improve?
  9. Based on your efforts made in the last 9 months, how do you see the rest of your year playing out? Have you discovered a passionate goal you’re attempting to reach?
  10. Set at timer for 10 minutes and visualize the changes you wish to take place in the coming weeks. Visualize your highest, ideal self- what do they look like? Who is in their life as their best means of support? Where are they going? How are they going to get there? (journal your response to the last question how you’ll get there).


When things are difficult, I recall all the work I have put in thus far and I know I am secure. When I seek further security, I hold patience for what’s to come. ~Erin Bird

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