Full Moon Hallow’s Eve Blue Moon in Taurus, October 31, 2020

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7:49 am PST // 8:49 am MDT // 9:49 am CST // 10:49 am EST // 2:49 pm GMT // 3:49 pm CEST

Moon in Taurus at 8°38’, Sun in Scorpio at 8°38’

The Sun shines now in Scorpio, ’tis the season of Halloween, Friday the 13th (November), the awareness of intuition, hunches, and our deeper emotions and desires. A place of fantasy. Scorpio is dark and mysterious yet, so loving and embracing of those traits. Harmless unless you do them wrong, they will love you in all your most tender places, but the double edge of the sword is they know where those tender places are. Really well.

So does your inner wisdom.

The Blue Moon is full in Taurus this Hallow’s Eve. How wonderful it is to be in this earthly sign that nourishes and lives in love with the land during the season of Scorpio. 

So many times, we as humans, are in our head- trying to make logical decisions, trying to be smart, fooling ourselves into thinking we are something different than the beauty we truly are. The tender light of Taurus Full Moon reminds us, like so many ancient practices, that we must be with our bodies and the land first in order to truly know what we are longing for; through breath, through stillness, through nature, through inklings like illness, through intuitive movements we can find insight. Our bodies are our vessel. Earth is our vessel. We are living out consciousness through our bodies as these vessels.

So, we must be reminded to listen to these bodies, to this earth. Listen to the inner wisdom of the years and years through genetics and generations, battles lost and battles won, the wounds and battle scars; knowing they’re all conducive to the endurance through the dark times but that’s what created the victory. 

What we don’t learn or conquer eventually comes back for us- this is the shadow side of Sun in Scorpio with Mercury Retrograde in Libra; digging up depths for review in order to create karmic balance. It comes back for us in a way that is necessary for us to face in order to clean up the karma or brush it back under the rug until it attempts to resurface again. 

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The grounding and earthly Taurus energy permits us to slow the pace in order for these changes and challenges, that are required on the journey, to teach us the lessons necessary in order to bring relief and reward from growth. However, Taurus can be charged up, too! Like a fighting bull, Taurus energy can be quick, full steam ahead, with no stopping it until he’s reached his goal. This full moon gives us great insight to how we are blatantly choosing to proceed. Do you face it full steam ahead? Do you take an earthly, slower approach? Which approach is no longer working and is ready for releasing? What shadow or subconscious is Scorpio digging up in you to look at through the Taurus lenses? How is this Taurus lens providing you with the tools or energy to make the decisions that is best for the healing of shadow? How will you see this shadow as a means to act- slowly, like collecting dust on a rug or firm, like a bull fighting for his goal? What will entice your vulnerability to act where you need to?

Whatever comes to resurface is attempting to be cleared out from the subconscious to the conscious. Halloween Night, where the veil between conscious and subconscious is the thinnest, where shadow comes out to play, we can take one of the most in-depth looks at what this Mercury Retrograde is trying to bring into balance through a soft or dedicated approach to shadow. In order for life to continue to take place, there must be death. In order for light to be shown, there must be darkness. In order to heal, we must have wounds. But we have to take that risk. We have to indulge in the moon light and see the work for what it is.

Much of this time will be intuition at the forefront, less ego. All the costumes we dream up for ourselves, play some role in the freedom around the ability to dress up in an alter ego, a mask, the shadow part of ourselves. It also grants us the opportunity to be vulnerable by expressing ourselves in a different way we wouldn’t normally. However, the deeper concept is that we can bring to life our subconscious desires through this evening of conscious fantasy. Allowing intuition and fun shadowy side to lead us.

The duality of this Scorpio-Taurus axis invites the clearing to come forth by opening those old wounds. In order to find our grounding we have to see the wounds for what they are. Because ya know, once in a Blue Moon can we have such an opportunity to heal from so much. The Full Moon illuminates these wounds in order to release them once in for all in order to permit new growth and rebirth. Elin, artist of Astrology Calling, mentions:

When there is a Full Moon, the Moon and the Sun are opposing each other. So here we have the Taurus-Scorpio axis activated. Both Taurus and Scorpio are concerned with security and the relationship we have with matter. While Taurus seeks tangible security and sustains the material realm, Scorpio seeks security by penetrating the depths, and is concerned  with the death/rebirth cycle of perhaps especially the intangible realm.


This time in Scorpio can reveal in us the depths, the shadows, deep emotions, pain, deep processing and the reshaping of our desires. Though, it is not to be feared. As the bull of the Taurus with an earthly sense, fights through the battles for their goal, we too, must face the difficulty in order to gain our union. This time of revealing and processing is a time to be held, and cared for as we release. Licking these wounds to mend the mental, emotional, and sometimes physical essence of who we are. Our wounds shape us. And we may not know it when we’re battling through them, but they help us see the light and get us where we need to be. 

Wounds aren’t meant to be opened time and time again. Is the same battle worth picking time and time again? When do you stop picking and let the scab peel over? When do you stop putting time and energy into something and let it work itself out? When do you release the control and allow the natural process to take place? When do you let your body guide you as it knows how? After all, the body is meant to heal on its own right? This is not to say time heals all wounds, but time gives us opportunities to make healing happen.

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Dark days ahead as the moment of turning back time arrives (daylight savings), the full moon sheds light for one more look back at the year and release the residual and excess. How will you choose to see the light this hallows eve? Let it highlight the features of your appearance on the surface. Allow the gravitational pull of the moon bring to light, from the depths of who you truly are, to display all of your truths that you have worked to embody to create your inner best, most genuine self.

Mercury, you bet, is still in damn retrograde y’all. Something from your past or the past may resurface at this time that is asking to be looked at again, not for scrutiny, but to heal and release. 

From the global level of another wave in the pandemic, to the US governmental level and a re-election, to the personal level of close relationships. We are taking another look at it all. What is not spoken of now, will have this deep shadow, earthly, retrograde resurfacing energy behind it that will eventually be brought to light from the depths if it is brushed back under the rug after this time.

Be kind during this moon, keep your karma gentle and light. For it’s up to us to exude who it is we want to be and how we approach that character. It’s up to use our discretion we’ve built all year to expose the truth or filter it with our words, body language and actions. This time of year is so powerful because we’re heading into winter, where we have more time to reflect as we are inside more often, in our homes, closer quarters, tighter spaces. We begin to look inward and what comes of our reflection in the Spring time will set the trajectory of our future.

| Meditative and Action Journal Prompts |

  • Do you have any hunches that subconscious energy is surfacing and becoming conscious? Something you didn’t think was the answer feels like it’s a better answer now?
  • What shadow or subconscious is Scorpio digging up in you to look at through the Taurus lens? Is this a repeated lesson (Mercury Rx)?
  • If you heal this shadow with your understanding from your higher self, what balances out for you? What grief is shed to feel lighter?
  • How can you ground this shadow work with the Taurus energy? Do you face it full steam ahead? Do you take an earthly, slower approach?
  • Which approach is no longer working and is ready for releasing? Where are you needing to let go a little and readjust?
  • How will you see this shadow as a means to act- slowly, like collecting dust on a rug or firm, like a bull fighting for his goal?
  • What will entice your vulnerability to act where you need to?

| Mantra |

My vulnerability allows me to see my process authentically in order to make necessary adjustments. ~Erin Bird

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