Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 30th 2020

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01:44 am PST // 02:44 am MDT // 03:44 am CST // 04:44 am EST // 09:44 am GMT // 10:44 am CEST

Moon in Gemini at 8°37’, Sun in Sagittarius at 8°37’

Welcome eclipse number six of seven in 2020. Feeling down, tired, demotivated or a shift in focus this month? Astrology has truly helped guide me in understanding the higher consciousness of our relativity here on earth. The conjunction on November 12th between Jupiter: planet of gifts and luck, and Pluto: the planet of shadow and death and rebirth left quite the impact. If you were feeling down, low energy, unmotivated in the last month or so please see my Full Moon Hallow’s Eve Blue Moon post from October 31, 2020. The shadow came forth to give comfort in letting the body rest, letting the mind rest, and letting go to deeply process or heal in order to get back into our reality ready for the next surge. Shifts are certainly occurring right now and will be the catalyst for change out of the slump many of us have been feeling. Here we have our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 12th and the great conjunction of the two greatest planets in the sky: Jupiter and Saturn on 12/21. Brushing off the dust we’re exiting the eclipse portal of the year as the lunar release closes things off so we can prepare to walk into a new year through the solar eclipse on December 14th in Sagittarius.

This is a Full Moon in Gemini with a sun in free-loving and ever exploring Sagittarius. This is the second time out of three eclipses this year where we are in the energy of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. We also experienced another lunar eclipse this year in Sagittarius back in June. However, those eclipses were a part of different Saros (different elliptical paths). Different concepts revolve around this eclipse series than what we saw in June. However, it is still nice to be graced with this free-loving, lighter, and more direct communication based support of the Gemini- Sagittarius axis when we’ve had such a heavy year. The same signs just amplified the archetype during the eclipses in a releasing of patterns or creation of new beginnings in a more freedom seeking, fiery, light hearted, excited fashion.

This week on or around the eclipse you can expect the unexpected. Eclipses are signs for great endings and great beginnings. Eclipses simply enhance the foundation of the lunation. So what might happen under normal circumstances may be amplified at this time in order for you to make a very solidifying decision. During the full moon, light is shed on the things that come to the surface and are brought to conscious awareness to be cleared, shed, or released. Similarly, during a new moon the shadow of the moon is cast to the earth, we are meant to go within and listen to for new sparks to help encourage motivation on our path. It is a mindful practice to look at what you’re releasing or bringing into your spiritual journey, energetically and emotionally.

This eclipse will have to do with decision making; clearing something out to make way for new, completely releasing something, or finding out that there is another option that wasn’t clear before. This November 30th eclipse is in the sign of Gemini. Gemini archetype is all about light hearted, airy flow, communication, action with grace, and seeking intelligence or development. Gemini is represented by the Twins. Sort of like there is a Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyde concept within one. So much of Gemini is going after which ever twin is calling at the time- this requires analyzation and clear communication between which twin identity of the Gemini that the Gemini take on or behave as. Gemini’s are adaptable and willing because of this trait. This eclipse will teach you about remaining adaptable in your options, decision making, and the communication that is required to execute your options.

With the Sun in Sagittarius there will be a light hearted sensation to this moon. Refreshing like when a Sagittarius brings humor or joy to the room at a Christmas Eve party. Our spirits are beginning to emerge from the depths of the shadow many of us have recently experienced in Scorpio. Lots of rest and healing occurred at this time as we are gearing up to move forward from the recent transformations we’ve all endured, especially in the United States this year.

Winter Solstice emerges on December 21, 2020. This is the day of the Great Conjunction of the two largest planets in our solar system. Jupiter, planet of gifts, joy and luck, and Saturn, planet of hard lessons, will be the closest in orbit they’ve been in since 1861, within less than one degree of each other. They met before at the beginning of the second millennia (2000) and they won’t meet again this close until 2080. In 2040 we will see Jupiter and Saturn meet again, a little over a degree apart (19.4 years). Because of their size, this conjunction is very significant to the energy around the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice represents the longest day of the year and for every day after that we will see more and more sun light in our days. I am hopeful that this great conjunction, with Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius with Saturn, that this will bring more light to our lives after the year of 2020 that gives us the clear vision of what’s most important in our lives as human beings.

At this time, this Eclipse might present to you an unexpected decision or sense motivation and creativity to continue your search for development on your path with business or romantic relationships. It may require you to drop expectations you’ve set for your self or the situation at hand. With Mercury, planet of communications, in Scorpio, archetype of depth and passion, your decision may come from the inner knowing that even though this is not what you expected it’s the best route and there’s joy that will emit, healing to arise, and closure to come. This is what your soul needs and if you have Sagittarius or Gemini in your chart you will feel this clearly.

The eclipse is the right tool to aid you in clearing out karma, dropping old patterns, relationships, business contracts, and the facade of what you thought once was, surrendering to that and making the decision to move forward. The coming Solar Eclipse in free-loving Sagittarius on December 14th will be an opening to a new portal as we finish out the 7th eclipse of the 2020 year. It will give the support you need to endure on the journey for the choices being made today.

Allow the philosophical, universe seeking archetype of Sagittarius carry you through the holiday season with excitement of the future. Allow Gemini’s child like approach who open to all possibilities, encourage the most authentic, inner-child fulfilling decision you desire to make so that you can feel like you’ve come to the correct solution. Gemini’s tend to allow the right decision float into play if you’re struggling to seek, see, or find what you’re searching for, know that the energy of this eclipse will support you on the quest to the right solution. It’s necessary to go through it to get through it.

The North Node is also in Gemini for approximately a two year period. The collective will be continuing to explore possibilities related to advancing our communications, our connection with each other, and the way we want to choose to continue to express ourselves. Everything we are learning this year was really to prepare us to shift into a higher elevation leaving old ways behind, moving between possibilities around us. Take note what type of topics in psychology that people are talking about now versus we were sharing before the pandemic paradigm shift. Take note to how the ideas that we were exploring as a collective ten years ago has vastly grown in the last two years. We are advancing and we need to continue to be open, be less attached, and allow ourselves to live in the moments of our lives in order to accomplish our desires.

|Meditative or Action Journal Prompts|

  1. What event or two events are most prominent for you at this time?
  2. List the possible outcomes to arise or decisions to be made around these events.
  3. Is there one more possible outcome or decision now that didn’t seem possible before?
  4. How will this additional outcome or decision help you heal what you have been resisting?
  5. Do you understand that sometimes these decisions can be painful or difficult?
  6. Do you understand that sometimes pain and challenges are how we recognize the next way to grow into more of who we truly want to become?
  7. Are you willing to find joy in the challenges that will cause you to grow into more of who you truly want to become?
  8. If you’re not willing to face those challenges then is this something you really do want to become?
  9. Will these challenges ultimately help make you a better, stronger, more wise person?


I am emerging to being open to the possibilities. Despite challenges that may feel like a set back, I can choose to heal in order to clear and emerge a new. ~Erin Bird

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