About Erin Bird

Erin “Bird” Schemenski

Intuitive Reiki Master Practitioner

¡Bienvenidos! I’m Erin and I’m bold, yet sincere and ever seeking. I consider myself a forever learner and lover of the earth and all things functional. I’m a firm believer in the incredible power of both acute care of Western medicine and the therapeutic phases of Eastern medicine practices.

My ultimate life mission is to merge both styles of healing into each and every encounter with an individual and reaching to the masses. As a Reiki Master and a Psychic Intuitive my goal is to bring the best and highest vibration into your consciousness in order to live out your most optimal self in your environments. I’ve been practicing psychic abilities since 2014 and I started my journey in Western medicine in 2010. I’m currently based in Denver, Colorado with aspirations of travel and luxury.

  • B.S. Health and Environmental Communications, Rutgers University
  • Reiki Master, Level II, Level I
  • Bone Marrow Transplant CNA
  • B.S. Nursing in progress
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