Full Moon in Pisces September 1, 2020

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10:21 pm PST // 11:21 pm MDT // 12:21 am CST // 1:21 am EST // 5:21 am GMT // 7:21 am CEST

Moon in Pisces at 10°11’, Sun in Virgo at 10°12’

Swimmingly the Pisces Full Moon glides into early Virgo Season with grace and playfulness. The feeling of summer is simmering as we wind down into our new routines that we’ve scaled for the fall time. Hard work will begin to pay off and inner trust and knowing are now in our back pocket. It will be up to you when you’ll use them as we, the collective, trickle into the next couple months for the culmination of 2020. 

Less we forget that just because a year is ending does not mean that the year becomes ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. Pisces and Virgo will teach us this and it’s vital that you document this time in your life to be able to look back and say “Wow, it’s all a work in progress no matter what day it is.”

As I received body work on this lovely evening, I popped the random question to my Body Worker, “Sarah, tomorrow’s Wednesday right?” and she responds with an ideal that her Zen mentor brought up to her “Does it really matter?”

Does it? Does it really matter what day tomorrow is if our spiritual jobs are to be persistently working to better ourselves, better humanity, and ultimately heal the collective? No. It doesn’t and that’s why we are invited to swim with Pisces in the realms consciousness tonight. Play, glide, because these moments of it “doesn’t matter” are rare when we have a mission to carry forth as a collective.

The archetype of Pisces is the two fish; A water sign, fluid, transforming, emotional. The Pisces character loves to feel limitlessness, adventure, and seek out the unknown, reach new territories. Unlike the other two water signs, Cancer who emotionally feels connected to their grounding states: home and loved ones, and Scorpio who seeks the depths of their own drives and fears, Pisces is the free-loving flower child of the bunch. 

Full Moons grant us the earthly and bodily alignment to cast light on the archetypal characteristics which highlight the things we need more of in our endeavors. This Full Moon in Pisces encourages us to let go of what does not serve our fluidity, creativity, and individuality. As we release ourselves from the things that sink our ships, we dive into the waters and begin to find space so we can incorporate movement for the dream-like state that Pisces encourages. Swimming beneath the surface of conscious reality in effortless ways. 

During the Leo New Moon you might have found something that really makes you tick, makes you cry your loudest roar, for you, for your kin. But to really harness that new or re-found love we must follow the current of the fish and play beneath the surface of your consciousness. The stuff you dream about but don’t think about actively. See what arises for you- incorporate more of that. If you truly want it to become a reality, gear up for the alignment.

The wonderful aspect of this moon is that we are at the start of Virgo season and there’s something to be said about playful swimming fish in Virgos Sun. Virgo archetype is to be scheduled, task oriented, a bit of a perfectionist saying “I really really really want it to go this way” as he or she lines their ducks in a row so they can function in their own bliss.  When it doesn’t go according to Virgo’s idea of action, there’s a little gruntling they go through before they can get over it.

But guess what? We need that structure in this reality to function appropriately. We can’t just say screw it to society and stick it the man thinking that what we want in our future will just come to us. The current generations are here to shake and rumble the old mundane in order to bring new awareness and change in mechanisms toward our approach in life. It is vital to function in Virgo energy by keeping the neat and orderly to be sure that we leave the following generations a torch to carry, too.

Though we all know, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” (King, The Shining). Pisces moon is the important reminder to staying fluid, fun, and swimmingly play in the realms of consciousness. This moon’s motivation is to keep us, the dreamers and believers, in our highest missions. We put them into action with the Virgo mentality, on a daily basis, in the realities of which we choose to operate.

| Meditative and Action Journal Prompts |

1. What did you discover during the New Moon in Leo (8/19)- what has made you really proud over the last 6 months?

2. Have you discovered something new about yourself that calls for increased creativity? A new talent, a new passion, a new love?

3. Where are you being too rigid and inhibiting the energy of this newness to come into you?

4. What aspect of your life is calling for you to swim, play, and flow? Do you trust the waters in which you swim? Do you trust the environment of which you surround yourself? Have you worked so hard to make this environment a reality for you?

5. If you could day dream all day long, about something that enhances this environment, what would it be? How would it feel?

6. Does it really seem impossible to make this dream-state a reality? Do you believe that if you can dream it you can do it?

7. What are you releasing during this Full Moon?

8. What playful aspect of Pisces is encouraging you? What block are you having that potentially dims the encouragement of fluidity? 

9. Don’t you think it’s time to release that and allow the flow to happen? 

10. Meditate on this feeling you have conjured after you finish question 9. 


I flow easily in and out of my day dreams to make them a reality. ~Erin Bird

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

New Moon in Leo August 18, 2020

7:41 pm PST // 8:41 pm MDT // 9:41 pm CST // 10:41 pm EST // 2:41 pm GMT // 04:41 pm CEST

Moon in Leo at 26°34’, Sun in Leo at 26°35’

|Mantras and Meditative Prompts to follow |

Congratulate yourself, right now- before you continue on reading. As a collective we have endured quite a year. We are currently living through a pandemic, living through a Civil Rights movement, and the United States is facing yet another election. As chaotic as it’s been, the ups and downs, we must remember that we learn something about ourselves in each of these instances.

Recently, I’ve heard many other express how grateful they are for quarantine (however, this does not bypass the negatives others may have experienced during this time). However, the time period was a much needed slow down time for a large part of our society, humanity, and Mother Earth. With jobs out, social distancing, and ultimately spending more time at home, the environment that reflects our inner environment, we might have been able to find what was a good fit for us in order to find peace in survival. If you are reading this and had a negative quarantine experience, please contact me here and share your story.

Ultimately, no matter what your experience was, we have to be aware of the dark and ugly in order to find our light.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

New Moon in Leo

A civil rights movement that shook our collective, a quarantine that brought us closer to the understanding of ourselves and our needs, three Eclipses, five planets retrograde, and two back-to-back New Moons in the emotional sign of Cancer that had us really dig deep in order to challenge and test the inner self on which we’ve been working….

Con-grat-u-lations! It’s time to let your mother f*cking ROAR out! It’s Leo season and both male and female energies of the lions come to rest upon the New Moon for a hearty meal after a well won battle with our prey- the year of 2020.

The New Moon, a time for intention setting to free the shadow-self, insinuates for reflection on that which keeps calling us forward on our own individual journeys. It is time for us to put our individual spirit at center stage and honor what is most needed for our own next steps because that is what will continue to change the collective (see Aquarian Full Moon post on individual vs. collective). Just as a lion hunts for prey to feed the family, it is our own work that it will take for us to positively impact our humanity.

The archetype of Leo is boastful, warm-hearted, centered in male and female energies, explorative, and aggressive with fiery passions. The symbol of the Lion for the Leo reflects their mammalian traits, too, as they’re born to mate and nurture as well as hunt and provide. Leo energy is here to encourage us to take on these qualities, fully embracing what it is we really need yet, desire for our own successes. You and your journey are most important right now, at center stage.

Photo by Vladyslav Dushenkovskyi on Pexels.com

This space for manifestation during this Leo New Moon is less about others and how we relate to them, but more so about how we choose to nurture ourselves which will residually nurture others if they choose to involve themselves in our performance. We are called to foster what is most important to us in order for our growth to come front and center. Our individual growth, when highlighted and nurtured, will positively impact the growth of others and we become a more positive, engaging collective.

We can all take part in the play of life when we take part in our own role.

Our journey of 2020 is a massive clean out of things that no longer serve us in order to increase the nurturing energy for the things that mean most to us right now and in our futures. Give yourself the praise you need. Reward yourself as your harvest this upcoming Equinox will be bountiful no matter what results show.

After a reward, we also must continue to work. With the manifestation period of this Leo New Moon, begin to plan how you will continue to firm your boundaries, respect yourself and your needs (something you might have collected during quarantine), and continue to accomplish what is necessary for your survival in the desert of 2020.

| Meditative Action and Journal Prompts | 

  1. How are you feeling at this time? Do you feel like something New is emerging?
  2. Do you feel as if you are coming to fully understand what it is you released during the Full Moon in Aquarius?
  3. What is front and center for you between the release you had and the newness you feel coming?
  4. What are three ways you can intentionally grow into the newness you sense coming?
  5. If you’re the Leo and you’re center stage in this act of the play of life, do you have step-by-step lines for the next scene to fully take place? In other words do you have any action plans for what it is you might want to accomplish as fall approaches?
  6. How will you celebrate yourself on this New Moon in Leo before you begin those step by step actions?
  7. Are you aware that your kin/support team can only support you as far as you find yourself worthy of support? Go out and get ’em you cool cat.

| Mantra |

I am fully worthy of all the abundance I call for. I celebrate myself for a reward well earned. ~Erin Bird.

Full Moon in Aquarius August 3, 2020

8:58 am PST // 9:58 am MDT // 10:58 am CST // 11:58 am EST // 3:58 pm GMT // 5:58 pm CEST

Moon in Aquarius at 11°45’, Sun in Leo at 11°45’

| Mantras and Meditative Prompts to follow |

The Aquarian Full Moon at the start of Lammas brings us contemplation in order to secure our confidence in our decisions. This Moon brings a unique energy that is nudging us in the direction to keep our sights on our personal mission with a drive to make an impact in society on a global scale. As individuals we may have been looking inward and asking ourselves “Where do I feel that I stand on this topic? What am I doing to support my stance? How can I make adjustments in my fixed ways in order to be more receptive to what this world truly needs?”

The Full Moon in Aquarius casts light on the areas in which we are seeking to shed with ease. We are backed by our firm boundaries so that we can function from a space that flows with our natural talents.

Aquarians as an archetype are humanitarians and visionaries with a hard drive to impact their communities relating heavily on a global concept. They are a fixed Air sign; loving their independence and less of a “go with the flow” type despite the water bearer they are portrayed as. The water they bring is meant to clear, flow, and be of service where fresh, crisp, airy energy is needed.

As the high of summer begins to wind down, this beautiful moon is here to wash away what we have found is weighing us down through energy drainage, questioning ourselves, and not feeling supported. These are things that are no longer necessary to the growth that we have decided to embark on through the trial and tribulations of recent years.

Full Moons are times that pull on our emotions, typically becoming heightened. They bring to the surface the subconscious thoughts within us that are emotionally supported by some of our deepest needs and desires, those of which we are not yet fully aware.

Relationships are in focus at this time as they play a large key role in how we identify with ourselves and our communities, those whom which we serve and help serve us. This moon is highlighting our role versus the role of humanity and the collective consciousness. We will find ourselves picking off the sticky cobwebs of these relationships so we can shine through and continue on our journey. We’ve recently been tossed into a year thats emotionally and erratically exhausting while continuing to define our own purpose, which is probably driving us to get through the year of 2020. We don’t have time to keep dealing with stressful insinuations from people in our closer circles because we’ve received enough from the collective global consciousness.

We may be confronted with situations around friendships, romantic relationships, personal relationships, and business relationships. These situations are highlighted as the moon shines its light on aspects of these relationships that feel as if they aren’t of highest service to what we’re growing into on our individual level.

We are called to make shifts in our friendships and relationships as we re-evaluate how conducive they are to our personal missions in our own service on the global or communal scale. We may be asking ourselves, “Does this relationships help me feel confident in the strength and confidence I feel about myself when I serve my community or approach my passions?”

If the relationships in focus do not provide a feeling of joy and abundance that you may feel when you serve others, is the relationship really serving you?

Beautifully in alignment with a Full Moon, bringing light to our hidden aspects, the Aquarian water bearer is here to wash away the mercurial feeling that of which we need to let go and let float down stream. She brings clarity to understanding our drive and independence as unique individuals. This force is what brings us to the table of service in attribution to the growth in the world.

As the Sun is in Leo, the crown wearing Lion, let your soul purpose take center stage and don’t look back at who or what could have been. Those who choose to be on stage with you as your supporting acts may come and go as scenes change. Be not afraid to live at the center of the scene for if your show wasn’t presented you would not have been casted into the very position you are in now.

| Meditative Action and Journal Prompts | 

  1. What relationships have been highlighted for me this week?
  2. Are they part of my inner or outer circle?
  3. Who is someone on my outer circle that has inspired me in the last week?
  4. What about their demeanor or personality inspires me?
  5. Do I already have someone like that in my inner circle? Should I invest time in them to connect and learn from them? How can I attract more people that inspire me?
  6. Who is someone in my inner circle that I feel I am growing out of?
  7. How have we supported each other in the past?
  8. If I let go of this relationships with ease will it be harmful to the relationship or myself?
  9. If I continue to invest in the relationship will it be harmful to the relationship or myself?
  10. If I ultimately know I might grow out of a relationship, is there something in this relationship that still needs to play out? How can I remember to be considerate of that with graciousness and compassion for the relationship and my growth?

| Mantra |

I foster relationships that are right for me at this time in my journey without attachment to outcome. -Erin Bird

New Moon in Cancer July 20, 2020

10:32 pm PST // 11:32 am MDT // 12:32 pm CST // 1:32 pm EST // 5:32 pm GMT // 7:32 pm CEST

Moon in Cancer at 28°26’, Sun in Cancer at 28°26’

| Mantras and Meditative Prompts to follow |

A resting period approaches as we come down from the height of the Summer Eclipse Season. You may sense the feeling of things calming down yet it also seems as if shifts are continuing to occur as a reverb of the weeks prior. Welcome the New Moon in the emotional sign of Cancer by letting things settle, take time and give space as we find our grounds to navigate what we’ve recently endured. Collective emotions have certainly been high but this Moon is here to bring us back to the emotions of ourselves and our personal journeys.

This is the second New Moon in Cancer in a month’s time. The previous occurrence was just one month ago on June 20th- yet it was part of Summer Eclipse series. [It was the third of four eclipses for the summer and the 3rd of six eclipses for the year]. At that time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in June, we might have been looking at manifesting new ways of approaching our journey in conjunction with the world’s journey through the rest of 2020.

Now, on July 20th we are simply focusing on observing new ways of approaching just our own personal and internal field of emotions as a result from the changes that have recently taken place in the world. It’s time to go inward.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A great yet unsettling notion of drastic and pivotal times in the human experience is that we can feel the current tide of changes taking place underneath the surface but we may not know how to thoroughly express this right off the bat. As we intuitively feel the changes it can be difficult to have confidence that we are caught up or in alignment to live them out in our behaviors or match them with our actions.

The difference between this moon and the moon during the eclipse is that eclipses act as a super highway into change. The change seems drastic and pretty blatant which encourage quick action. The significant events that occur during that time are incredibly amplified. Each aspect is like an observation under the 100x microscope while during a typical moons like this one is observed through the 40x microscope. When things are so closely examined under 100x, more detailed information is highlighted and revealed for immediate action however, the ripple effect can continue a year or more into our future. This ripple effect is the intuitive feeling underneath the surface that continues to require more long term navigation. That’s where this New Moon in Cancer comes into play.

Lunar cycles impact the polar effects between the moon and our emotional and energetic tides. When subconscious information is revealed at the time of an Eclipse we need more time to process the information. With this New Moon and Mercury in the shadow period coming out of Retrograde (typically a reflective, slow-down period in communication, contracts, and electronics) we are being forced to take one last necessary look at the changes we are being called to make while the energy of these last two months soak through.

Photo by Philippe Donn on Pexels.com

The archetype of Cancer is all about feeling emotions. Ruled by the moon, the crab lies low in the sand remaining grounded with their hard shell that acts as the protective barrier for their deep inner emotions from the outside world. Cancers also become protective of the things they hold close to their soft inner world such as their families and home life. The crab movement in the lateral direction is a metaphor for humans who operate along time lines; making decisions and move after emotional observances when the time feels just right.

Sensations may arise that things are moving slower however, don’t be fooled. This is due to moving out of the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde. The week before and after Retrogrades things can still seems slow but with residual effect of the Eclipses, events are most certainly in motion under the surface.

Before we jump back into action, this is just the right New Moon to get us back in touch with our emotions and practice compassion in our relationships with ourselves and with those close to us. This is not a time to be so task oriented or forcing work to race and get something done. Instead, come into alignment with what feels and serves us as individuals best. This time may call us to reconnect with those close to us or to tune into the close relationship with our self.

This is not a physical shift, but an emotional one leading us to get in touch so we can act with our heart. We will begin to operate from a place that feels most aligned and comforting to our boundaries and needs that make us feel safe yet ready to move.

An insightful notion of the sign of Cancer is how they love to decorate their homes with material things that make them feel connected and stable. They also use well made materials, pieces of art, novelties and figures to surround themselves with in order to feel comfort in this space. This form of comfort makes them feel safe and sets the tone to keep themselves grounded which is important to navigating emotions. Cancers can be very emotional people and to avoid irrationality, they must tune into their highly emotional innate aspect of their character. This is in order to make the right choices in preparation to move forward with courage and assurance.

New Moons are a time of going inward and typically new manifestations. It is a time to feel the hidden aspects of ourselves which we don’t necessarily share or express with others as often. This New Moon in Cancer requires us to surrender to what our spirit is telling us through the emotions we feel and store in our bodies. In operating from this place of surrender to what feels right we automatically come into alignment with exactly where we are and where we’re headed.

Remind your self, take time, to get grounded and truly allow yourself to feel what’s causing the tide to change under your surf. Like the nature of the crab, remain low and connect with the earth to help you go inward. Like a Cancer, create new spaces that feel good to you in order to bring in or surface what it is that you desire. Use this time to put into words what it is you’re feeling or understanding about yourself at this time while the collective consciousness continues to gear up for the ladder half of this 2020 roller coaster.

| Meditative Action and Journal Prompts |

  1. When can I take time to get grounded this week?
  2. Pause for a few moments, take three deep breaths, and tune into what arises from your spirit.
  3. What is calling in my attention right now?
  4. Is this something that needs swift action or can I let this marinate until I feel ready?
  5. What does swift action for my needs look like? Is that something I truly feel called to do?
  6. Can I set a goal date for this action after it marinates?
  7. If I tune into my body where my emotions are most prominent, what does integration look like after marination of what is calling my attention?
  8. Does that feel like it is in alignment with what it is I truly want?
  9. What action can I take on a daily basis after this time to help me meet my goal of what it is I truly want?

| Mantra |

When I take time to permit my emotions and tune into my body I gain clarity in my path. -Erin Bird

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 4/5, 2020

9:44pm PST // 10:44pm MT // 11:44 pm CT// 12:44am EST // 04:44 GMT

Moon at 13°37′ in Capricorn, Eclipse at 13°30′ in Capricorn, Sun at 13°37′ in Cancer

|Mantra and Prompts to Follow|

With the body of a goat and the tail of a fish, the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is here to end the trend of Eclipses that began in July of 2018. This is the fourth of six eclipses this year- each year averages about four. Luckily, we have the warm sun in the archetypal nurturing sign of Cancer which is ruled by the moon. Though the moon is present in Capricorn, we can still benefit from the all around challenge and comfort of our rewards.

Capricorn has been a large theme for some of our most influential planets which have been in and out of Retrograde this season: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. See my June Lunar Eclipse post for insight on Retrograde planets and their representations in each sign this Spring. Less we forget that Mercury is in Retrograde until July 12th. Whatever the theme is for you at this time, it may have shown up for you before, it is highlighted now.

Not only is this the end of the trend but this marks the end of the eclipse sandwich for the Summer. We will be able to bask in the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse in December of 2020 for the last hurrah of this tumultuous start to the “modern roaring twenties”.

|Background on Full Moons, Eclipses, and Capricorns|

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

Full Moons symbolize light cast upon the aspects of ourselves that we are thinking about releasing. For instance, if there is a pattern of behavior you’re seeking to change or a person in your life that you want to cut ties with, a Full Moon will stir up the emotions in you that may lead you to believe the release is necessary. We have about four days before and after the full moon to begin making this change within ourselves. (However, I personally feel the best work is done within two days before or after.)

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

Eclipses on the other hand- think about the polar alignment when this sequence occurs; the gravitational pull is heightened. As we know in general, our subconscious thought patterns and behaviors surface as we need to learn about them. During a lunar phase you might be noticing something coming through that needs more attention deep down. During an Eclipse it’s near impossible to brush drama under the rug. Whatever arises, your subconscious is begging you to address it. Mainly, you will be able to make the connections of a pattern within yourself that is present in a relationship of some sort.

Capricorn’s are representative of our relationships to business, money, and things coming to a head in which we are being called to be strong willed in to heal with compassion. They tap into their fortitude to overcome whatever stands between them and their long-term goals. The head of the horned goat proves the resilience in conflict and the tail of the fish grants the ability to swiftly move and navigate the route.

Photo by Michal Pech on Pexels.com

| All Tied Together |

As an earth sign, Caps are practical and geared toward efficiency in their determination. They remind me of people who work hard and get well rewarded for their quick witted effort. This Eclipse is supported by emotionally sensitive and nurturing Cancer.

So what comes up for you may be difficult to face but ultimately the best version of ourselves is aware that great reward will result from effort in awareness.

Whatever conflict might be rearing its head know that the tension has been building over the last few weeks in everyone due to the Lunar Eclipse on June 5th, the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 20th, and this Eclipse in Capricorn. You may be feeling called to oust a pattern in yourself to cater to what’s really wanting to come to the surface. This will be reflected in how that is triggered by relationships in friendships, romance, business, family, and your overall closest circle of being.

The themes over the recent Eclipse segment are:

  • June 5th Full Moon Sagittarius- freedom, release, understanding of how to move forward.
  • June 20th New Moon Cancer- exhaustion that invites comfort to retract and go deeper within ourselves.
  • July 4th Full Moon Capricorn- revitalizing, seeking a middle ground of solution between out spoken freedom and inner strength solidarity.

In retrospect, what are you really walking away with?

Our motives for our personal gain will be questioned at this time. You may be asked to confront what your part is in the situation you face. However, in a more evolved manner, this Eclipse calls us to drop the personal gain. The message is to focus on how you will benefit, not because you need to be rewarded, but because you too, are a part of the whole and the whole is actually what is healing right now. Each person of the relationships in focus will have their own personal gain, but the sum of the gains for the collective involved will be the light in which you seek to find comfort.

As Cancer season unfolds, you will be able to absorb the comfort in these transitions. It will be a much easier season than the past month we’ve experienced. Relaxation is in order as we wind down from one of the most stimulating evolving times of our century. Be wary though; we may be coming to the shore to nourish, sun bathe, and rebalance. However, we’re headed out for another deep swim requiring us to use the proper energy reserves and breathing techniques to hit the depths of the surf again. May you learn your souls heart during Corona Virus.

|Meditative and Journal Prompts|

What seems to be the highlighted pattern in your life that is on repeat?

What’s this pattern at the forefront of your attention? Is this pattern in the back of your mind while other things are at your forefront attention?

Is everything circulating around this pattern or is this pattern circulating around everything you observe?

Check in with you: how’s your relationship with yourself? Are you denying aspects that are screaming to come through?

Is there something changing that you’re uneasy about?

What about this change would feel better and less uneasy? Is there an approach you can take that IS in YOUR CONTROL?

How can you be compassionate with your self for releasing?


When I drop into my body, my ________ speaks most to me. I honor and comfort this area with mindfulness, protection, and utter change. –Erin Bird

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius June 5, 2020

12:26 pm PST // 1:26 pm MT // 3:26 pm CT // 4:26 pm EST // 7:26 GMT

Moon at 15° in Sagittarius Sun at 15° in Gemini

The following insight is objective and does not reflect personal views of The Mindful Bird

|Mantra and Prompts to Follow|

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Eclipse season of 2020 has arrived and it’s here to stay until December 2020. However, we will see reverb of this series of eclipses until December 2021. This series involves the Sun in Gemini with Moon in Sagittarius along with the Sun in Cancer with Moon in Capricorn.

  • Gemini- Represented by Twins, known for mental and emotional dualities. Feeling defined in one way but also strongly in the opposite. Shadow and light characteristics.
  • Sagittarius- Represented by Centaur, half horse//half man, known for philosophical view points, freedom, optimism, and universal truth seeking.
  • Cancer- Represented by the Crab, in mythology Hera sent a giant crab to attack Hercules for killing her family, Cancers are known for strong emotions, familial protection, and developing sacred homes.
  • Capricorn- Represented by the Horned Goat with the tail of a fish, strong willed and emotionally intelligent able to navigate logistics and emotions well.

Full Moons bring illumination to an event, emotions, life occurrences, in order to recognize them to prepare ourselves in addressing them. This process is important to helping us develop changes within ourselves as we navigate the water rising in the seas and in our bodies; displaying the sensitivities humans and other mammals have to Full Moons.

Eclipses are important windows of alignment between the Earth, Sun, and Moon. Full Moons have Lunar Eclipses- the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon occurring at night time. Solar Eclipse- the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun occurring during the day time. In relation to the effects these phenomenons have on humans, Eclipses highlight the relationships in our life.

As the 2020 Strawberry Moon arrives as a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius- it seems as if the world is seeking the truth to the philosophies behind the occurrences in our current times.

We are seeking the truth in the relationships between government and it’s people, police to their community-specifically the black population, and the community’s relationship to itself.

With the Sun in Gemini we are experiencing the polarities among these relationships. On one hand we had an incredible reset of staying at home, honing in on focusing on our selves and our environments. Now, things are on the polarity as the United States begins to open back up. However, right now our communities are beginning to emit the truth to climb the ladder of justice; the polarity of the hush-hush that has been and is now in an uproar to bring ever more illumination to.

Four Major Planets are in Retrograde right now:

  • Saturn planet of hard lessons from May 10-September 28 in Aquarius the sign of community, society, and humanitarians.
  • Venus planet of cosmetics and romance May 13- June 25 in Gemini the sign of polarity and duality.
  • Jupiter planet of gifts and luck from May 14- September 12 in Capricorn the sign of diplomacy, money, community.
  • Pluto planet of finance, shadow, life and death, creation and destruction from April 25- October 4 in Capricorn.
  • With Mercury planet of communication, contracts, and electronics Retrograde coming June 18- July 12 in Pisces and Aquarius.

Saturn in retrograde, earth surpassing Saturn in the orbit around the sun, is teaching us the difficulty of how to handle humanity and society in order to reform it. Venus is showing us the polarity Gemini has to offer in the destruction of cosmetics of this country. Though society is at odds about it, Sagittarius Full Moon will teach us that destruction is not always necessary but the philosophy behind it is. Seeking truth to make the change- Jupiter is changing, in a difficult way with positive ending results (once direct), the way we distribute money, care for our communities (healthcare), and the way we approach our friends and family after the pandemic and upheaval of Civil Rights. Pluto emphasizes the rebirth that comes from the death as we all rise from these ashes.

Heed your words and emotional decisions as Mercury goes retrograde this month on June 18th. Senses are heightened as things quiet down.

Pluto and Saturn turn direct, in September and October, which is where we were when the Corona Virus hit. We will see a second wave as we enter cold and flu season. Yet, we will expect to see a vaccine at the end of this year as eclipse season closes on the 21st of December.

This Lunar Eclipse will illuminate the Retrograde cluster in this time. It is a culmination and pinnacle of our current events. Look forward to how you continue to bring truth to light in any situation in your life. Release the history of lies, deceit, and unworthiness of your limiting beliefs. Come into your own light and truth to bring that forward as a catalyst for change. Reflect on how you will carry forth yourself in developing relationships to people in your community and the energy of the world.

With all of the shifts going on in the world, this eclipse as the first of the series, take your time to really understand how you do feel. Use the archetype of Sagittarius to discover your truth, the honesty of the situation, and the balance you wish to bring forth honor to the changes that lie ahead. Just know this is a process, a marathon not a sprint, and an ultimate up level in consciousness for all of us.

Meditative Journal Prompts

  • How do you truly feel about the Pandemic looking back on it?
  • How do you truly feel about the continuation of the Civil Rights Movement? If you didn’t have to share these thoughts with anyone, what you would you believe?
  • Are you feeling pressure to believe one thing over the other? How can you dismiss the pressure and come into your own truth?
  • What is one thing you can do to actively change your behavior and approach to the Civil Rights of Black People or People of Color?
  • What is one thing you look forward to when all this passes?
  • Can you implement that feeling into sharing it with others during this time?


My individuality is powerful to changing the collective. I am firm in who I am but I am adaptable to change. -Erin Bird

Gut Health and Reiki Energy

A look at the science behind a healthy gut and overall well-being. Insight on how Reiki and relaxation can improve your gut function and spark your healing journey.

There’s so much healing going on in our gut. Every moment, every bite, and every chemical release all impact the other systems of the beautiful vessel we live in on our walks through life.

The gut is so vital to our overall mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It is the structure identified as our stomach, large intestine, and small intestine. Though, most of main organs are in the same space all working together.

The statement: ‘you are what you eat,’ is literally true. A 2013 study mentions that In humans, the composition of the flora is influenced not only by age but also by diet and socioeconomic conditions.” The type of environment we choose to create for our gut will improve our bowel movements, immune systems, and overall mood; eventually effecting the longevity of our health. Our outer environments also deeply impact our gut from the sanitary aspect of our food, the chemical particles in the air, and the tidiness of our homes.

[Forgive me for being graphic but read on for a golden nugget of knowledge]

It’s obvious that some of the main functions of the gut include nutrient absorption and waste excretion. A good way to tell how well this process is going on in the gut is through, well…your poop!

An ideal vowel movement is smooth, long, and sinks to the bottom of the toilet. This notion tells us that the body and it’s gut are easily able to break down food, properly absorb nutrients and healthy show the waste out the back door. In a healthy way, you’re eating foods that are very beneficial and desired by the body.

On the contrary, when your poop floats it is an indication of high fat content or malabsorption. Sinking indicates that your gut is at its best and getting the most out of your food choices. Sinking occurs when the stool is heavier than the water because of the amount of bacteria that was ready to be carried out. Ultimately, permitting new growth of balancing bacteria in the gut.

Are you not sure if your waste is healthy? One way to know is to compare it to the Bristol Myer’s Stool Chart. This is a favorite, used by all Western medicine and some functional medicine approaches to tell if the patient is handling medications, supplements, and food appropriately.

Okay…moving along now.

So how is the gut beneficial to nutrient absorption? The intestinal wall is the main barrier that interacts with the rest of the body and blood. Our blood vessels in our gut pick up and carry nutrients, which are broken down through cellular metabolic processes, throughout the body to other systems that need their doses of beneficial properties. In example: carrots are good for the eyes, protein helps build muscle, walnuts are good for the brain, etc.

If our food nutrients contribute to the balance of our gut biome and those contents are absorbed and processed into the blood stream, they travel on and ultimately impact our central nervous system, our peripheral nervous system, and our glandular system. These functions are what determine the future affects on the following:

  • The immune system which is supported by the lymphoid system also known as lymph nodes
  • Chemical releases by neurological transmitters and the adrenal glands for mood regulation.

Proper gut function does way more than just digest and exit. Did you know that serotonin, the happy chemical, is also mainly excreted in the gut? This known neurotransmitter is considered a peripheral transmitter when it’s in the gut. One study from California Institute of Technology mentions, “Peripheral serotonin is produced in the digestive tract by enterochromaffin (EC) cells and also by particular types of immune cells and neurons.” About 90 percent of your serotonin is released in the gut in order to help your immune system! Furthermore, “Altered levels of this chemical can lead to irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.” (CalTech study). Balance is key is everything.

Good nutrition supported by a healthy standing gut biome literally affects every other system in our body and vice versa. The body is a symbiotic system that carries us for decades if balance appropriately.

As the body works together on subtle and not-so-subtle levels we find that our neurological thought patterns cause us to have physical impacts such as “butterflies” or “knots in our stomach”. In turn, we get those chemical releases [ahem, cortisol fight or flight anyone?!] contributing to our ability or inability to eat, digest, sleep, stay awake, and regulate mood.

Overall, food can literally shape the way we approach medicine and healing. Western medicine is incredible in saving lives in acute situations. However, eastern medicine is also super beneficial to our slower approach to chances. Reiki is literally the catalyst for change and the icing on the cake.

Reiki is used best in conjunction with other modalities of healing.

One of the reasons I choose to merge Reiki with other forms of healing and medicine is because many of us struggle with our diets, feeding and supporting our gut, and our thoughts around these concepts.

It comes down to how we choose to treat ourselves with the food we ingest and how we value of our own self-worth.

With Reiki and my intuitive ability, I am able to decipher the energy in the body of a client. This process, explained in the post session discussion, helps my clients understand if their gut and organ issues stem from thought processes or unhealthy habits that impact their body’s systems. This energy can be discovered and released in the session but it is up to the client to make the difference in their daily choices.

The trifecta of Reiki, my intuitive gift, and my western medical background allows me to dig upon my well of wisdom and guide the client. If necessary, I advise clients to seek out specific options or professionals to help aid them in the restoration of their body’s systems. This support will eventually improve their mood and overall well being.

As a specialty in my own work with clients, we work on the limiting beliefs they have about themselves, others, and past situations. When we address energy behind the pain and discomfort in the physical, mental, or emotional aspects, my clients are better able to understand the next steps they need to take in order to revolutionize their own healing.

Erin is not a medical doctor, scientist, or licensed therapist. Please heed advice as a general informative conversation. Erin is certified in Reiki healing touch. Any opinion or suggestion made through her services is to be taken as a personal informative conversation, results and outcomes are subject to action of the client and receiver of such information. Please consult a licensed professional such as a medical doctor, a board certified traditional holistic doctor, or therapist psychologist if you are seeking further assistance in any issues requiring further attention.

Skin to Skin: The Power of Touch

A look at the science behind the healing components of touch. The advancing studies behind this science brings Reiki to light.

|Epilogue for author’s personal experience with touch during the 2020 Pandemic|

Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

You’ve heard the saying, “Humans are social creatures,” and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably pondered why humans fall in love or why we crave sex, drugs, and rock and roll. You may have also played around with the idea of why we’re so dependent on others especially if we crave so much alone time. As much as you crave your alone time, you probably crave physical affection which is pretty much the best vehicle for mental and emotional lovin’.

Every bit of the theory for our need of physical touch is true and it’s actually pretty vital to our livelihood. Whether our touch comes from friendly socializing, connecting platonically, or most importantly healthy passionate love making, it’s all incredibly important to keeping us mentally, emotionally, and physically stable.

The power of human touch is vital to the orbitofrontal cortex- located in the prefrontal cortex. This is the region of the brain related to learning, decision making, and emotional and social behaviors. All thanks to our skin receptors sending signals to the brain as a reaction to pressure and temperature.

Did you know the brain can decipher between physical touch from the self and from another person? When we touch ourselves, the brain is actually expecting the touch. Therefore, the brain doesn’t release our most sought out chemicals. In a sense, our own touch doesn’t compare to the touch of others- this is why touch exchange is so important to our health. (Linköping University, 2019).

Touch from another person increases the release of dopamine in the prefrontal cortex, the amygdala, and the hypothalamus which all involve: emotions, decision making, and the ability to experience pleasure (and not just sexual pleasure). Serotonin releases in the in this area, too and can be regulating to our overall mood.

Okay, so really. Why another person?

Touch to a specific region of the body repeatedly, literally reduces pain in that area. When someone is experiencing pain or some form of distress and they are touched by another person there can be greater physiological impacts than the neurological chemicals released. This is due to the psychological theory called brain coupling (Cohut Ph.D, 2018 Medical News Today).

How cute, right? Well, actually, this is a major reason why there is so much power to the practice of Reiki//Healing Touch.

In brain coupling, studies show that two humans can synchronize their physiological responses through touch such as: breathing respirations and heart rates (two major notes in your body’s vital signs). These two functions are a part of the automatic nervous system and can ultimately effect the message our body sends to our immune system. However, when we sync up our breathing and heart rates, we become “in tune” with each other; relating to one another at the same level physiologically and allows us to begin connecting mentally and emotionally. Maybe our vulnerability makes an appearance, too.

“A new touch does not erase the memory of a previous touch from working memory,” explains that study’s lead researcher.

Cohut Ph.D., 2018 Medical News Today 

Finally, the answer you’ve been seeking: the L-O-V-E drug. That’s right, Oxytocin is also released when we encounter touch, social recognition, and forms of bonding. This euphoric chemical is released in the pituitary gland- the master gland of the endocrine system. Maybe love does conquer all.

Essentially, there are oxytocin receptors in the brainstem and spinal cord sending information to the rest of the central nervous system. These receptors are also found in the amygdala– a center for emotional memory. Our emotions can trigger or relax our nervous system presenting an effect on our breathing and heart rate.

Now that the science is out of the way, let’s get on the flow of universal life force energy. Reiki typically involves touch by placing hands on the meridian points of the body. These points are studied in Traditional Chinese Medicine and known as channels throughout the body where “Qi” blood flows. Just like Western medicine studies veins, blood vessels, and the lymphatic system; Meridians of Eastern medicine include flow amongst those systems.

[Rei- pronounced “ray” meaning Universal Life. Ki- pronounced “key” meaning energy]

When we are in a more relaxed state, all of these chemical releases and receptors in the brain drastically reduce our stress releases (cortisol/epinephrin). Being in this more receptive state we are able to open ourselves to our feelings and thought processes. As we are confronted by our feelings and thought processes, such as in meditation, we are better able to understand ourselves and the people by whom we are impacted. This relaxation state is a tool to understanding how we can better approach our relationship with ourselves as well as with others in our community and environments.

In Reiki, touch is used in conjunction with the practitioners interpretation of the energy they feel or understand while brain coupling begins to morph. As the client is breathing on the table, working through their own thoughts and emotions in their mind, the practitioner is working their hands through the energy centers or meridians. The client begins to shift their breathing as they are comforted by the touch which then releases all those satisfying chemicals in the brain. Reiki ultimately aids in the shift of the client’s emotions and thought processes. On the other hand, the intuitive gift of the practitioner enhances these shifts as they have experience working with other people’s energy shifts. Each practitioner is truly one of a kind and varies from person to person.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

As science continues to study these emerging fascinations of healing though touch such as in Reiki, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Emotional Release Tapping Therapy, etc., we begin to grasp better control on our lives and our personal healing. Healing happens on so many levels from emotional, mental, spiritual, and ultimately physical. Our bodies are literally designed to heal its own organs. Our intentional focus of enhancing that has power that bring us closer to this universal life force, God, the Universe…whatever you want to call it. This is why Reiki is so beneficial in conjunction with medical healing. It allows us to bring our awareness to acceptance and relaxation which ultimately aid in pain reduction, anxiety relief, and improved ability to perceive.

So basically, the more empathetic we are with each other, more importantly including touch, the less likely we are to feel pain, stress, and despair. We also can find ourselves “on the same level” as another and we begin to release these chemicals that drive us to connect deeper and have a better perspective on potential outcomes. 

The science behind touch backs the notion of why humans are such animalistic creatures and seek partners, connection with family, and extensive self care measures. Be open to receiving touch from others in a positive, loving way. Be sure to hold your boundaries if your bonding trust feels violated and please seek additional safe, healing therapies to overcome any fear of touch you may have. Healing starts with your willingness to release and replenish.

Fun Fact: Did you know, babies who are touched or massaged more often are less likely to have developmental issues? 

In the times of quarantine and Social Distancing of the 2019-2020 Pandemic I have ultimately experienced a lack of touch like many of you.

I’ve had consecutive romantic partners for over 6 years because I essentially love touch, words of affirmation, and quality time (love languages anyone?). Throughout the year of 2020 I have not had such a partner and I’m cool with it because well, I work hard on loving myself and I want someone to love me to the same degree if not more! To say the least, I’m raising my standards. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t crave the physical affection from a parter or platonic loved ones.

I wrote this article in hopes to replenish my belief that we can’t stay away from each other for long even though it truly helps reduce the spread of the virus. The social distancing rules of the pandemic had me second guessing if shaking someones hand, hugging another person, or being so close to someone is acceptable. I truly believe in the power of “Universal Life Force” energy and exchange. Therefore, I know that the basic foundation of sharing touch is unstoppable. There are just some simplistic things in this would that will not be overcome, like the power of touch, love, affection, and empathy.

I am incredibly hopeful that this pandemic is a massive paradigm shift for this planet and species. We are being taught to slow down because, let’s face it, you can’t stop our internal, innate drive to continue to strive for more. Consciousness is far beyond the reality we live in everyday- it’s in our dreams, subconscious, and in places we can neither see nor hardly fathom.

I truly hope that if you’re reading this, you cherish every single moment you share and learn with someone you love. These moments are symbiotic and are truly what makes the world go ’round. Less we forget that alone time is crucial to our foundation of who we accept in our lives and personal bubbles. I love you.

Erin is not a medical doctor, scientist, or licensed therapist. Please heed advice as a general informative conversation. Erin is certified in Reiki healing touch. Any opinion or suggestion made through her services is to be taken as a personal informative conversation, results and outcomes are subject to action of the client and receiver of such information. Please consult a licensed professional such as a medical doctor, a board certified traditional holistic doctor, or therapist psychologist if you are seeking further assistance in any issues requiring further attention.

Full Moon in Scorpio May 7, 2020

Photo by Elven Wings//@elvenwings

3:45 am PST//4:45 am MT//5:45 am CT//6:45 am EST// 10:45 GMT

Moon at 17° in Scorpio, Sun at 17° in Taurus

| Mantras and Prompts to follow |

Full illumination in shadow-loving Scorpio brings us to a place of releasing the arrest we hold on ourselves for being less than we think we truly are. How lovely it is to comfort our own needs in which we desire the most.

Scorpio is the archetype of the zodiac that shows us it’s okay to be living on the dark side some days, highlighting the Shadow. The Shadow or Id is the part of you that unconsciously acts in which the ego doesn’t consciously identify with (Carl Jung). We are less aware of our shadows.

Your shadow is here for you to understand you, to be there for your compulsive needs, to offer your spirit the glory of whatever it is you desire for comfort. However, when we merge our higher//understanding//conscious self with our shadow, we can recognize the darkness that the shadow began to comfort for you in the first place.

The Full Moon sheds light on how our shadows can benefit our growth in this way. Our growth in our lighter conscious selves can authentically meet the needs to bring us into our highest worthiness. It breaks the cycle for the feeling of lack we have stored in that darker unknown place.

Have you ever felt as if someone denied you when you were down, have you felt alone with no one there to embrace you? Unfortunately, that is such the case sometimes. When we are trying to cope with this feeling we tend to develop traits that provide us comfort or what we think is comfort.

Many times this shadow comfort is a replacement for what we truly know as comfort and sometimes it can be damaging or self-sabatogaing. We might begin to deny the higher path that spirit or the universe nudges for us. Ultimately, observing our shadow teaches us where in ourselves we are looking to form better connection so we can better connect with others. The tricky part is getting to know your own shadow.

[Hint: if it feels wrong but you want to keep doing it, that’s shadow. If you feel you deserve more but you settle for less, that’s shadow].

We develop shadow when we act out, many times due to feeling as if we are misunderstood. We engage in something that feels as if we are portraying that we understand ourselves and the comfort we think we need. This is what we think we’ve come to know as comfort. But what if what you’ve come to know is less than what you’re worth?

Scorpios are passionate, deep, and love their dark sides. They allow their light and shadow to live in harmony because they give themselves the compassion to be in the shadow while very well knowing they have the passion and the strength to play in the light, too. This is important for us to embody so we can understand where it is we lack light and therefore abolish the low self worth belief correlated to that. We can begin to shed light in that space so we that can come into our true worth.

The Full Moon, the Flowering Moon, is shedding light on our release of embellishment in our shadows. This allows us to bring forth the higher part of our self, with innate desire to succeed, to take part in the journey of true growth in light; it is the flowering of spirit within us.

For when we shed light on our dark passionate sides we come to fully embrace them with love. When we love ourselves for who we are and the mistakes we’ve made, we can discover that we are worth more than we thought. Furthermore, we begin to attract things in our life that are in greater alignment with our growth. We come to an understanding of the love we actually deserve and not what we limit our deservingness to. We are worth all the love in the world and it begins with unconditionally loving ourself. Knowing what helps us grow and what keeps us trapped in cycles supports our compassion for ourselves so we can continue to choose where we feel called to be on our path.

This moon is also correlated to the relationships we develop with others through our light and our shadow. Who is it that you want to surround your self with, and what areas do you wish to succeed, what is it really going to take for you to get there?

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

Five planets will enter or are already retrograde this month setting the stage for continued reflection and growth. The Full Moon of Scorpio allowing us to go deep in love and release the shadow we no longer wish to carry in present, prepares us to do more inner work in this slow down period.

  • Saturn (planet of hard lessons) from May 10-September 28 in Aquarius and Capricorn
  • Venus (planet of beauty and romance) May 13- June 25 in Gemini
  • Jupiter(planet of gifts and luck) from May 14- September 12 in Capricorn
  • Pluto (planet of finance and shadow) from April 25- October 4 in Capricorn
  • With Mercury (planet of communication, contracts, and electronics) Retrograde coming June 18- July 12 in Pisces and Aquarius

The stage is set to sit and reflect on how much you’ve learned about YOURSELF over the course of 2020. The world has seen so many obstacles that have really challenged our relationships in our homes and work. Please use this Full Moon to release the things you’ve learned about yourself that you no longer wish to carry forward with you. Yes, 2021 is looking to be a better year. Now we have the time to keep reflecting and preparing to hit the ground running with a better idea of our flaws, strengths, and future desires that are in alignment with our highest deservingness. To support that: make the decisions that are hard but worth your sanity. Make the routine that gets you prepared for your mission. The world is changing and we can no longer stand by and watch, we must be a part of the movement for the better. So, what does that ask of you?

Meditative or Journal Prompts:

  • What does your higher self look like? If you could imagine the most beautiful complete ideal version of who you want to be, what does that look like for you? Describe your facial features, hair, what you’re wearing, where you’re standing, who you’re interacting with.
  • What does your shadow self look like? Describe the traits.
  • What does engaging in your shadow look like for you? Is it a habit you can’t kick? A relationship you like to keep around?
  • What are you denying yourself of that you wish you were really successful at?
  • What phrase could you come up with that brings you into the power that makes you feel like you are no longer denying yourself of that concept?
  • What action steps would you need to take to come into that power?
  • Is there a part of yourself that you want to further embrace?
  • Where do you need more love in your life right now?

Full Moon Mantra

I am worthy of the beautiful things I desire and all that comes with them. I will provide that to myself and instill it in others. –Erin Bird

New Moon in Taurus April 23, 2020

photo from lovehaswonangelnumbers.org

7:25 pm PST // 8:25 pm MT // 9:25 pm CST // 10:25 pm EST // 2:25 am GMT

Moon in Taurus at 3°25’, Sun in Taurus at 3°24’

| Mantras and Meditative Prompts to follow |

This wonderful New Moon arrives beautifully in alignment with Earth Day. A gracious time of year while the Sun and Moon bask in the earthly, feminine and nurturing traits of Taurus. This astrological sign is a very mothering archetype giving us the chance to ground and softly reset with grace and strength.

New Moons are a platform for manifestation and planting intentions. This is a chance to implement what has surfaced in the past month which is very important in nurturing our own spirits as we move forward into another unknown period of 2020.

Shifts are taking place globally for every individual’s consciousness and it’s a very rare occasion. It’s advised to soak it all in, with respect to our own ignorance, and explore every aspect of curiosity and inner opinion that should be expressed. For we are the movement when we band together. A movement can not be started unless each person nominates themselves to participate. So what is it that you want to participate in as we advance on our journey through 2020? What does that intuitive participation look like for you? What have you been intuitively driven to do during your quarantine?

The sign of Taurus is receptive, passive, female, yin energy. Though the animal resemblance of Taurus is a male bull, we must remember that there is masculine and feminine within all of us. Cows are some of the most sentient beings in the animal kingdom. Female cows are incredibly attached to and protective of their offspring. The female energy of the Sun and Moon in Taurus reminds us to be flexible and gently guided by our intuitions in caring for ourselves, our society, and our Earth. However, like your mother when she’s protective of her kin, the Taurus Bull will use its strong headed horns to fight.

There has been and will be grief, loss, sudden change, confusion, and confinement. But the female fighting aspect of Taurus keeps us flowing through the experience with compassion for ourselves and our loved ones.

“And yet, the New Moon is also in square aspect to Saturn, reminding us of that need to focus on inner stability as the waves of change continue to roll through our experience…

© Copyright 2020 PAM YOUNGHANS NorthPoint Journal

Saturn is in Aquarius; the planet of difficult lessons in the air sign of the water bearer teaching us to remain fluid through the changes we are experiencing. Activity in society as we know it will decrease yet we have been learning how to increase our inner drives in new, more nurturing, and protective ways. Aquarius is a community and volunteer oriented archetype. These lessons will teach us how we can better serve ourselves which ultimately better serves our community.

With this New Moon in earthly Taurus, square Saturn in Aquarius- Manifest the things you would like to see continue throughout your life after the storm of the pandemic passes. Truly absorb what it felt like to relax and not be obligated to go anywhere. Dig into something new that you’ve learned about yourself. Discover how you’ve readjusted to serving your needs. Going inward on the New Moon, we can understand the changes neccessary to bring forward as a reprogramming on our journey to maintain a better mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

On a global societal scale, how can your reprograming or new feelings be a contribution to impacting others in your community? Maybe our reprogramming ripple effect will vibrate out into the world through communities, the internet, and into countries across the world.

As we begin to rework life as we know it, the Earth has begun to rework her strengths in clearing out toxic gasses and pollution. Her animals are experiecing quieter and less impacted environments which will result in ecosystem relationship alterations we may not be aware of yet.

Essentially, many of us are fighting to protect each other and our globe. However, that fight doesn’t stem from anger or resentment. It is stemming from a place of love, care, and ambition to be humanely and consciously operable. These nurturing traits [of Taurus] start from within: our selves, our homes, our relationships. These recently explored traits will have an immense impact on the way we care for ourselves and others moving forward.

Meditative Action and Journal Prompts:

Get silent and review all the positive aspects of your current situation.

Feel what it has felt like to get more connected to your family or yourself at home.

Feel what it feels like to support small business if you’re able to contribute.

Appreciate the new ways you’ve learned to adapt.

Appreciate the hard work from yourself and others to protect our communities despite the nay-sayers.


  • What are three positive changes you’ve discovered or implemented during this time?
  • What are two things/habits/traits/practices you started with the extra down time that you would like to continue to practice/carry forward as society makes more adjustments?
  • What outcome or change do you wish would surface as a result for for the globe//your country?
  • How can you be apart of implementing that outcome? Does that involve the list of two or three things mentioned above?
  • Does it require you to look inward at your strongest beliefs?
  • Does it require you to enhance or reduce the strength you have in those beliefs in order to nurture the consciousness with others?
  • What is it that you feel but can’t explain?
  • Is that feeling something that should be further explored to nurture your own understanding of your friends//family//audience?
  • How will your manifestations now impact you and your community 6 months from now?

New Moon Mantra:

I allow myself to flow with ease, I am stable because I nurture my being.

~Erin Bird

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com