The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the Winter Solstice 2020

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The Astronomy

On December 21, 2020 Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct within less than one degree of each other from the Earth’s point of view. This phenomenon is popular in astronomy as well as astrology. A conjunction is considered when two planets or astronomical objects have either the same right ascension or the same ecliptic longitude, usually as observed from Earth.1

The last time this alignment occurred was back at the start of the Second Millenia in May of 2000. Jupiter and Saturn meet in their elliptical paths from earth’s perspective every twenty years. Jupiter takes ~12 years to make a solar return and Saturn about every 29.5 years. The 2020 conjunction will occur even closer as Jupiter will be 0°06′ north of Saturn. The conjunction of 2000 was above 1°, so it was close but not as close as this year. The last time Saturn and Jupiter were within one degree of each other was 1623, but it was impossible to see them in the sky. Go back another 400 years to 1226 and this would have been the last time they were this close with a clear view in the Earth’s night sky.2

In conjunction to the planetary conjunction, the Northern Hemisphere experiences the Winter Solstice today on December 21, 2020. The Winter Solstice marks the onset of the winter season. Throughout this week and next we experience the longest nights of the year with the shortest amount of day light. The Solstice is the point at which the Sun is farthest from the Northern pole of the Earth’s axis. In Pagan tradition, this time is also called “Yule” as it marks the beginning of a new Solar year.

We are also moving into Capricorn season which is known for discipline, practicality, detail, and ambition. This is a wonderful time for getting clear, setting goals, and gaining a good idea of the vision that will come into clarity moving forward.

The Astrology

Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in Aquarius today, on the Winter Solstice, in the paradigm shifting year of 2020. Does that strike you at all? The last time Saturn and Jupiter met in Aquarius was nearly 400 years ago.

Aquarius as an archetype is known as the humanitarian and visionary with a hard drive to impact their communities relating heavily on a global concept. It is a fixed Air sign; loving independence and freedom and less of a “go with the flow” type despite the water bearer they are portrayed as. This water is known as a healing gift the Aquarian brings to its people. The water they bring is meant to clear, flow, and be of service where fresh, crisp, airy energy is needed.

Where in humanity, society, communities, your life, do we need fresh, crisp, airy and lighter energy? 

Does the government structure ring a bell? How about healthcare and the way we care for others? 

What new concepts have really been brought to light as ways of replacing the old? Does energy healing, acupuncture, holistic care, reiki, yoga, meditation sound like it could bring in light, crisp, airy energy to those heavy places?

Saturn is the planet of hard lessons, discipline, karma, and challenges that are meant to teach us and allow those teachings to be tools for transformation. It takes Saturn approximately ~29.5 years to move around the Sun. So these lessons have been in the background for much of 2020 as Saturn was touring Sagittarius, its home sign Capricorn, and a bit of Aquarius. Saturn is now in Aquarius and will remain until 2023.

Jupiter the planet of gifts, luck, and new energy is gracing us with new ideas and concepts in this conjunction as it passes Saturn in Aquarius today. Jupiter brings ideas of great fortitude. As the ruler of Sagittarius- the sign of philosophy, business partnerships, and discovery- new concepts, ideas, goals, and routes are arising to help bring you forth in your individual journey which will meet the needs of the collective journey.

Jupiter gives us the insight we need to create newness for the coming age and Saturn has given us the hard lessons we needed to dismantle what’s no longer working. Saturn moving into this air sign until 2023 gives us great insight to the phenomenon known as the Age of Aquarius. This is the message behind The Great Conjunction in Aquarius.

Taking a look back on the year 2020 we can gain higher perspective of what was needed in order to find what is most important to serving humanity. Saturn brought in the most difficult of lessons this earth has seen in over 100 years with a novel Corona Virus, a Civil Rights Movement, and the exposure of collective energies that had remained hidden until now due to the age of the internet.

We will continue to experience this upheaval energy through 2023 as we prepare for the Age of Aquarius while Saturn is in this sign. Jupiter is gifting us with stamina through the year 2021 as the year will be full of other sub-catalysts for change.

These challenges are most vital to moving forward in our service to humanity. Saturn in Capricorn taught us the challenges of power in government, money matters through economic decline in a pandemic, and falling into the discipline needed to care for ourselves and the greater good.

Saturn’s hard lessons teach us what is necessary to clear out and Jupiter’s gifts of fortune and luck help us formulate the new ways necessary to replace the old.

These new ideas for business, connections, further outreach may surface this week after the New Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. These ideas will consist of what seems easy to access for you but deeply impactful for those you present it to. These ideas will have profound results if you choose to carry out the mission behind this new idea. Jupiter is gracing us with the gifts and fortune we need in order to create a rise in our individual natures that will ultimately impact the collective. However, the one caveat to Jupiter is he listens, really really well. So whatever you come up with- be intentional about it.

Write these ideas down now as they will have great magnitude in enhancing your path for your journey which will be highlighted through next year because Jupiter will leave Aquarius in December of 2021.

This year gives insight to what is most important to us so that we can transmit that information into the collective for the coming years and generations as we enter the Age of Aquarius. When many people feel and experience the same thing, their individuals energies change which causes a change in the collective. This is why we experience intensities throughout large days like today.

We have seen systems that have been in place for so long begin to collapse this year. This is the destruction of the old ways that will no longer work in serving the betterment of humanity in the Age of Aquarius. New ideas, concepts, and integrations that were not accepted before will begin to make their way into societies across the globe. This will begin to shift what has been dismantled in order to build the collective energy to a more wholesome approach to serving others.

Since the last great conjunction in 2000 we have had the birth of the internet, too. Over the last twenty years, information has grown so fast and the collective has so much more access to the rest of the world due to the growing phenomena. This source of growth in the collective is part of the Aquarian energy. Aquarians are innovative and driven for forward advancements in technology and new ways of living in order to aid in the betterment of the collective, society, and communities of human nature.

The internet is here to help connect us. The internet gives one individual the ability to share their sacredness, their truth, and their light (whether these things are of darkness or light energy). These aspects now have a platform to be exposed and shared on a massive global level. This is humanitarian energy working its way into the collective consciousness. However, be on the lookout for a battle against internet mega machines like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. An upheaval is due to occur if the demand of Saturn and Jupiter is this strong. Ways in which the internet is run will be exposed and it will be another journey in preparation for the humanitarian times to come.

The Folklore

The two planets are so close from Earth’s perspective that they seem as one star in the sky. It is believe to bed said that when Jesus was born, a similar conjunction had taken place and the Three Wisemen saw this story and took this opportunity to present their gifts to the new comer. The new coming age.

The Yule is the Pagan holiday of the Winter Solstice. This is also considered something “New” as it is known as the Solar New Year. The Yule begins on December 21, 2020 and ends January 1, 2021. The Sun moves into Aquarius on January 21, 2020.

The Winter Solstice is a time for celebration in Eastern European Celtic and Pagan tradition as it is the turning of the darkest time of year. On or around the Solstice the darkest days begin to get just a little lighter as the Sun is changing it’s elliptical path. The celebration is the coming of the light.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 30th 2020

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01:44 am PST // 02:44 am MDT // 03:44 am CST // 04:44 am EST // 09:44 am GMT // 10:44 am CEST

Moon in Gemini at 8°37’, Sun in Sagittarius at 8°37’

Welcome eclipse number six of seven in 2020. Feeling down, tired, demotivated or a shift in focus this month? Astrology has truly helped guide me in understanding the higher consciousness of our relativity here on earth. The conjunction on November 12th between Jupiter: planet of gifts and luck, and Pluto: the planet of shadow and death and rebirth left quite the impact. If you were feeling down, low energy, unmotivated in the last month or so please see my Full Moon Hallow’s Eve Blue Moon post from October 31, 2020. The shadow came forth to give comfort in letting the body rest, letting the mind rest, and letting go to deeply process or heal in order to get back into our reality ready for the next surge. Shifts are certainly occurring right now and will be the catalyst for change out of the slump many of us have been feeling. Here we have our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 12th and the great conjunction of the two greatest planets in the sky: Jupiter and Saturn on 12/21. Brushing off the dust we’re exiting the eclipse portal of the year as the lunar release closes things off so we can prepare to walk into a new year through the solar eclipse on December 14th in Sagittarius.

This is a Full Moon in Gemini with a sun in free-loving and ever exploring Sagittarius. This is the second time out of three eclipses this year where we are in the energy of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. We also experienced another lunar eclipse this year in Sagittarius back in June. However, those eclipses were a part of different Saros (different elliptical paths). Different concepts revolve around this eclipse series than what we saw in June. However, it is still nice to be graced with this free-loving, lighter, and more direct communication based support of the Gemini- Sagittarius axis when we’ve had such a heavy year. The same signs just amplified the archetype during the eclipses in a releasing of patterns or creation of new beginnings in a more freedom seeking, fiery, light hearted, excited fashion.

This week on or around the eclipse you can expect the unexpected. Eclipses are signs for great endings and great beginnings. Eclipses simply enhance the foundation of the lunation. So what might happen under normal circumstances may be amplified at this time in order for you to make a very solidifying decision. During the full moon, light is shed on the things that come to the surface and are brought to conscious awareness to be cleared, shed, or released. Similarly, during a new moon the shadow of the moon is cast to the earth, we are meant to go within and listen to for new sparks to help encourage motivation on our path. It is a mindful practice to look at what you’re releasing or bringing into your spiritual journey, energetically and emotionally.

This eclipse will have to do with decision making; clearing something out to make way for new, completely releasing something, or finding out that there is another option that wasn’t clear before. This November 30th eclipse is in the sign of Gemini. Gemini archetype is all about light hearted, airy flow, communication, action with grace, and seeking intelligence or development. Gemini is represented by the Twins. Sort of like there is a Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyde concept within one. So much of Gemini is going after which ever twin is calling at the time- this requires analyzation and clear communication between which twin identity of the Gemini that the Gemini take on or behave as. Gemini’s are adaptable and willing because of this trait. This eclipse will teach you about remaining adaptable in your options, decision making, and the communication that is required to execute your options.

With the Sun in Sagittarius there will be a light hearted sensation to this moon. Refreshing like when a Sagittarius brings humor or joy to the room at a Christmas Eve party. Our spirits are beginning to emerge from the depths of the shadow many of us have recently experienced in Scorpio. Lots of rest and healing occurred at this time as we are gearing up to move forward from the recent transformations we’ve all endured, especially in the United States this year.

Winter Solstice emerges on December 21, 2020. This is the day of the Great Conjunction of the two largest planets in our solar system. Jupiter, planet of gifts, joy and luck, and Saturn, planet of hard lessons, will be the closest in orbit they’ve been in since 1861, within less than one degree of each other. They met before at the beginning of the second millennia (2000) and they won’t meet again this close until 2080. In 2040 we will see Jupiter and Saturn meet again, a little over a degree apart (19.4 years). Because of their size, this conjunction is very significant to the energy around the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice represents the longest day of the year and for every day after that we will see more and more sun light in our days. I am hopeful that this great conjunction, with Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius with Saturn, that this will bring more light to our lives after the year of 2020 that gives us the clear vision of what’s most important in our lives as human beings.

At this time, this Eclipse might present to you an unexpected decision or sense motivation and creativity to continue your search for development on your path with business or romantic relationships. It may require you to drop expectations you’ve set for your self or the situation at hand. With Mercury, planet of communications, in Scorpio, archetype of depth and passion, your decision may come from the inner knowing that even though this is not what you expected it’s the best route and there’s joy that will emit, healing to arise, and closure to come. This is what your soul needs and if you have Sagittarius or Gemini in your chart you will feel this clearly.

The eclipse is the right tool to aid you in clearing out karma, dropping old patterns, relationships, business contracts, and the facade of what you thought once was, surrendering to that and making the decision to move forward. The coming Solar Eclipse in free-loving Sagittarius on December 14th will be an opening to a new portal as we finish out the 7th eclipse of the 2020 year. It will give the support you need to endure on the journey for the choices being made today.

Allow the philosophical, universe seeking archetype of Sagittarius carry you through the holiday season with excitement of the future. Allow Gemini’s child like approach who open to all possibilities, encourage the most authentic, inner-child fulfilling decision you desire to make so that you can feel like you’ve come to the correct solution. Gemini’s tend to allow the right decision float into play if you’re struggling to seek, see, or find what you’re searching for, know that the energy of this eclipse will support you on the quest to the right solution. It’s necessary to go through it to get through it.

The North Node is also in Gemini for approximately a two year period. The collective will be continuing to explore possibilities related to advancing our communications, our connection with each other, and the way we want to choose to continue to express ourselves. Everything we are learning this year was really to prepare us to shift into a higher elevation leaving old ways behind, moving between possibilities around us. Take note what type of topics in psychology that people are talking about now versus we were sharing before the pandemic paradigm shift. Take note to how the ideas that we were exploring as a collective ten years ago has vastly grown in the last two years. We are advancing and we need to continue to be open, be less attached, and allow ourselves to live in the moments of our lives in order to accomplish our desires.

|Meditative or Action Journal Prompts|

  1. What event or two events are most prominent for you at this time?
  2. List the possible outcomes to arise or decisions to be made around these events.
  3. Is there one more possible outcome or decision now that didn’t seem possible before?
  4. How will this additional outcome or decision help you heal what you have been resisting?
  5. Do you understand that sometimes these decisions can be painful or difficult?
  6. Do you understand that sometimes pain and challenges are how we recognize the next way to grow into more of who we truly want to become?
  7. Are you willing to find joy in the challenges that will cause you to grow into more of who you truly want to become?
  8. If you’re not willing to face those challenges then is this something you really do want to become?
  9. Will these challenges ultimately help make you a better, stronger, more wise person?


I am emerging to being open to the possibilities. Despite challenges that may feel like a set back, I can choose to heal in order to clear and emerge a new. ~Erin Bird

Full Moon Hallow’s Eve Blue Moon in Taurus, October 31, 2020

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7:49 am PST // 8:49 am MDT // 9:49 am CST // 10:49 am EST // 2:49 pm GMT // 3:49 pm CEST

Moon in Taurus at 8°38’, Sun in Scorpio at 8°38’

The Sun shines now in Scorpio, ’tis the season of Halloween, Friday the 13th (November), the awareness of intuition, hunches, and our deeper emotions and desires. A place of fantasy. Scorpio is dark and mysterious yet, so loving and embracing of those traits. Harmless unless you do them wrong, they will love you in all your most tender places, but the double edge of the sword is they know where those tender places are. Really well.

So does your inner wisdom.

The Blue Moon is full in Taurus this Hallow’s Eve. How wonderful it is to be in this earthly sign that nourishes and lives in love with the land during the season of Scorpio. 

So many times, we as humans, are in our head- trying to make logical decisions, trying to be smart, fooling ourselves into thinking we are something different than the beauty we truly are. The tender light of Taurus Full Moon reminds us, like so many ancient practices, that we must be with our bodies and the land first in order to truly know what we are longing for; through breath, through stillness, through nature, through inklings like illness, through intuitive movements we can find insight. Our bodies are our vessel. Earth is our vessel. We are living out consciousness through our bodies as these vessels.

So, we must be reminded to listen to these bodies, to this earth. Listen to the inner wisdom of the years and years through genetics and generations, battles lost and battles won, the wounds and battle scars; knowing they’re all conducive to the endurance through the dark times but that’s what created the victory. 

What we don’t learn or conquer eventually comes back for us- this is the shadow side of Sun in Scorpio with Mercury Retrograde in Libra; digging up depths for review in order to create karmic balance. It comes back for us in a way that is necessary for us to face in order to clean up the karma or brush it back under the rug until it attempts to resurface again. 

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The grounding and earthly Taurus energy permits us to slow the pace in order for these changes and challenges, that are required on the journey, to teach us the lessons necessary in order to bring relief and reward from growth. However, Taurus can be charged up, too! Like a fighting bull, Taurus energy can be quick, full steam ahead, with no stopping it until he’s reached his goal. This full moon gives us great insight to how we are blatantly choosing to proceed. Do you face it full steam ahead? Do you take an earthly, slower approach? Which approach is no longer working and is ready for releasing? What shadow or subconscious is Scorpio digging up in you to look at through the Taurus lenses? How is this Taurus lens providing you with the tools or energy to make the decisions that is best for the healing of shadow? How will you see this shadow as a means to act- slowly, like collecting dust on a rug or firm, like a bull fighting for his goal? What will entice your vulnerability to act where you need to?

Whatever comes to resurface is attempting to be cleared out from the subconscious to the conscious. Halloween Night, where the veil between conscious and subconscious is the thinnest, where shadow comes out to play, we can take one of the most in-depth looks at what this Mercury Retrograde is trying to bring into balance through a soft or dedicated approach to shadow. In order for life to continue to take place, there must be death. In order for light to be shown, there must be darkness. In order to heal, we must have wounds. But we have to take that risk. We have to indulge in the moon light and see the work for what it is.

Much of this time will be intuition at the forefront, less ego. All the costumes we dream up for ourselves, play some role in the freedom around the ability to dress up in an alter ego, a mask, the shadow part of ourselves. It also grants us the opportunity to be vulnerable by expressing ourselves in a different way we wouldn’t normally. However, the deeper concept is that we can bring to life our subconscious desires through this evening of conscious fantasy. Allowing intuition and fun shadowy side to lead us.

The duality of this Scorpio-Taurus axis invites the clearing to come forth by opening those old wounds. In order to find our grounding we have to see the wounds for what they are. Because ya know, once in a Blue Moon can we have such an opportunity to heal from so much. The Full Moon illuminates these wounds in order to release them once in for all in order to permit new growth and rebirth. Elin, artist of Astrology Calling, mentions:

When there is a Full Moon, the Moon and the Sun are opposing each other. So here we have the Taurus-Scorpio axis activated. Both Taurus and Scorpio are concerned with security and the relationship we have with matter. While Taurus seeks tangible security and sustains the material realm, Scorpio seeks security by penetrating the depths, and is concerned  with the death/rebirth cycle of perhaps especially the intangible realm.


This time in Scorpio can reveal in us the depths, the shadows, deep emotions, pain, deep processing and the reshaping of our desires. Though, it is not to be feared. As the bull of the Taurus with an earthly sense, fights through the battles for their goal, we too, must face the difficulty in order to gain our union. This time of revealing and processing is a time to be held, and cared for as we release. Licking these wounds to mend the mental, emotional, and sometimes physical essence of who we are. Our wounds shape us. And we may not know it when we’re battling through them, but they help us see the light and get us where we need to be. 

Wounds aren’t meant to be opened time and time again. Is the same battle worth picking time and time again? When do you stop picking and let the scab peel over? When do you stop putting time and energy into something and let it work itself out? When do you release the control and allow the natural process to take place? When do you let your body guide you as it knows how? After all, the body is meant to heal on its own right? This is not to say time heals all wounds, but time gives us opportunities to make healing happen.

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Dark days ahead as the moment of turning back time arrives (daylight savings), the full moon sheds light for one more look back at the year and release the residual and excess. How will you choose to see the light this hallows eve? Let it highlight the features of your appearance on the surface. Allow the gravitational pull of the moon bring to light, from the depths of who you truly are, to display all of your truths that you have worked to embody to create your inner best, most genuine self.

Mercury, you bet, is still in damn retrograde y’all. Something from your past or the past may resurface at this time that is asking to be looked at again, not for scrutiny, but to heal and release. 

From the global level of another wave in the pandemic, to the US governmental level and a re-election, to the personal level of close relationships. We are taking another look at it all. What is not spoken of now, will have this deep shadow, earthly, retrograde resurfacing energy behind it that will eventually be brought to light from the depths if it is brushed back under the rug after this time.

Be kind during this moon, keep your karma gentle and light. For it’s up to us to exude who it is we want to be and how we approach that character. It’s up to use our discretion we’ve built all year to expose the truth or filter it with our words, body language and actions. This time of year is so powerful because we’re heading into winter, where we have more time to reflect as we are inside more often, in our homes, closer quarters, tighter spaces. We begin to look inward and what comes of our reflection in the Spring time will set the trajectory of our future.

| Meditative and Action Journal Prompts |

  • Do you have any hunches that subconscious energy is surfacing and becoming conscious? Something you didn’t think was the answer feels like it’s a better answer now?
  • What shadow or subconscious is Scorpio digging up in you to look at through the Taurus lens? Is this a repeated lesson (Mercury Rx)?
  • If you heal this shadow with your understanding from your higher self, what balances out for you? What grief is shed to feel lighter?
  • How can you ground this shadow work with the Taurus energy? Do you face it full steam ahead? Do you take an earthly, slower approach?
  • Which approach is no longer working and is ready for releasing? Where are you needing to let go a little and readjust?
  • How will you see this shadow as a means to act- slowly, like collecting dust on a rug or firm, like a bull fighting for his goal?
  • What will entice your vulnerability to act where you need to?

| Mantra |

My vulnerability allows me to see my process authentically in order to make necessary adjustments. ~Erin Bird

New Moon in Libra October 16, 2020

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12:30 pm PST // 1:30 pm MDT // 2:30 pm CST // 3:30 pm EST // 7:30 pm GMT // 9:30 pm CEST

Moon in Libra at 23°52’, Sun in Libra at 23°53’

A New Moon in Libra brings a reminder of balance as we experience this reflective period between two Full Moons in the same month. As we march forward preparing for the second Full Moon on October 31st, this New Moon in Libra brings justification and instances to be revisited in order to realign our desires with our actions. There is much at play here and this moon is our notification to reel in the mind consuming grit and find a resting ground to make a decision.

We are still amidst Mars Retrograde in the fire sign Aries, the same sign in which our last full moon occurred on October 1st. What is Mars Retrograde? Mars gives us insight to how we assert ourselves, how we take action, and especially focuses on the severing of relationships in our lives. When a planet is in retrograde, we are urged to revisit and reexamine these concepts in order to better understand where more work is to be done to gain clarity of our higher selves. Mars in Aries is in opposition to the Sun and the Moon in Libra. This could bring about some tension while these aspects square some key players: Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in hard working, discipline Capricorn. Aries is quite the quick witted fire cracker- the archetype embodies the ability to foresee and devise a plan, likely to pull the trigger on their own time, but waiting for the right time among the pieces at play. So how might you find balance with the Libra New Moon at a time where you’re reviewing a relationship vs. your own needs? Might your own needs be taking precedent over the relationship that is experiencing tension at the table? The planet Mars is in retrograde in Aries until Friday the 13th of November. Spooky.

Mercury is also retrograde in it’s home sign Scorpio. The sign of the season that is quickly approaching on the 22nd of October. Mercury gives us insight to the details that need more attention. Many times during Mercury Retrograde we experience a mishap in communication, overlooking our calendar dates, over committing, or committing at the wrong time. Don’t take it heart, but heed the advice Mercury sends us- where might you need to be paying closer attention in order to best serve your self? Mercury in Scorpio brings another twist to the cocktail. Scorpio archetype portrays passion, depth, mystery, playfulness and emotion. Things might be triggering at this time but when we accept that these are the moments of our shadow walking the underworld in order to know what needs to be brought to light; all for the betterment of your success in your endeavors. Mercury is in Retrograde until November 3rd, election day. Don’t be surprised if a mishap occurs, this is a time full of tension surrounding this New Moon. However, Libra is on our side, bringing balance and order to chaos that occurs underneath the surface, in the details.

New Moons are typically a time for manifestation, however, there’s already a lot at play now. Manifesting or creating new endeavors now while the two closest planets to the sun are still in retrograde is a hint that maybe we should just take it easy and do some house keeping of the soul before exposure of our endeavors comes to light on October 31st.

This can mean a lot of things. But essentially this lunation carries a seed for us to reinvent our relationship with ourselves and others. But in order to do so we have to work through tension created by structural, emotional and societal imprints. Unhealthy power dynamics, feelings of helplessness or hopelessness, anger or frustration, or resistance to change.

The release? Find your way home. Seek to connect with your inner wisdom and feel into a sense of emotional and relational equilibrium.

This is a lovely opportunity to set your intention on how you wish your relationships would feel like and be expressed. But it demands of you to not opt out, out of fear of what you´ll have to face in the process. Perhaps your voice has to be a bit more loud? Or you might have to be more considerate of others? Maybe parts of yourself or your relationships are dead since long? Are you subconsciously operating from a wound that happened years ago, but which still impacts your relationships or sense of self-worth?

From Elin of @AstrologyCalling

Libra at this time may signify that the work you put in now will result later. Our actions of today, of last week, even of last year are building our tomorrows. Reflecting on what we’ve gained or lost this year is in indication for this moon. As a collective, so much has been done on a soul level through the year of 2020 (believe me when I say “hindsight is 2020” will be a mantra for many next year). All of the changes and adaptations you’ve made this year are part of the better foundation for the goggles in which we gaze our future. Many of us have had to made adjustments in more ways than one. This moon is bringing those changes to a culmination and it may show in the decisions we are now making about our future paths and those who are on the journey with us. How do these adjustments alter the things you desire for yourself, this life, and your soul’s journey? We are being called to keep coming into our higher selves and as time goes on, the calling feels and sounds better and better than we once knew. However, there’s cleaning up to do and it may come in the form of relationships.

Libra grants us this time to work through the small, yet important details, in our daily lives and relationships. We have an opportunity to create a balance in what we thought was going to be tumultuous. We can take this opportunity to communicate what’s been on our minds and find a resolution that either keeps us endeavoring together or supports us to take different paths at this time. Within the last year do you find that you’ve been able to get a better grip on your self worth, your future visions, and how you want to settle potential issues that arise in your life, especially in relationships- platonic or romantic?

We are discovering under this New Moon that there is a way out of what we’ve been pondering but there is also an opportunity to make amends and find space within our inner growth to make things work. The deciding factor is: What best serves you at this time? What do you truly want to keep working for?

There’s a sense of hope in this moon. A turning point to create expansion in our manifestations that occur due to the strength in our underlying self-worth, lessons learned from the past, and shifts that will take place in our future to come, especially in 2021. As we prepare to face winter, another period of solitude after an expansive summer from Spring Quarantine, we will be finishing out the Sagittarius-Capricorn December Eclipse series that we saw this summer back in June of 2020. I find that this time may be a celebration for our efforts as we begin to set the tone with this Solar Eclipse New Moon for the year to come.

Cheers to all your hard work in discovering more about yourself this year. Cheers to seeing your own needs, your own values, and working hard to exercise them. This is a time period where those things might be a bit more bold at this time. If you’re facing challenges, have the courage to take the challenge on…just know that the options on the other side of the challenge will be a victory regardless of the sense of loss or uncertainty. This is necessary for YOUR growth and that is what will support the growth of the collective. How do you want to show up for your collective?

|Meditative Action and Journal Prompts|

  1. Make a list of the values that you now hold closest as a result of the year we have endured.
  2. Is there currently an issue in a friendship or a relationship in your life at this time?
  3. How do your values differ from theirs? Do you hold the same or similar values?
  4. If your values are similar, are you willing to make the effort to find resolution? What resolution serves your higher-self? How does this concept increase your understanding of your self worth?
  5. If there isn’t a relationship in focus with someone else, what about the relationship with yourself? How is your relationship with your self?
  6. Are you seeking to increase how you think of yourself or your situation?
  7. Do you think you need to reach out for help at this time? What holds you back from seeking help?
  8. Is your communication with yourself healthy? Can it improve?
  9. Based on your efforts made in the last 9 months, how do you see the rest of your year playing out? Have you discovered a passionate goal you’re attempting to reach?
  10. Set at timer for 10 minutes and visualize the changes you wish to take place in the coming weeks. Visualize your highest, ideal self- what do they look like? Who is in their life as their best means of support? Where are they going? How are they going to get there? (journal your response to the last question how you’ll get there).


When things are difficult, I recall all the work I have put in thus far and I know I am secure. When I seek further security, I hold patience for what’s to come. ~Erin Bird

Full Moon in Aries October 1, 2020


14:05 PST // 15:05 MDT // 16:05 CST // 17:05 EST // 21:05 GMT // 23:05 CEST

Moon in Aries at 9°08’, Sun in Libra at 9°08’

Welcome October – We begin and end with a full moon contributing to a charged month. It is the foundation for how we choose to finish out the rest of this year.

With two full moons in a month, we have what is called the Harvest Moon here on the first of October and we have the Blue Moon which falls on Hallow’s Eve- October 31st.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this moon is the time of year to finish harvesting summer crops. We started our final harvest at the Autumn Equinox and now we approach the tail end of the harvest window. The Harvest moon occurs closest to this equinox. How timely for a moon to be late, amongst a year of chaos and dance on the book ends of a Blue Moon which only occurs every two to three years.

I am low-key loving the subliminal messages 2020 brings. We all know the phrase ‘Hindsight is 2020’ and we top it off with things that just happen ‘Once in a Blue Moon’. It’s a time to really be reflecting on how things have been running and what changes we truly WANT to make for the betterment of our futures and that of the collective despite the hiccups along the way.

Full moons are a time to shed light on that which no longer serves us. We observe these things and release them to switch up the pattern of behaviors in order to make room to create new habits in our thoughts, bodies, and energy.

So what’s releasing for you now? How are you truly gearing up to finish out this year? The year of the global pandemic that forced you to adapt. A complete paradigm shift in the way we approach work, school, socializing, and respect for ourselves.

With the double opportunity to be consciously mindful, we can clear out anything and truly set ourselves up to go into winter, holiday season, and change of year with new mindsets that foster clarity, intentions, and your determination.

Aries, the archetype of the zodiac fire sign is strong willed, determined, and wants to have a clean start for the best traction of their creativity. This sign motivates us as a powerful means for breaking from the past and initiating new activities in our spiritual quest.

This full moon promotes the release of what doesn’t serve your determining mindset to better your path. When we clear out what’s been nagging us to, we further create room for new implementation of your 2020 hindsight.

Think back to a time where you might have been feeling defeated and then came right into your power. How did coming into your worth, your true identity, feel? Did it help you turn a corner? How can we still draw from that feeling for the long haul? That is our harvest in this harvest moon.

Reclaiming your power and riding out the rest of the year. That’s what brings abundance into your life and creating the life you desire. We take back this power after the incredible journey through the year. We release what we know isn’t serving us and get ready for the coming part of the year.

Aries can give us the spark and clear mind to move back into something we’ve been longing to complete or implement.

In the U.S. this could also be analyzed on a political scale.

We now patiently move into the reflective time period in perception before we move forward. We’re forced to do so on some level of consciousness as Mars retrogrades, Saturn turns direct, and Pluto turns direct this month. Mercury is approaching a retrograde period as well, just as a heads up that we will be looking back to recap over this Aries Full Moon.

Pluto went retrograde as soon as Quarantine hit. Countries started initiating government mandated stay-at-home orders while the virus infection was peaking. When Pluto moves direct on October 4th it is anticipated to see another rise in cases, especially as cold and flu season primes itself up. Will masks be our saving grace to the flu, too?

Come October 31st the vibe will be high again with a release through our selected costumes- on a conscious or subconscious level. We will have a chance to release through our dress-up and the energy of Hallow’s eve. Able to express freely while being in the observers mind seeking out other people’s masks and costume cover ups. As we express this energy, we release it. This full moon is supportive in that way.

The course setting starts now with Aries. Release, create a clean slate, and find your determination. Setting us up for a great manifestation period during the New Moon on October 16th.

| Meditative Journal Prompts |

  1. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about releasing a pattern of behavior, a thought process, or a relationship?
  2. What would it feel like if you did release this? What would it feel like if you didn’t? Would you have further inner work to do?
  3. Why would you release this thing? How will it create space for you in your life at this time?
  4. What clarinet do you need right now?
  5. What action steps will you take to find that?
  6. How will you reward yourself when you access what it is you’re seeking?


I feel my strength when I am in my worth, respecting my needs, and it empowers me to be strong. ~Erin Bird.

Photo by Johannes Havn on

Full Moon in Pisces September 1, 2020

Partnership with @astrologycalling

10:21 pm PST // 11:21 pm MDT // 12:21 am CST // 1:21 am EST // 5:21 am GMT // 7:21 am CEST

Moon in Pisces at 10°11’, Sun in Virgo at 10°12’

Swimmingly the Pisces Full Moon glides into early Virgo Season with grace and playfulness. The feeling of summer is simmering as we wind down into our new routines that we’ve scaled for the fall time. Hard work will begin to pay off and inner trust and knowing are now in our back pocket. It will be up to you when you’ll use them as we, the collective, trickle into the next couple months for the culmination of 2020. 

Less we forget that just because a year is ending does not mean that the year becomes ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. Pisces and Virgo will teach us this and it’s vital that you document this time in your life to be able to look back and say “Wow, it’s all a work in progress no matter what day it is.”

As I received body work on this lovely evening, I popped the random question to my Body Worker, “Sarah, tomorrow’s Wednesday right?” and she responds with an ideal that her Zen mentor brought up to her “Does it really matter?”

Does it? Does it really matter what day tomorrow is if our spiritual jobs are to be persistently working to better ourselves, better humanity, and ultimately heal the collective? No. It doesn’t and that’s why we are invited to swim with Pisces in the realms consciousness tonight. Play, glide, because these moments of it “doesn’t matter” are rare when we have a mission to carry forth as a collective.

The archetype of Pisces is the two fish; A water sign, fluid, transforming, emotional. The Pisces character loves to feel limitlessness, adventure, and seek out the unknown, reach new territories. Unlike the other two water signs, Cancer who emotionally feels connected to their grounding states: home and loved ones, and Scorpio who seeks the depths of their own drives and fears, Pisces is the free-loving flower child of the bunch. 

Full Moons grant us the earthly and bodily alignment to cast light on the archetypal characteristics which highlight the things we need more of in our endeavors. This Full Moon in Pisces encourages us to let go of what does not serve our fluidity, creativity, and individuality. As we release ourselves from the things that sink our ships, we dive into the waters and begin to find space so we can incorporate movement for the dream-like state that Pisces encourages. Swimming beneath the surface of conscious reality in effortless ways. 

During the Leo New Moon you might have found something that really makes you tick, makes you cry your loudest roar, for you, for your kin. But to really harness that new or re-found love we must follow the current of the fish and play beneath the surface of your consciousness. The stuff you dream about but don’t think about actively. See what arises for you- incorporate more of that. If you truly want it to become a reality, gear up for the alignment.

The wonderful aspect of this moon is that we are at the start of Virgo season and there’s something to be said about playful swimming fish in Virgos Sun. Virgo archetype is to be scheduled, task oriented, a bit of a perfectionist saying “I really really really want it to go this way” as he or she lines their ducks in a row so they can function in their own bliss.  When it doesn’t go according to Virgo’s idea of action, there’s a little gruntling they go through before they can get over it.

But guess what? We need that structure in this reality to function appropriately. We can’t just say screw it to society and stick it the man thinking that what we want in our future will just come to us. The current generations are here to shake and rumble the old mundane in order to bring new awareness and change in mechanisms toward our approach in life. It is vital to function in Virgo energy by keeping the neat and orderly to be sure that we leave the following generations a torch to carry, too.

Though we all know, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” (King, The Shining). Pisces moon is the important reminder to staying fluid, fun, and swimmingly play in the realms of consciousness. This moon’s motivation is to keep us, the dreamers and believers, in our highest missions. We put them into action with the Virgo mentality, on a daily basis, in the realities of which we choose to operate.

| Meditative and Action Journal Prompts |

1. What did you discover during the New Moon in Leo (8/19)- what has made you really proud over the last 6 months?

2. Have you discovered something new about yourself that calls for increased creativity? A new talent, a new passion, a new love?

3. Where are you being too rigid and inhibiting the energy of this newness to come into you?

4. What aspect of your life is calling for you to swim, play, and flow? Do you trust the waters in which you swim? Do you trust the environment of which you surround yourself? Have you worked so hard to make this environment a reality for you?

5. If you could day dream all day long, about something that enhances this environment, what would it be? How would it feel?

6. Does it really seem impossible to make this dream-state a reality? Do you believe that if you can dream it you can do it?

7. What are you releasing during this Full Moon?

8. What playful aspect of Pisces is encouraging you? What block are you having that potentially dims the encouragement of fluidity? 

9. Don’t you think it’s time to release that and allow the flow to happen? 

10. Meditate on this feeling you have conjured after you finish question 9. 


I flow easily in and out of my day dreams to make them a reality. ~Erin Bird

Photo by James Wheeler on

New Moon in Leo August 18, 2020

7:41 pm PST // 8:41 pm MDT // 9:41 pm CST // 10:41 pm EST // 2:41 pm GMT // 04:41 pm CEST

Moon in Leo at 26°34’, Sun in Leo at 26°35’

|Mantras and Meditative Prompts to follow |

Congratulate yourself, right now- before you continue on reading. As a collective we have endured quite a year. We are currently living through a pandemic, living through a Civil Rights movement, and the United States is facing yet another election. As chaotic as it’s been, the ups and downs, we must remember that we learn something about ourselves in each of these instances.

Recently, I’ve heard many other express how grateful they are for quarantine (however, this does not bypass the negatives others may have experienced during this time). However, the time period was a much needed slow down time for a large part of our society, humanity, and Mother Earth. With jobs out, social distancing, and ultimately spending more time at home, the environment that reflects our inner environment, we might have been able to find what was a good fit for us in order to find peace in survival. If you are reading this and had a negative quarantine experience, please contact me here and share your story.

Ultimately, no matter what your experience was, we have to be aware of the dark and ugly in order to find our light.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on

New Moon in Leo

A civil rights movement that shook our collective, a quarantine that brought us closer to the understanding of ourselves and our needs, three Eclipses, five planets retrograde, and two back-to-back New Moons in the emotional sign of Cancer that had us really dig deep in order to challenge and test the inner self on which we’ve been working….

Con-grat-u-lations! It’s time to let your mother f*cking ROAR out! It’s Leo season and both male and female energies of the lions come to rest upon the New Moon for a hearty meal after a well won battle with our prey- the year of 2020.

The New Moon, a time for intention setting to free the shadow-self, insinuates for reflection on that which keeps calling us forward on our own individual journeys. It is time for us to put our individual spirit at center stage and honor what is most needed for our own next steps because that is what will continue to change the collective (see Aquarian Full Moon post on individual vs. collective). Just as a lion hunts for prey to feed the family, it is our own work that it will take for us to positively impact our humanity.

The archetype of Leo is boastful, warm-hearted, centered in male and female energies, explorative, and aggressive with fiery passions. The symbol of the Lion for the Leo reflects their mammalian traits, too, as they’re born to mate and nurture as well as hunt and provide. Leo energy is here to encourage us to take on these qualities, fully embracing what it is we really need yet, desire for our own successes. You and your journey are most important right now, at center stage.

Photo by Vladyslav Dushenkovskyi on

This space for manifestation during this Leo New Moon is less about others and how we relate to them, but more so about how we choose to nurture ourselves which will residually nurture others if they choose to involve themselves in our performance. We are called to foster what is most important to us in order for our growth to come front and center. Our individual growth, when highlighted and nurtured, will positively impact the growth of others and we become a more positive, engaging collective.

We can all take part in the play of life when we take part in our own role.

Our journey of 2020 is a massive clean out of things that no longer serve us in order to increase the nurturing energy for the things that mean most to us right now and in our futures. Give yourself the praise you need. Reward yourself as your harvest this upcoming Equinox will be bountiful no matter what results show.

After a reward, we also must continue to work. With the manifestation period of this Leo New Moon, begin to plan how you will continue to firm your boundaries, respect yourself and your needs (something you might have collected during quarantine), and continue to accomplish what is necessary for your survival in the desert of 2020.

| Meditative Action and Journal Prompts | 

  1. How are you feeling at this time? Do you feel like something New is emerging?
  2. Do you feel as if you are coming to fully understand what it is you released during the Full Moon in Aquarius?
  3. What is front and center for you between the release you had and the newness you feel coming?
  4. What are three ways you can intentionally grow into the newness you sense coming?
  5. If you’re the Leo and you’re center stage in this act of the play of life, do you have step-by-step lines for the next scene to fully take place? In other words do you have any action plans for what it is you might want to accomplish as fall approaches?
  6. How will you celebrate yourself on this New Moon in Leo before you begin those step by step actions?
  7. Are you aware that your kin/support team can only support you as far as you find yourself worthy of support? Go out and get ’em you cool cat.

| Mantra |

I am fully worthy of all the abundance I call for. I celebrate myself for a reward well earned. ~Erin Bird.

Full Moon in Aquarius August 3, 2020

8:58 am PST // 9:58 am MDT // 10:58 am CST // 11:58 am EST // 3:58 pm GMT // 5:58 pm CEST

Moon in Aquarius at 11°45’, Sun in Leo at 11°45’

| Mantras and Meditative Prompts to follow |

The Aquarian Full Moon at the start of Lammas brings us contemplation in order to secure our confidence in our decisions. This Moon brings a unique energy that is nudging us in the direction to keep our sights on our personal mission with a drive to make an impact in society on a global scale. As individuals we may have been looking inward and asking ourselves “Where do I feel that I stand on this topic? What am I doing to support my stance? How can I make adjustments in my fixed ways in order to be more receptive to what this world truly needs?”

The Full Moon in Aquarius casts light on the areas in which we are seeking to shed with ease. We are backed by our firm boundaries so that we can function from a space that flows with our natural talents.

Aquarians as an archetype are humanitarians and visionaries with a hard drive to impact their communities relating heavily on a global concept. They are a fixed Air sign; loving their independence and less of a “go with the flow” type despite the water bearer they are portrayed as. The water they bring is meant to clear, flow, and be of service where fresh, crisp, airy energy is needed.

As the high of summer begins to wind down, this beautiful moon is here to wash away what we have found is weighing us down through energy drainage, questioning ourselves, and not feeling supported. These are things that are no longer necessary to the growth that we have decided to embark on through the trial and tribulations of recent years.

Full Moons are times that pull on our emotions, typically becoming heightened. They bring to the surface the subconscious thoughts within us that are emotionally supported by some of our deepest needs and desires, those of which we are not yet fully aware.

Relationships are in focus at this time as they play a large key role in how we identify with ourselves and our communities, those whom which we serve and help serve us. This moon is highlighting our role versus the role of humanity and the collective consciousness. We will find ourselves picking off the sticky cobwebs of these relationships so we can shine through and continue on our journey. We’ve recently been tossed into a year thats emotionally and erratically exhausting while continuing to define our own purpose, which is probably driving us to get through the year of 2020. We don’t have time to keep dealing with stressful insinuations from people in our closer circles because we’ve received enough from the collective global consciousness.

We may be confronted with situations around friendships, romantic relationships, personal relationships, and business relationships. These situations are highlighted as the moon shines its light on aspects of these relationships that feel as if they aren’t of highest service to what we’re growing into on our individual level.

We are called to make shifts in our friendships and relationships as we re-evaluate how conducive they are to our personal missions in our own service on the global or communal scale. We may be asking ourselves, “Does this relationships help me feel confident in the strength and confidence I feel about myself when I serve my community or approach my passions?”

If the relationships in focus do not provide a feeling of joy and abundance that you may feel when you serve others, is the relationship really serving you?

Beautifully in alignment with a Full Moon, bringing light to our hidden aspects, the Aquarian water bearer is here to wash away the mercurial feeling that of which we need to let go and let float down stream. She brings clarity to understanding our drive and independence as unique individuals. This force is what brings us to the table of service in attribution to the growth in the world.

As the Sun is in Leo, the crown wearing Lion, let your soul purpose take center stage and don’t look back at who or what could have been. Those who choose to be on stage with you as your supporting acts may come and go as scenes change. Be not afraid to live at the center of the scene for if your show wasn’t presented you would not have been casted into the very position you are in now.

| Meditative Action and Journal Prompts | 

  1. What relationships have been highlighted for me this week?
  2. Are they part of my inner or outer circle?
  3. Who is someone on my outer circle that has inspired me in the last week?
  4. What about their demeanor or personality inspires me?
  5. Do I already have someone like that in my inner circle? Should I invest time in them to connect and learn from them? How can I attract more people that inspire me?
  6. Who is someone in my inner circle that I feel I am growing out of?
  7. How have we supported each other in the past?
  8. If I let go of this relationships with ease will it be harmful to the relationship or myself?
  9. If I continue to invest in the relationship will it be harmful to the relationship or myself?
  10. If I ultimately know I might grow out of a relationship, is there something in this relationship that still needs to play out? How can I remember to be considerate of that with graciousness and compassion for the relationship and my growth?

| Mantra |

I foster relationships that are right for me at this time in my journey without attachment to outcome. -Erin Bird

New Moon in Cancer July 20, 2020

10:32 pm PST // 11:32 am MDT // 12:32 pm CST // 1:32 pm EST // 5:32 pm GMT // 7:32 pm CEST

Moon in Cancer at 28°26’, Sun in Cancer at 28°26’

| Mantras and Meditative Prompts to follow |

A resting period approaches as we come down from the height of the Summer Eclipse Season. You may sense the feeling of things calming down yet it also seems as if shifts are continuing to occur as a reverb of the weeks prior. Welcome the New Moon in the emotional sign of Cancer by letting things settle, take time and give space as we find our grounds to navigate what we’ve recently endured. Collective emotions have certainly been high but this Moon is here to bring us back to the emotions of ourselves and our personal journeys.

This is the second New Moon in Cancer in a month’s time. The previous occurrence was just one month ago on June 20th- yet it was part of Summer Eclipse series. [It was the third of four eclipses for the summer and the 3rd of six eclipses for the year]. At that time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in June, we might have been looking at manifesting new ways of approaching our journey in conjunction with the world’s journey through the rest of 2020.

Now, on July 20th we are simply focusing on observing new ways of approaching just our own personal and internal field of emotions as a result from the changes that have recently taken place in the world. It’s time to go inward.

Photo by Pixabay on

A great yet unsettling notion of drastic and pivotal times in the human experience is that we can feel the current tide of changes taking place underneath the surface but we may not know how to thoroughly express this right off the bat. As we intuitively feel the changes it can be difficult to have confidence that we are caught up or in alignment to live them out in our behaviors or match them with our actions.

The difference between this moon and the moon during the eclipse is that eclipses act as a super highway into change. The change seems drastic and pretty blatant which encourage quick action. The significant events that occur during that time are incredibly amplified. Each aspect is like an observation under the 100x microscope while during a typical moons like this one is observed through the 40x microscope. When things are so closely examined under 100x, more detailed information is highlighted and revealed for immediate action however, the ripple effect can continue a year or more into our future. This ripple effect is the intuitive feeling underneath the surface that continues to require more long term navigation. That’s where this New Moon in Cancer comes into play.

Lunar cycles impact the polar effects between the moon and our emotional and energetic tides. When subconscious information is revealed at the time of an Eclipse we need more time to process the information. With this New Moon and Mercury in the shadow period coming out of Retrograde (typically a reflective, slow-down period in communication, contracts, and electronics) we are being forced to take one last necessary look at the changes we are being called to make while the energy of these last two months soak through.

Photo by Philippe Donn on

The archetype of Cancer is all about feeling emotions. Ruled by the moon, the crab lies low in the sand remaining grounded with their hard shell that acts as the protective barrier for their deep inner emotions from the outside world. Cancers also become protective of the things they hold close to their soft inner world such as their families and home life. The crab movement in the lateral direction is a metaphor for humans who operate along time lines; making decisions and move after emotional observances when the time feels just right.

Sensations may arise that things are moving slower however, don’t be fooled. This is due to moving out of the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde. The week before and after Retrogrades things can still seems slow but with residual effect of the Eclipses, events are most certainly in motion under the surface.

Before we jump back into action, this is just the right New Moon to get us back in touch with our emotions and practice compassion in our relationships with ourselves and with those close to us. This is not a time to be so task oriented or forcing work to race and get something done. Instead, come into alignment with what feels and serves us as individuals best. This time may call us to reconnect with those close to us or to tune into the close relationship with our self.

This is not a physical shift, but an emotional one leading us to get in touch so we can act with our heart. We will begin to operate from a place that feels most aligned and comforting to our boundaries and needs that make us feel safe yet ready to move.

An insightful notion of the sign of Cancer is how they love to decorate their homes with material things that make them feel connected and stable. They also use well made materials, pieces of art, novelties and figures to surround themselves with in order to feel comfort in this space. This form of comfort makes them feel safe and sets the tone to keep themselves grounded which is important to navigating emotions. Cancers can be very emotional people and to avoid irrationality, they must tune into their highly emotional innate aspect of their character. This is in order to make the right choices in preparation to move forward with courage and assurance.

New Moons are a time of going inward and typically new manifestations. It is a time to feel the hidden aspects of ourselves which we don’t necessarily share or express with others as often. This New Moon in Cancer requires us to surrender to what our spirit is telling us through the emotions we feel and store in our bodies. In operating from this place of surrender to what feels right we automatically come into alignment with exactly where we are and where we’re headed.

Remind your self, take time, to get grounded and truly allow yourself to feel what’s causing the tide to change under your surf. Like the nature of the crab, remain low and connect with the earth to help you go inward. Like a Cancer, create new spaces that feel good to you in order to bring in or surface what it is that you desire. Use this time to put into words what it is you’re feeling or understanding about yourself at this time while the collective consciousness continues to gear up for the ladder half of this 2020 roller coaster.

| Meditative Action and Journal Prompts |

  1. When can I take time to get grounded this week?
  2. Pause for a few moments, take three deep breaths, and tune into what arises from your spirit.
  3. What is calling in my attention right now?
  4. Is this something that needs swift action or can I let this marinate until I feel ready?
  5. What does swift action for my needs look like? Is that something I truly feel called to do?
  6. Can I set a goal date for this action after it marinates?
  7. If I tune into my body where my emotions are most prominent, what does integration look like after marination of what is calling my attention?
  8. Does that feel like it is in alignment with what it is I truly want?
  9. What action can I take on a daily basis after this time to help me meet my goal of what it is I truly want?

| Mantra |

When I take time to permit my emotions and tune into my body I gain clarity in my path. -Erin Bird

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 4/5, 2020

9:44pm PST // 10:44pm MT // 11:44 pm CT// 12:44am EST // 04:44 GMT

Moon at 13°37′ in Capricorn, Eclipse at 13°30′ in Capricorn, Sun at 13°37′ in Cancer

|Mantra and Prompts to Follow|

With the body of a goat and the tail of a fish, the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is here to end the trend of Eclipses that began in July of 2018. This is the fourth of six eclipses this year- each year averages about four. Luckily, we have the warm sun in the archetypal nurturing sign of Cancer which is ruled by the moon. Though the moon is present in Capricorn, we can still benefit from the all around challenge and comfort of our rewards.

Capricorn has been a large theme for some of our most influential planets which have been in and out of Retrograde this season: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. See my June Lunar Eclipse post for insight on Retrograde planets and their representations in each sign this Spring. Less we forget that Mercury is in Retrograde until July 12th. Whatever the theme is for you at this time, it may have shown up for you before, it is highlighted now.

Not only is this the end of the trend but this marks the end of the eclipse sandwich for the Summer. We will be able to bask in the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse in December of 2020 for the last hurrah of this tumultuous start to the “modern roaring twenties”.

|Background on Full Moons, Eclipses, and Capricorns|

Photo by samer daboul on

Full Moons symbolize light cast upon the aspects of ourselves that we are thinking about releasing. For instance, if there is a pattern of behavior you’re seeking to change or a person in your life that you want to cut ties with, a Full Moon will stir up the emotions in you that may lead you to believe the release is necessary. We have about four days before and after the full moon to begin making this change within ourselves. (However, I personally feel the best work is done within two days before or after.)

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on

Eclipses on the other hand- think about the polar alignment when this sequence occurs; the gravitational pull is heightened. As we know in general, our subconscious thought patterns and behaviors surface as we need to learn about them. During a lunar phase you might be noticing something coming through that needs more attention deep down. During an Eclipse it’s near impossible to brush drama under the rug. Whatever arises, your subconscious is begging you to address it. Mainly, you will be able to make the connections of a pattern within yourself that is present in a relationship of some sort.

Capricorn’s are representative of our relationships to business, money, and things coming to a head in which we are being called to be strong willed in to heal with compassion. They tap into their fortitude to overcome whatever stands between them and their long-term goals. The head of the horned goat proves the resilience in conflict and the tail of the fish grants the ability to swiftly move and navigate the route.

Photo by Michal Pech on

| All Tied Together |

As an earth sign, Caps are practical and geared toward efficiency in their determination. They remind me of people who work hard and get well rewarded for their quick witted effort. This Eclipse is supported by emotionally sensitive and nurturing Cancer.

So what comes up for you may be difficult to face but ultimately the best version of ourselves is aware that great reward will result from effort in awareness.

Whatever conflict might be rearing its head know that the tension has been building over the last few weeks in everyone due to the Lunar Eclipse on June 5th, the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 20th, and this Eclipse in Capricorn. You may be feeling called to oust a pattern in yourself to cater to what’s really wanting to come to the surface. This will be reflected in how that is triggered by relationships in friendships, romance, business, family, and your overall closest circle of being.

The themes over the recent Eclipse segment are:

  • June 5th Full Moon Sagittarius- freedom, release, understanding of how to move forward.
  • June 20th New Moon Cancer- exhaustion that invites comfort to retract and go deeper within ourselves.
  • July 4th Full Moon Capricorn- revitalizing, seeking a middle ground of solution between out spoken freedom and inner strength solidarity.

In retrospect, what are you really walking away with?

Our motives for our personal gain will be questioned at this time. You may be asked to confront what your part is in the situation you face. However, in a more evolved manner, this Eclipse calls us to drop the personal gain. The message is to focus on how you will benefit, not because you need to be rewarded, but because you too, are a part of the whole and the whole is actually what is healing right now. Each person of the relationships in focus will have their own personal gain, but the sum of the gains for the collective involved will be the light in which you seek to find comfort.

As Cancer season unfolds, you will be able to absorb the comfort in these transitions. It will be a much easier season than the past month we’ve experienced. Relaxation is in order as we wind down from one of the most stimulating evolving times of our century. Be wary though; we may be coming to the shore to nourish, sun bathe, and rebalance. However, we’re headed out for another deep swim requiring us to use the proper energy reserves and breathing techniques to hit the depths of the surf again. May you learn your souls heart during Corona Virus.

|Meditative and Journal Prompts|

What seems to be the highlighted pattern in your life that is on repeat?

What’s this pattern at the forefront of your attention? Is this pattern in the back of your mind while other things are at your forefront attention?

Is everything circulating around this pattern or is this pattern circulating around everything you observe?

Check in with you: how’s your relationship with yourself? Are you denying aspects that are screaming to come through?

Is there something changing that you’re uneasy about?

What about this change would feel better and less uneasy? Is there an approach you can take that IS in YOUR CONTROL?

How can you be compassionate with your self for releasing?


When I drop into my body, my ________ speaks most to me. I honor and comfort this area with mindfulness, protection, and utter change. –Erin Bird