New Moon in Aries March 24, 2020

2:28 am PST // 3:28 am MT // 4:28 am CST // 5:28 am EST // 9:28 am GMT

Moon in Aries at 4 degrees

| Mantras and Prompts to follow |

Aries is quite welcoming as the first sign of the zodiac. But don’t mistake Aries for they are headstrong and motivated with direct aim to overcome the challenge. Aries is a fire sign: full of life as they ignite their sparks to create their successes.

New Moons are a time for manifestation, planting seeds of thought, and beginning new adventures. With Aries as the first sign of the zodiac, rightfully so, this is a magnified time to begin something new. This newness could be of changes that either run positive OR negative. No matter which it might be, it is greatly needed to welcome new abundance in order to understand our worth OR to learn new lessons to understand what doesn’t serve our worth.

It’s been 100 years since something this large has taken over the entire globe in such a way and what a catalyst it is. Susan Miller, a renowned astrologist researches the phenomena:

I looked back at the Spanish Influenza of 1918, which was severe, infecting more than one-fourth of the world’s population. I almost fell of my chair to see that in that year, 1918, Pluto and Jupiter were also orbiting tightly together, just as they are now, in 2020.

Read More on Susan Miller’s Corona Virus Essay

Susan Miller, Astrology Zone 2020

Head first into Spring we go, this New Moon falls just after the Vernal Equinox, right after we “Spring Forward” for Daylights Savings. Things are moving quick and it’s best if we buckle in and get grounded to prepare for the shifts to come. This is also the time of year to sow seeds in our grounds and prepare our crops for a bountiful harvest. This can be the most challenging time as we nurture the seeds to surface and grow well enough to produce results.

We are preparing the crops of our energy as we face the troublesome news of the globe today in these surrounding weeks of the New Moon. We must get grounded like seeds and face the adversity of working through difficult times as if we are the sprout, fighting for the light, bursting through the soil.

Current changes in today’s society have knocked on the doorstep of the New Moon period of manifestation and invite us to redefine the ways of rearing the horns that keep us tough and resilient like those of the Aries Ram. This is a call to work for the beauty of the enjoyments in life that should come as simple human rights. Easily equal yet systematic.

Photo by Akil Mazumder on

The imperative task is moving forward with how we will define our lifestyles after this shift. Many of us have begun to do it on the individual level before the chaos ensued, but now is the time to change it on the global scale and I’m talking government included.

More importantly, we cannot worry about what is going to play out because worrying about our future takes away from our present. We must simply do what we can now as grounded individuals.

Through the work of our grounding practice we will set ourselves up for the challenging times to come and be righteously ready. We do this by slowing down, growing our sprouts that flaunt our work, while our firmly rooted beliefs hold us down.

So you might ask how does this change from our previous behavior as a society? How do we make new change now?

We must invite new ways of being that make us feel good, well loved, and trust that humans will work together to take care of each other without any attachment or reliance. To be truly present in our center but aware of the peripherals.

We are slowing down and dealing with what is right in front of us in our very own homes, within our own souls. We are not to worry about what’s to come during that meeting three hours from now, what’s to come next week when we get paid, what’s to come in June, November, or 2021. We no longer can rely on what’s to come because we are being called to live in the now.

Now is the only thing that will keep coming.

Photo by Bob Ward on

During this New Moon in Aries today I encourage you to remain open to the possibilities to come. But be exactly where you are in each moment before you get to those possibilities.

I challenge you to navigate forthcoming conversations with intellectualism and progressive conversation that you learn in your “nows”. I challenge you to do this without haste or anger toward another opinion, background, or idea. I encourage you to get grounded but I challenge you to push yourself to respect others.

Use this time of manifestation in the New Moon with the fiery, adamant, and persistent Aries to keep pushing forward for the life you are looking to create from the inside of ourselves to the outward world.

Three Steps to be Encouraged and Face the Challenge:

  • Get grounded in a way that suits you: Imagine your sits bones and hands connecting to the Earth and administering great roots to the core. Send your worries and heart aches through these roots to burn at this core and allow yourself to rise from those ashes.
  • Practice Gratitude for how far you have come, how far humanity has come. Allow that peace to be your soldier, to be the Ram.
  • Accept your duties to carry forth your pride, your intelligence, and your rights; flaunt your horns. With Acceptance we can battle for peace, beauty, and harmony; the natural instinct of the male Ram’s fight for his beloved female.

Meditative or Journal Prompts:

  • What new energy would you like to call in? Is it peace, less judgement, less fear, more creativity, forgiveness, more boldness, an offer to others?
  • Where in your life can you apply a new space to welcome this in?
  • What’s one habit that supports your daily action to creating space and calling in?
  • Journaling? Meditating? Mindful observation? Mindful eating? Mindful games with children? Mindful repetitive movement? A sequence of yoga poses? A single podcast for a few days?
  • What is one habit you can break when it comes to judgement of others?
  • How will you keep yourself alert when you begin to judge? What does your judgement voice in your head sound like?
  • What’s one form of compassion you can have for another human in a conversation about the pandemic topic? How can you begin to understand their perspective?
  • What is one thing that unifies us all?
  • How do we remain unified with individual offerings? What is your offering?

New Moon Mantra

I fiercely accept my challenges by opening my heart to the possibilities. –Erin Bird

MaryRuth’s Organics Night Time Mineral Supplement

Sleeping is a struggle sometimes. Stress throughout the day builds tension in our body and we go to bed with that as it lingers into our wake the next morning.

I’ve decided give Mary Ruth’s Organics a try when I was offered to check them out. I have honestly really begun to like the product. Sometimes supplement companies are unregulated but I truly believe in the product MaryRuth’s puts on the market. Quality!

I have been playing with the Pineapple Dream flavor and though it’s quite a thick liquid, the taste is reasonable. The effects of the product on my body?! That’s what I like so much about it!

The NightTime Multi-Mineral contains the following minerals and ingredients:

  • Vitamin C: supporting your immune system while you’re in your most rested state (sleep). This builds the immune system as your body uses less of it while you’re less active.
  • Manganese: an anti-inflammatory, regulating blood sugar levels (similar functions to the adrenal gland function. Manganese also supports blood cell growth in combinations.
  • Magnesium: Stress reliever and thyroid regulator. Relieves tight muscles, and prevents insomnia- regulating your bodies melatonin release.
  • Selenium: powerful antioxidant, reduces asthma symptoms, risk of cancer and heart disease, and prevent mental decline.
  • Calcium: the small amount of calcium is to activate and benefit the above elements and minerals.

Please do remember that an over consumption of any mineral or vitamin could lead to further health risks. Please follow instructions and guidelines on any bottle of a supplement you work with.

Begin with .25 oz to .50 oz and gradually increase your dose to 1 oz of liquid.

In my experience with the supplement, I feel better rested when I wake up. I’m am currently observing how it affects the grinding of my teeth at night which my dental hygienist pointed out to me noted by a receding gum line around a tooth.

The muscles of our mouth are tense from either chewing throughout the day or other related neck stress. Some also experience grinding at night, and that’s when we are over using though we’re supposed to be a rest.

Essentially it’s in our best interest to maximize our relaxation in our sleeping state when healing is most optimal. When the the body is in a state of rest it is when the army of our immune and glandular system works incredibly hard to re-up and repair to take on another day.

Consider trying MaryRuth’s Organics Nighttime Multi-Mineral if you’re working on a night time routine, need help sleeping deeper, repairing more, and seeking a more relaxed state for your body. I truly believe in the benefits of this product and feel great about my sleep when I do take this product.

Additional sleeping tip: try finding an alarm clock that calculates when to go to sleep and wake up for optimal performance based on sleeping cycles. One sleep cycles is typically about 90 minutes to go through stage one, two, three, and REM. It is easiest for our body wake in REM or stage one.

With the sleep calculator you can set an alarm to wake at one of those preferred stages (stage one or later end of REM sleep).

Best of luck to those tapping into the bio hacking for optimal performance. It feels like once you go optimal it’s hard to go back! Adulting? lol.

My instagram ad was a product partnership with @stackinfluence partners with @MaryRuthOrganics

New Moon in Pisces February 23, 2020

Photo by Ena Marinkovic on

7:31 am PST // 8:31 am MT // 9:31 am CST // 10:31 am EST

Moon in Pisces at 4 degrees, Mercury in Pisces at 9 degrees

Mercury Retrograde Block: 2/16-3/9 | Mantras & Prompts to follow

Pisces magic of the two fish lies in the duality between our deeper psyche with intuitive knowings and our action oriented emotional drives.

New Moons are time of setting new intention.

The work has been done with the Eclipses throughout the holidays which have amplified the abilities to recognize what ignites us and catapults us into what it is we truly desire to bring to fruition within ourselves and our place in the world.

It is time to go in and ask our emotions what we feel like we really want to continue showing up for in ourselves and in our mission. Pisces signs use their dream states to bring themselves into realities. They dream and and act off of that dream. Where as many other signs operate in their realities and dream later.

This New Moon is a time to allow yourself to dream, to desire, and to get lost in that beauty. Eventually you will come back down and set yourself up for success to accomplish that lush dream for which you are navigating.

The last Full Moon was is Leo: getting us to shine our center-stage, crowing-wearing self and accepting that as who we are. This New Moon comes with the work we want to do to continue to support that understanding of our “self worth”.

Mars in Capricorn is in large support of this New Moon with deliberate and persistent energy; getting us to really focus in on our action oriented desires.

Mercury is still “retrograde” meaning that it is surpassing Earth in orbit around the Sun. From our perspective looking at the sky, it seems as though Mercury is moving backwards in our sky. Mercury is relatively close in proximity to Earth which is why we feel this pull between the planets. Maybe some communication issues arise, maybe your electronics funk up. But really what this time is allowing for us is to slow down and visit our dream state, to visualize, and prepare for the coming of the new season. insights:

“What emerges now is tender new growth, the germ of an idea born from dreams and wishes that we tried to push far away into our unconscious minds.

“The challenge is that there is little air in the chart so it may be difficult to rationalize or make sense of what we feel right now.”

LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology

“The only thing known on the surface is that somebody under there is still alive and is even more outrageously navigating the places we all need to remember, now that the time for these things is returning.”


Meditative or Journal Prompts:

  • What’s calling you to change in general?
  • What’s calling you to change in your relationships & partnerships?
  • Are your dreams telling you more about your past that you have a different perspective on now?
  • Speak your dream out loud. If you were a friend listening to your dream, what advice would you give?
  • If it feels mostly emotional and unconscious write down three things you want to keep in mind and keep track of until post retrograde on 3/4/2020.

New Moon Mantra

I allow the resurfacing of my dreams and desires to teach me insight necessary for my growth in mindset. –Erin Bird.

Single on Valentine’s Day: Love is Coming in because I’m Putting it Out There

Spending Valentines Day “Single” was kind of weird, but also nothing new, yet incredibly eye opening.

I really took the time to treat myself all the while receiving treats from clients throughout the day. Some might laugh, but to me, vibrationally a lot of love was (and still is) coming in because I’m putting it out there for the world, in service as a human being on this “plant”-et. Get it?

Spending time to get my hands in the soil and repot our spider plant really helped me get centered and release stress after trying to comprehend my Valentine’s Day. If you need a way to relax, getting your hands in soil is scientifically proven to be beneficial! Check this Medical News Today article.

Getting my hands in the soil to reconnect before another busy week and the first of Mercury Retrograde

Plant your desires and believe in them. On Valentine’s Day I took the time to get my Akashic Records read by Maggie Draper out of California. My focus was on my love life and the love I share with my friends.

It’s funny because I didn’t connect the dots of my Akashic Records Reading until speaking with my Spiritual Advisor today (Sunday). Mercury Retrograde bringing up the past and helping me realize this weekend connects to a meditation I had back in April of 2017.

When I was getting my MRI for my ACL, I had this incredible meditation while all the magnets were pulling my body’s focus to my knee. I saw myself in a white coat working with and extracting plants- that’s how I knew I wanted to go into the medical field with a route in natural medicine. In the same meditation, I then asked why I was called to receive the power of Reiki and I was shown/visualized that it would be how I’d met my loved one and incredible partner. I’m still waiting for him but the Akashic Records reading proved to me that my MRI meditation is working in the background as I continue to do work on myself.

I’ve always wanted this and dreamed of it for myself. I love the medical field and my passionate connection to it. With the power of Reiki in service to others and to myself, I have been able to open my heart after digging out the past for healing.

This meditation was so powerful then and it’s just now coming back into play three years later….Spring I’m gearing up for you.

The things I visualize for myself have sometimes seemed silly or foolish but really I’m coming to understand that they’re far from it.

What we visualize for ourselves becomes a seed we plant and can truly become our reality. Maybe the day dreams are our deepest hidden desires. The thing is: we just have to believe in them in order for them to come into fruition.

It’s kinda like when we ask young children “What do you want to be when you grow up?” They give an answer about something they’re passionate about because it’s time when they’re less conditioned by their parents and society- they have less of a filter and speak innocently. Eventually, (really successful people) grow into what is they’re good at and what they love because they’re passionate about it.

I challenge you to ask yourself what you’ve always been passionate about. Continue to honor that passion in one way everyday that you can and watch yourself bloom. Even if that one thing is the visualization. Keep planting the seeds, keep re-potting your approaches, and never stop believing that you have the power to propagate and grow. Because whatever you’re working towards, if you do it with belief, it will come.

What are you visualizing for yourself whether you’re single or passionate?

The soil microbe mycobacterium vaccae has been found to mirror the effect on neurons in the brain that drugs like Prozac can provide, but without side effects. Article

Full Moon In Leo 2/8-2/9/2020

Photo by DreamLens Production on

11:33 pm PST//12:33 am MT//1:33 am CT//2:33 am EST

Moon at 20 degrees Leo Illuminated by Sun at 20 degrees Aquarius

Mercury Retrograde Block 2/16-3/9 Mantras to succede writings

We’re in the dead of winter right before the emergence of Spring. Folklore considers this moon “The Snow Moon”. Seemingly, Denver received about 20″ and counting this weekend. However, before we know it Spring will roll in with newness afoot.

The focus of this moon from Bird’s Third Eye View is a good ol’ Mercury Retrograde. We can feel the power of New and Full Moons +/- 4 days from full illumination. So we will be basking in the groove of the Leo Moon and roll right into the retrograde review period where we will be slowing down//taking second looks on 2019 and this start of 2020.

The year has just begun. (2+0+2+0= 4. A Four Year in Numerology: discipline, diligence, and growth. )

Let the full moon illuminate what it is time to put to bed. Prepare yourself to close out winter as you sit in review during Mercury Retrograde. Take one last look on 2019 vibrations: highlight them and see them for what they fully are.


Bow your head to them and say goodbye.

In this Full Moon, use the power of Leo to dance upon your stage, roar your roar, and thank the universe and yourself for being here and doing it. Because you are. You are doing it. Do you believe that?

Leos wear the crowns, they are the sign of luxury, they honor themselves. A fire sign ready to rumble and show presence. Come into that respect for yourself and freaking love on it and own it. What are you going to do with it? Aha, moon!

So if the moon is going to highlight these important self honing feelings for you, figure out what it is that is keeping you caged from feeling those center stage-crown wearing feelings. (See the journal prompts to figure out which direction of letting go you are feeling called to take).

Once Mercury Retrograde comes to an end we are going to open the door to spring. Yes, I know it snows frequently in March but the newness is still emerging. This door will be telling by the way we dress, decorate, listen to music, feel the sun, and move outside as the days get longer.

Of course don’t let Mercury Retrograde keep you from absolutely living life, but if you truly want to work with retrograde: manifest things around the time period and while you’re in the time period take time to reflect. Just keep in mind: it’s a time to slow down- don’t make long lasting effective purchases or get tied into a contract (cars, computers/electronics, business deals, home buying, deal making). Always remember that when you are vulnerable and ask for time to do so the right people will respond with respect. Otherwise, it’s a lesson to observe. insights:

Each one of our Souls is moving toward a greater love and understanding, regardless of all the situations we have encountered in our past which may have warranted our desire to close our hearts.

Be faithful in your convictions, and you’ll know exactly what to do and when.


“You are the Sun, filled with your own light, golden and warming, spilling out around the edges when your guard is down.”

April Elliot Kent of,

Meditative or Journal Prompts:

  • What do I want to complete before Mercury Retrograde (2/16) ?
  • What has been bothering me?
  • Is it manifesting physically? Where?
  • When I bring my attention to that physical place how does it correlate to my thoughts?
  • Am I bothered by that?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What is ONE thing I can do to make that feeling happen?
  • Will I be bold? Or would I rather be passive? A Challenge.

Full Moon Mantra

“I will honor my choice as a building block to my growth. No matter what direction I choose.” –Erin Bird

The Roller Coaster of Life

The Peaks and Valleys, The Ups and Downs, The Fácil and Difícil.

Everything is everywhere. You experience good in one fashion and downtrodden in another. 

So. F*cking. What. We’re all doing it.

I’m here to tell that the ups and downs aren’t going to stop. There will be positive improvements in one direction such as eating a salad and protein for one meal or accomplishing a task you feel positive about. In one of the next turns, there will be guilty pleasures like eating pizza and not completing any tasks…netflix til 1pm anyone? Feeling bloated, defeated, and wishing you didn’t ‘slip up’?

Realizing that you slipped up is the beginning of making the change so you don’t make a wrong turn again. Regardles, though, that doesn’t matter because are you really going to hold on to the guilt that weighs you down or are you going to just make a better conscious decision next time. We’ve got to understand that forward is forward!

On the topic of pizza, I’m from the east coast pizza capital of America. I’ve loved it and lived off it in many periods of my life. However, when I became conscious of how it ultimately began to make my body feel, I started finding alternatives like gluten-free pizza to still get a guilty pleasure taste but opt for something that doesn’t ruin my insides. Read more content on my food journey in the ‘Good Eats’ section of the blog.

You’ll get where you need to be one way or another. How you approach it and accept it is a whole vibe in and of itself. So vibe. And eat pizza when you want if it agrees with you because pizza rules when emotions don’t always seem to.
But when emotions rule, ride them hard and keep climbing to the peak. Eventually, you’ll look back and realize maybe pizza doesn’t make you feel good and maybe the feelings that didn’t rule weren’t meant to stick around any. So maybe you’ll begin to opt for better choices, like Gluten Free and finding better feelings! What DO you really feel good about?

Moringa Vinga Infusions

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Are you looking for a first line defense before medication or the doc?

What about a maintenance regiment that’s immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, with some belly balance?

Try a Colorado Local: Moringa Vinga ! The supplement is comprised of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, the Moringa Leaf (an adaptogen), and other herbs with beneficial properties for the body.

With @moringavingainfusions I kicked ass in beating a cold at the start of the new year with the #elderberry and #holybasil immune/breathe syrup.

The adaptogen regulates your glandular system in addition to the benefits of antioxidants and stress reducers of the additional herbs.

I’ve been taking the #lemongrass and #ginger for digestive support and pain relief after being in the ER for gas pains…it’s worked just as great as 3 #advil without the adverse effects on the gut.

The three flavors come in three different sizes. Plus there’s various yummy routes of consumption:

  • A 1 oz shot ❣️⚡️#myfav 
  • In hot water, like tea
  • To make salad dressing
  • For #mocktails
  • In a glass of water or sparkling
  • On your parfaits and açaí bowls

You can’t go wrong!!! I’m so extraordinarily satisfied with this honest, natural company and the vibrant people who are excited to get the word out about natural herbal care. I was gifted these by @pathtoclaire333 and have shared them with @orb.interiors and @madisontothemoon and we’ve all been amazed 👏🦋🌱 You will be too !

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I’m Erin and I’ll Tell You Why I’m Here.

My mission is to change our communities through ripple effects of exchange in energy with mindfulness, self-accountability, and healing.

The History

Ive been questioning life with BIG questions for as long as I can remember. One time when I thought my dog was dying I took a piece of her dog food and taped it into my journal asking “Why does she have to go? Where will she be going? I really just wish peace for her because I love her.”

Yes, most of us are extremely connected to our animals and the ability to be vulnerable especially to ourselves about those feelings. This is one example of how incredibly important this ability is to understanding how we process; how we view the world as a reflection of how we view ourselves.

A few major waves had cycled through my life since then, obviously. I remember a huge catalyst being in the middle of my college experience. I was just opening my mind with the freedom of a freshman and began questioning things again. I remember this time period the most vividly because I was journaling- the occurrences were that important to me that I needed to write; to make it permanent.

Despite the bullshit I’d been through, you know- all those the ugly cries on the floor, anxiety so present it was difficult to eat- I began to remember how much love I truly had for life and my experiences. If I could use that love to heal my traumas, I know I can use that love in a world view perspective and help others heal, too. (Insert Heart and Crown Chakra openings).

However, the cycle of pain and confusion continued to circulate. They say if you don’t learn the lesson you’re intended then it will present itself to you over and over again until you do. One major lesson for me was paying attention to the people that I allowed into my life and how they impacted me, like people you live with who treat you negatively. (Insert unconscious installment of limiting beliefs, again- talk about suffocating).

So, I eventually had a gifted opportunity to come out to Colorado and sit in my own beauty and enjoyment without negative influences in my home environment. Visualizations in my meditations weren’t suppressed- they were discussed, practiced, challenged, and implemented. They were given space to grow. It all became real.

Moments of synchronicity were shared with vulnerability, things that made me cry//think//hurt//believe, all came to the surface while practicing yoga every damn day with a little kundalini twist. This was it, I was opening in ways that I had been smothered before. This is the space inside of myself where I knew I should be presently living forever. Working through all the trauma, digging my soul out of the hole I’ve been buried in from the time I entered this world.

Okay, Cool- Enough of the history….What’s the Mission Now?

To create a space to share, connect, and EMPOWER others. That’s why I’m here. So I left Colorado to finish college because knowledge is the one tool that no one can take away from you but you can always sharpen. It is important to me to be building beliefs and practices around acquired knowledge because it brings the power necessary to execute.

After graduation, I came back to Colorado and it’s taken a couple years to get my roots down. But boy, oh boy, are they in deep right now. I’m incredibly happy to be in a loving home, with loving and supportive people, and I still have my best mentors near and just a phone call away.

The biggest things to me now include challenging myself to improve every day and TRULY working to leave behind people and patterns of behavior that absolutely do not serve me any more. I am here to serve others, my environments, and the global community.

We are truly more capable and have more power inside these bodies than we could ever know- unless we try. I am here to help us clear the energy in those bodies, bring forth our deepest desires, and tap into mindfulness to help us be persistent. With this, we can overcome anything.

Motto: Change your mindset, change your life: but you have to feel it first. Allow yourself to feel, to be vulnerable and go with that because that’s your true nature, you can’t make that shit up. Live to Access.

Reiki is a story that is building which is why I started this website. (I’ve had one before but you know how it goes, fall down 9 times get up 10). I’ll be sharing all my goodies through this site for anyone to access, to connect, to feel heard. I will spread the power of Reiki to anyone that needs it- I cannot get over how incredible it truly is. If you really want to know more about it, get on my table.