The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the Winter Solstice 2020

The Astronomy On December 21, 2020 Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct within less than one degree of each other from the Earth’s point of view. This phenomenon is popular in astronomy as well as astrology. A conjunction is considered when two planets or astronomical objects have either the same right ascension or the sameContinue reading “The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the Winter Solstice 2020”

Gut Health and Reiki Energy

A look at the science behind a healthy gut and overall well-being. Insight on how Reiki and relaxation can improve your gut function and spark your healing journey. There’s so much healing going on in our gut. Every moment, every bite, and every chemical release all impact the other systems of the beautiful vessel we liveContinue reading “Gut Health and Reiki Energy”

The Pandemic Silent Treatment

The What & Why to Silence: On March 28th 2020, I intentionally chose to go silent for a specific time block outside of my normal meditation//coffee & reading time. I came up with this idea in the middle of a conversation with my roommate, two weeks into quarantine, after realizing three quarters of our dailyContinue reading “The Pandemic Silent Treatment”

Single on Valentine’s Day: Love is Coming in because I’m Putting it Out There

Spending Valentines Day “Single” was kind of weird but also nothing new yet incredibly eye opening. What we visualize for ourselves becomes a seed we plant and can truly become our reality. Maybe the day dreams are our deepest hidden desires. The thing is we just have to believe in them in order for them to come into fruition.

The Roller Coaster of Life

The Peaks and Valleys, The Ups and Downs, The Fácil and Difícil. Everything is everywhere. You experience good in one fashion and downtrodden in another.  So. F*cking. What. We’re all doing it. I’m here to tell that the ups and downs aren’t going to stop. There will be positive improvements in one direction such as eating aContinue reading “The Roller Coaster of Life”