In Person Sessions

Pre and Post Session Discussion Space

This is where it gets juicy, it gets real. Reiki involves the light placing of hands on or over the body. We focus on the 7 main Energy or Chakra Centers, Head, Arms, Legs, and Feet.

As humans, we naturally store energy in the body and the point of touch is incredibly powerful to releasing that old energy and making room for restoration.

Mindfully, when we touch a space on our body and we sense that physical tension, we can check in to see if any correlating thoughts arise. Do we need to redirect those thoughts so we can get rid of this pain or lagging energy? How can we evolve from this. Don’t think too hard.

I have a wonderfully curated room specifically designated to our experience. Intentional candles are lit, 432 Hz Heart Centered Healing Music is playing, and you are welcome in to relax and recoup.

I usually hit on other pressure points and use tapping to aid in comforting your release. I have energetic motions as tools to help aid the Reiki in restoring beautiful feeling into the space where you might have just released. Sometimes I have to use those tools to help take that energy out. Don’t worry- I know energy can be neither created nor destroyed (Julius Robert Mayer). So I send that energy to the burning core of the earth where it will go to burst and become a new.

We will have our post session discussions and we will experience some similar things. You will have the choice to hear my intuitive insights if you so choose. Otherwise, we can just let the Reiki do the work.

Questions? Should you choose a 30 minute or 45 minute session?

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