Long Distance Sessions

The Reiki Table

Long Distance has been incredible to my growth and the growth of others simply because it’s based around the power of believing.

This process includes a before and after phone call or FaceTime discussion with the session in-between. In the discussions, we invite the intention to come in and allowing work to be done around them to release and replenish in the Reiki session. The post session discussion is in-depth and typically very aligned. If the discussion doesn’t seem aligned now- it may come in to play later. Seeds take time to grow. Nurture them.

So we talk on the phone, we discuss why we’ve come into conjunction. Next?

You’ll find yourself in a comfortable space and open to receiving. The more open and willingness to be vulnerable to the experience you are, the more you will get out of it. Welcome in the light to receive. Make a symbiotic relationship with yourself and the Reiki- the universal life force energy.

It takes hard work to be vulnerable, but I am here for you. I am holding space for you- lets groove. Let’s grow. You showed up for a reason.

I will be administering Reiki and using my power of the ability to imagine your body and use the incredible power of tapping in. Ever think of someone and they call you? It’s like that type of connection.

I can sense things- you can too! I’ve just been practicing for the last six years. So maybe I sense some tension around a certain energy center? Let’s talk about it//let’s get you feeling better about it.

Curious? You’ll only be able to know if it works when you try.

Is Reiki is right for you? Should you do 30 or 45 minutes? Contact me!

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