The Medium, Merging Eastern & Western Medicine through Entrepreneurship

Check out this article by Boban John on how I’ve indulged myself in bringing Reiki to light in the community and into the Western medical field. I also touch on how I’ve used instagram to leverage clients from the get-go!

I ultimately am continuing to learn to be a better person. Beautiful things fall into place when you spread the word about what you’re doing but more so when you are your most authentic self. We are not our pasts and we are not our traumas. We are exactly the force and drive that has gotten us through all of that. We strive for balance, happiness, and joy in life but we do that by clearing the old and making space for our Zen.

Voyage Denver Excerpt

Check out the Voyage Denver Excerpt discussing how to face challenges that seem insurmountable.

The ability to take on a feat is not impossible.  If you perceive something as insurmountable, you’re automatically limiting yourself.  When you attempt an action, there will be times that you fail and times you succeed and that’s okay- any effort is better than no effort.

To overcome a challenge has everything to do with your perspective, mindset, and plan of action.   When you feel like you don’t have these resources in a positive manner to overcome the feat remember that in every given decision making moment we have a choice. You can choose to do what’s “edgy and cool” or you can choose to invest in the compound interest of the betterment for yourself.  My best advice is to envision your higher self and embrace what that looks and feels like.  Use that as your large goal and work backwards, setting yourself up with medium sized goals that are enriched and empowered by tangible smaller sized goals.  When you succeed with different sized goals, what once seemed insurmountable becomes accomplished.

Voyage Denver Interview, Growing Into Reiki

Check out the Voyage Denver Online Mag Article how I came into Reiki and my own while growing with my business and intuition. My staples that got me to where I am today. Some of the advice might be what you’re looking for.

Reiki truly aligns with my values of integrity and practicing energy healing to benefit people for their best and highest well-being. I began advertising through Instagram and using it as a blog. I started getting questions with major interest in Reiki and booking clients. My gratitude and mindfulness posts were getting more reactions just like my blog from 2014.

I’ve come to realize that I cannot let go of this opportunity again to share my voice and talents on public platform. This fed my drive to continue to develop a more professional standpoint and create tools for my business. I’m naturally inclined to continue growing with it, the rewards keep coming, and it feels good.

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