This is an in-person meeting where you will lie on the table and Erin is physically and intuitively observing your body and your energy. She uses her hands-on technique for energy centers and press points to support the release and regeneration of energy.

Long Distance

This session involves no physical contact but includes before and after phone calls. It is based solely on intention. As an intuitive, Erin is using her skills to tune in to your body and still acquire personal messages to release and regenerate.


Retreats are an incredibly transformative time for all attendees. Erin has experience in administering Reiki to individuals and in large group ceremonies as a means of emotional, spiritual, and physical support during a pivitol week or weekend.

Benefits All Across the Board:

Single Session

Immediate stress reduction, comfort, relaxation. A chance to tune into your body and emotional self. You have carved out a small fraction of your day to give yourself the opportunity to recognize where you need healing in your life. Erin may pick up conscious and unconscious energy in the body that will be translated to you for further exploration in your daily life. You will walk away with clearer understanding, personalized mantras, and daily mindfulness habits to implement in your life.

Multiple Sessions & Packages

We begin to develop a relationship in conjunction with strengthening and capitalizing on your healing. I begin to get to know your energy, your body, and your desires/goals to heal. Healing doesn’t happen overnight, especially energetic healing. I am with you on your journey. (Buy four, get one free).

Reiki and The Power of Touch

Touch is incredibly valuable and something many of us lack.  When we become mindful of specific areas in the body through touch we are able to go deeper into that space in which our vessel carries our energy.  Humans are receptively and unknowingly sensitive and do not realize how impactful the benefit of touch is until we try it. This process of relaxation, touch, and mindfulness is truly transformative and expansive to understanding ourselves better in order to utilize our highest confidence and abilities.

Other Amenities:

Let’s Transform Together.

Please keep in mind that Erin is not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose, treat, or prevent illness. 

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