What Clients Say:

I am not a “healer” in the sense that I am the one healing you. I am not fixing or helping you. I am here to serve you and others as a moving part of the community within this reality of the universe. I support my clients in their own journey by using the intuitive senses that I have chosen to tap into and study as my practice.

The Magic

Trusting Erin with my energetic soul was the best thing I’ve done for myself! Being a friend, watching her journey becoming a practitioner, I couldn’t resist from taking the jump and allow myself to be a client as well. In one session, I felt the most wonderful sense of stillness that I haven’t felt in my life. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with The Mindful Bird!

-Long Distance & In-Person Client

Erin is truly a master at her craft and helped me immensely in overcoming energy blocks, clearing chakras, and giving me the clarity I was seeking. HIGHLY recommend!!!

-Oliva, In-Person Client

Erin made me feel at ease during my long-distance session. I had never done Reiki before, and was honestly a little skeptical. Erin took the time to walk me through it and let me know what I might experience during our time together. I was pleasantly surprised with how helpful I found our session! Erin helped me gain some clarity during a really hard moment in my life. Our session was at the start of what feels like big changes and movements in the right direction for me. Looking forward to booking another session with her soon!

-Long Distance Client

Release to Replenish.

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