What is Reiki

The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ can be translated as (“Rei”) ‘universal life force’ (“ki”) ‘energy’. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) exists within and all around you.

Dr. Mikao Usui studied Reiki in Japan which eventually made its way to Hawaii in 1937. It is said that as he was meditating this overwhelming and calming feeling of abundant love came over him with the notion to teach it to others. This form of Reiki has been passed down through a lineage of Reiki Masters to be properly shared, taught, and administered with the utmost highest power of loving intention.

Reiki is a Hands On Guided Meditation amplified by the power of intention between the administer and the receiver. Clients experience the most abundant effects of Reiki when they surrender to receiving. Hands are placed on the head, arms, hips, and legs to ignite awareness with touch. Hands hover over the seven energy centers or Chakra points of the body to clear and reintegrate energy life force.

Photo of Ojo Caliente Retreat by @MileHighCaptures https://www.milehighcaptures.com

The Usui System is a way of working with Reiki for healing of self and others. The word healing is used in the sense of regaining harmony and wholeness. We are humans experiencing the roller coaster of life, emotion, and relationships with conscious and unconscious thought and action. This process is totally normal.

We seem to lose our wholeness to trauma and fear as we experience the trials and tribulations of life.

Photo of Ojo Caliente Retreat by @MileHighCaptures https://www.milehighcaptures.com

When we take time for ourselves to receive abundance with our loving connection to our inner and outer worlds we can process to release fear and trauma. Ultimately we can begin to replenish our wholeness through mindful acts in consciousness.  Reiki Masters are here to share their support through the comforting touch as receivers release and replenish.

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