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Reiki Master Practitioner, Intuitive Guide, and Nursing Student.

Offering Reiki & Intuitive Healing while Curating Holistic Wellness through Mindfulness.

Denver, Colorado

  • Full Moon in Pisces September 1, 2020

    September 1, 2020 by

    Full Moons grant us the earthly and bodily alignment to cast light on the archetypal characteristics which highlight the things we need more of in our endeavors. This Full Moon in Pisces encourages us to let go of what does not serve our fluidity, creativity, and individuality. As we release ourselves from the things that sink our ships, we dive into the waters and begin to find space so we can incorporate movement for the dream-like state that Pisces encourages. Swimming beneath the surface of conscious reality in effortless ways.

  • New Moon in Leo August 18, 2020

    August 18, 2020 by

    This space for manifestation during this Leo New Moon is less about others and how we relate to them, but more so about how we choose to nurture ourselves which will residually nurture others if they choose to involve themselves in our performance. We are called to foster what is most important to us in order for our growth to come front and center. Our individual growth, when highlighted and nurtured, will positively impact the growth of others and we become a more positive, engaging collective.

  • Full Moon in Aquarius August 3, 2020

    August 3, 2020 by

    Beautifully in alignment with a Full Moon, bringing light to our hidden aspects, the Aquarian water barer is here to wash away the mercurial feeling that of which we need to let go and let float down stream. She brings clarity to understanding our drive and independence as unique individuals. This force is what brings us to the table of service in attribution to the growth in the world.

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Hats off to my clients and their testimonies…

My Reiki experience administered by Erin was quite enlightening and releasing. Before my session, the whole day I felt pent up and anxious about things in my life. After my session, I felt relaxed and very grounded. It was basically an immediate relief.

Furthermore, having the post session discussion brought more clarity to the sensations and visions I was feeling and seeing during the session. It also brought a guide as to moving forward on my path of healing. I will most certainly apply the advice given to me and continue to work on the things discussed. Can’t wait for my next session with Erin, highly recommend!

Carnel J. St. Louis, Long Distance

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